How to Check your Liked Posts on Instagram 2023?

You might be one of those people who likes a lot of posts but only a few of them, or you might be the opposite.

In either case, Instagram remembers your likes and lets you look at them at any time. Maybe you’ve preferred a post at first and presently need to return and leave an insightful remark.

Alternately, you might wish to remove some likes. We will walk you through this straightforward procedure. This post is about checking liked posts on Android, iPhone and PC.

View Posts You’ve Liked Before on Android

There are a lot of good reasons to look at posts you’ve liked before. It might include useful information like schedules and important announcements.

Because they provide meaningful engagement, you might want to go back and read all of the comments that come in. If you use Android, you can see the posts you’ve liked in the past by doing the following:

On your Android device, open the Instagram app

1. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right side of your profile.

2. Click “Your Activity

check your liked posts on Instagram

3. Choose “Interactions

check your liked posts on Instagram

4. Click “Likes

check your liked posts on Instagram

A list of posts that you have liked before will appear.

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View Liked Instagram Posts on iPhone

Tap your way to the posts you’ve liked in the past quickly and easily on an iPhone. Do you have a favorite post that you want to revisit? No problem; simply follow these steps to view your Instagram liked posts:

1. Open your iPhone’s Instagram app.

2. Tap the picture of your profile in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

3. At this point, tap on the three horizontal lines in the screen’s top right corner.

4. Select “Your Activity -> Interactions” from the menu.

5. Click “Likes.”

You could have read the caption by going to the person’s profile, scrolling until you found the post in question, but this method is quicker.

Additionally, keep in mind that Instagram only stores the 300 most recent posts you liked. That could be a few days’ worth of liked posts for some. Others might have to wait much longer.

Can I View My liked posts from a Computer?

There are advantages to checking Instagram on a PC. You can like, share, comment, and upload images as a post. You can also follow what your followers post.

However, there are also some restrictions. Despite the fact that you can like posts on Instagram on the web, you can’t check the posts you’ve enjoyed previously. If you use Instagram in a browser, the feature is not available.

In addition to only being able to view 300 liked posts within the app, that is yet another restriction that Instagram has placed on its users. Also, the answer is no to your question about whether you can see comments you’ve made in the past.

How to Use the Instagram iPhone App to See Other People’s Liked Posts?

It is human nature to inquire about our friends’ lives and interests. Check to see if your best friend likes the same posts as you do from time to time. Unfortunately, you no longer have the ability to monitor the likes of other users on Instagram.

Instagram decided to remove this feature in 2019, explaining that they wanted to safeguard users’ privacy. Some people did not like this change, like parents of children who want to keep up with their activities.

All in all, are there any choices for individuals who need to see others’ recently loved posts? Third-party tracker apps are used by some, but they are neither legitimate nor usually very accurate.

There is a choice, but it comes with restrictions and can take quite some time. Let’s say you want to determine whether a particular post has been liked by a follower. If you have an iPhone, you can take the following actions:

Find the profile page of the person whose likes you want to see by opening the app.

On their profile, tap the section labeled “Following

Choose whichever account they follow.

If someone liked a post, their name will appear under it as you scroll through it.

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How to Access Other People’s Liked Posts Using the Instagram Android App?

On both Android and iOS, the Instagram mobile app performs the same functions. Therefore, it is just as inefficient for Android users to check someone else’s posts that they have previously liked to do so.

If you want to find someone’s Instagram likes using an Android device, follow these steps:

Open Instagram and look for the account you want to learn more about

After that, select a follower from the list by tapping on their Following section

Look for a post you think they might have liked on the account you want to check

Their name will appear directly below the post if they have

You might see something like “Liked by 20,000 others and John Smith” And that will be displayed beneath each post you view that they have liked.

How to View Someone Else’s Instagram Posts They Have Already Liked on a PC?

On Instagram, you can view the likes of other people in the same way you can on a mobile app. There is still no neat list of all the posts you have liked in the past.

For instance, if all you want to check is whether a follower has liked the same post as you, their name will be right under it.

However, you will need to tap on the “likes” list to see if their name is also there if more than one person has liked the same post as you. The following is what you should do if you want to look at posts that someone else has liked in the past:

Navigate to the person’s profile page where you want to see their likes by visiting using a browser.

To view a list of the accounts they follow, select the Following tab.

Browse through the posts of a particular account to check to see if their name appears under any of them.


Review this section for additional responses to your inquiries regarding Instagram likes.

Is Hiding Like Possible?

On Instagram, you can hide likes per post by using the Advanced Settings menu.

I have to Locate the Link I Clicked. Is there a quicker method for finding it?

Absolutely! Instagram is aware that the platform is used for a lot of marketing. The platform makes it simple to locate the link you clicked on in a previous post. Simply follow the instructions above to get to the Activity Setting.

Tap on the links you visited next. The links you’ve recently clicked will be displayed here.

How do I keep track of my own posts’ likes?

If you want to see who liked your posts, go to that post and tap the option to see likes, or check your Instagram notifications if it’s a recent post.

On the other hand, if you want to increase interaction and grow your following, it’s best to change your personal Instagram account to a professional one. Analytics are available in the professional account, allowing you to view an overview of engagements.

Last Word – Keeping up with Instagram Likes

There are a lot of restrictions when looking at posts that have been liked before on Instagram. You only have access to the last 300 liked posts on your profile. Additionally, you can’t use the web to access this feature.

The circumstance is significantly more complexed with regard to others’ liked posts. You no longer have access to all of their likes, and neither can they see yours.

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