How to Get a Blue Check (Tick) on Instagram? [+Method 2024]

Today, with the increasing number of social media users, it is difficult to distinguish the official account of a brand or famous person from other fake accounts.

For this reason, the Verified Badge feature was created in most social networks, by which one can use a blue tick to know which account is the official account of the desired person or brand.

By giving you more exposure on the platform, having a verified Instagram account gives you even more opportunities to grow your business.

What is Instagram’s blue tick (Verified Badge)?

How to get a Blue Check on Instagram - Instagram verification check

The blue tick or Verified Badge contains an image similar to the one in front of you, which is displayed next to the profile name and indicates the official status of a social network account.

In any account that has this image in the form of a blue tick, it means that the person or brand in question has made a request to make the account official for Instagram, and to make the Instagram account official, you need information such as name, background Activity and photo of passport, certificate or any identity document that shows that your account is official will be taken.

 Therefore, in the case that there are several accounts for a person or brand, which cannot distinguish the official account from the fake account, it will be a suitable solution.

  Instagram and other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook also use this feature to show that the account in question is official.

 So, it can be said that having a blue tick on Instagram indicates the validity of the account, that the account management has officially sent a request to get a blue tick on the Instagram profile.

Advantage of Instagram Verification

How to get a Blue Check on Instagram - Blue check advantage

You should request verification as soon as possible if you, your business, or brand are at risk of being imitated. The Instagram verified sticker has numerous benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • On Instagram, the checkmark highlights your brand’s exclusivity.
  • It’s a simple way to make people aware of your brand and get more followers.
  • Protecting your brand and reputation from imposters is a successful strategy.
  • It builds trust between your followers and your brand.
  • Influencers and marketers with verified accounts are preferred by brands.
  • Users can also find your brand on social media with ease thanks to the blue verification badge.
  • When someone searches for your brand, your account will typically be at the top of the results.

The “swipe up” feature on Instagram stories, which requires a brand to have more than 10,000 users in order to gain access to, is one of the special features that accounts with the verified badge get early access to. This rule does not apply to verified accounts.

As you can see, placing this nitty-gritty checkmark on your Instagram business profile can have a significant impact on your efforts to increase your Instagram followers and increase brand recognition.

It is time to examine who is eligible to request verification on Instagram now that you are aware of the benefits of using the social media platform.

What conditions do we have to meet to receive the Instagram Blue Tick?

Everyone deserves to receive Instagram’s blue tick, but Instagram tries to select and approve those who are popular and approved by users in every way. For example, if it is possible to receive a blue tick, it is given to various stores located in the city, a store that is approved by everyone and everyone praises the goods, the way its salesmen behave, etc., deserves to receive this mark.

In the following, we will check the eligibility of the blue tick for you. First, you should read Instagram’s terms and conditions

Having credibility and being genuine: you must be a real person, because the fan page of a person or a brand can hardly get a blue tick (almost impossible). Similarly, your business must be registered and have credibility, that is, it must not be a subset of a particular brand or agency.

Being unique and unique: having a special and unique idea or being special in general helps a lot in getting the Instagram blue tick.

Public page: Only public pages that are open to users and do not require a follow request can receive a blue tick.

Completeness of the Profile: You must have a complete and clear bio, have at least one meaningful post, and also have a clear and non-copy profile picture.

Having a clear username: Of course, some people don’t approve of this, but we are sure that if two brands are the same in all conditions except for the clearness of the username, the possibility of getting a blue Instagram tick for a brand whose name is clear and unambiguous Well, it’s much more.

6 Basic steps in getting Instagram Blue Tick easily

  • 1. Go to your profile page and click on the hamburger-like option to access the settings.
  • 2. Click on settings.
  • 3. Click on the Account option.
  • 4. Click on the Request Verification option.
  • 5. Fill in the specified fields.
  • -Enter your username in the User name field.
  • -Enter your real name in the Full name field.
  • -Enter the name of your profession or nickname or type of fame in the Known as field.

At the end, you must provide proof. If your page introduces a person, for example if you are an actor, it is enough to provide a birth certificate or passport. But if you introduce a business on this page, it is necessary to provide a document related to your business.

In the Category section, you specify your field of work.

  • 6. At the end, click on the Send button.

Instagram has done its checks on your page, and after 4 days or at last a week, a message will be sent to you in the notification section stating whether the blue tick is approved or not.

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Frequently asked questions about receiving the Instagram blue tick

In order to know how to get Instagram blue tick, it is better to clear your doubts and questions first:

Do we have to have a business account for Instagram Blue Tick?

No It is possible to get Instagram blue tick for any type of account.

How many followers do we need for Instagram blue tick?

Usually one of your most often possible inquired questions. Unfortunately, Instagram has never announced the official number of followers required for Instagram verification, and there is no information on the minimum number of followers for an Instagram account to be verified.

However, those who have the most followers and the most access does not mean that they have a higher chance of receiving a blue tick. It is quite the opposite.

They are responsible for millions of users and have to go through more filters to get this approval.

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Instagram’s blue tick is a sign of the credibility and reputation of your page. Having this badge means that you or your brand is known and Instagram confirms your credibility and identity. But getting this approval is not so easy, although sending a request is very easy!

If you want to get the blue tick, you have to introduce your brand or name to others. In short, you must be known.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t get the blue check, you can still get great results on the platform by focusing on creating high-quality, engaging content that your audience will enjoy.

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