How to Check Activity on Instagram 2024? [+All Activity]

Because it is a visual platform, Instagram can undoubtedly consume your energy and keep you hooked. Your health can also be harmed by spending more time in front of a screen and using apps.

Fortunately, Instagram has activity management features that help you control how much time you spend on the app and what you interact with.

We’ll talk about the strategies to check and deal with your movement on Instagram, including their advantages. You will be able to better control your Instagram activities if you have a clear understanding.

Instagram’s Time Spent Feature

Instagram's Time Spent Feature - How To Check Activity On Instagram post

The majority of us share a concern about screen time, and we can all agree that watching the weekly screen time notification causes a mini-heart attack for the majority of us.

An overview of the total time spent on Instagram is provided to users.

To determine how much time you spend on Instagram:

  • To open a new menu, go to your Instagram profile and select the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • From that point, click Your Activity. It has a variety of activity management tools to help you keep Instagram and real life in harmony and avoid becoming addicted to social media.
  • Scroll to the Time Spent section. You will learn how much time you spend on your Instagram account on average in this section. The average time is shown on top, but the daily time is shown by pressing and holding the bars on the chart.
  • In Manage Your Time, users can personalize the app settings to suit their preferences.

Get Reminders to Take Breaks

Get Reminders to Take Breaks - How To Check Activity On Instagram 2023

It’s important for your eyes and mental health to take breaks from the screen. Begin practicing time management by limiting your time spent on Instagram. Select a time from the available options when you tap Set Reminder to Take Breaks.

In order to concentrate on other things, Instagram will notify you to quit using the app.

Set a Daily Time Limit

Set a Daily Time Limit - How To Check Activity On Instagram

Do you find Instagram addictive? We are not to blame for that. People find it difficult to stop using the app because there is so much exciting content.

You can start receiving notifications about how long you spent using the app by tapping Set Daily Time Limit.

Settings for Notifications

Your phone’s notifications are the most distracting feature. You can choose to filter the alerts that appear on your screen by selecting Notification Settings. In addition, the app offers the option to turn off all notification alerts.

Manage Your Instagram Content

Instagram app gives users the ability to sort and manage their content. You can choose what should and shouldn’t be on your Instagram with this feature.

-Select three lines at the top right of your profile to open the menu

-Scroll down to Photos and Videos by tapping Your Activity

-Access to all of your uploaded content is simple. It can be sorted and filtered however you like

-Select the media you want to alter

-Press the three specks on top of your content and pick the ideal activity. You can edit the post, share it to other apps, hide likes, change the settings for comments, and even delete it.

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Control Interactions on Your Instagram Content Instagram

 Users interact with messages, comments, and replies. Select Interactions and select what you want to see from comments, likes, story replies, and reviews if you want to review interactions made from your account with other people. Then, sort and arrange your interactions with the help of the filters.

Review Your Instagram Account History

The account history of content creators is essential for remembering and comprehending previous changes. While survey the record history, you can likewise explore to that segment and change them.

You can review the changes made to your Instagram name, contact information, bio, username, email, and privacy settings. You can see what needs to be changed and what works best for the overall appearance of your account.

Recent Instagram Account Searches

Instagram, like Facebook, lets users see their most recent searches. To do this:

Tap the three bars at the top right of your profile to open Your Activity

Tap Recent Searches once you’ve reached the bottom of the page

Here, you’ll find a list of all the accounts you looked for

To remove an account from your search list, click the small cross that is located on the right side of the username.

If you want to find an account with a complicated username or one that you want to look at later, the Recent Searches tab is helpful.

Instagram Link History

On Instagram app, we see numerous advertisements from various websites. You will be taken to that website if you click on these links. Through the activity of your Instagram account, you can see which links you’ve previously visited.

Users can also look for suspicious links that could compromise the integrity of their accounts. Essentially open Your Action and tap on Connections You’ve Visited to check them.

Archive your Instagram Posts and Delete Them

On Instagram, you might want to delete some posts temporarily or permanently. Navigate to the appropriate sections of the Your Activity section to view your archived or deleted pictures. The posts that users have archived or deleted are shown to them.

By following these steps, you can also directly archive and delete posts:

From your profile, tap on the picture you wish to archive or delete

To open a new menu, tap the three dots that are located to the right of your username.

Select either Delete or Archive

Keep in mind that archived posts can be viewed and reactivated, but deleting a post makes it permanent.

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Last word

Find a way to keep Instagram and Real life in balance: It’s easy to become addicted to Instagram, which is one of the most widely used apps for graphic-based content. There are a lot of complaints from users about how hard it is to keep track of their time and activities on Instagram.

With the application’s inherent elements, it is feasible for you to check and deal with your activity. You can see the time spent on the application as well as numerous other activity types. You can use this data to your advantage and limit your use of this application.

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