Detecting Automated Behavior on Instagram in 2024 (All You Should Know)

Sometimes, you might face an error on Instagram that alerts you: “We’ve detected automated behavior on your account.” What is it, and why is it harmful to our account?

Everyone with an Instagram account who does business or shares information on a public page wants to grow their network. You must like, comment, follow, and connect with other Instagram accounts to increase engagement.

But, sometimes, you might overdo these actions unconsciously and put yourself in trouble. Instagram might detect your activities as automated behavior and make your account suspended to prevent your account from being temporarily restricted or permanently disabled.

Let’s dive more into this topic and learn more about Automated Behavior detection on Instagram to keep your account safe and sound. If you are curious to learn more, don’t miss the article at all.

What is automated behavior on Instagram?

Automated behavior on Instagram happens if you use third-party apps or websites to do some bulky action for your account, like following and unfollowing, liking, commenting, sending directs, and so on.

According to Instagram’s Help Center, you shouldn’t use apps that do bulk likes and follow other accounts. At first, they can steal your account’s information.

Apps or websites that track your followers, following or your Instagram insights also trigger the warning.

Accounts that generate fake activity in bulk violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines. If you’ve used a third-party app to gain likes or followers, Instagram will show you the error of automated behavior and temporarily stop you from doing certain actions.

Detected automated behavior on Instagram accounts refers to any activity that appears to be generated by a bot or third-party web pages and apps. Things like:

  1. Like or comment on posts excessively or repetitively
  2. Following and unfollowing accounts over and over in bulk
  3. Messaging in the direct section to users with or without their approval

Sometimes, you receive this error because of a bug or glitch on Instagram, or you might have done so many actions at once.

If you have faced this error, what actions should you take to prevent Instagram from considering you as a bot and restricting your account?

How to fix Instagram detecting automated behavior?

Due to reasons, now let’s consider you have received this message from Instagram.

Multiple Instagram users informed us that they are getting the “We’ve detected automated behavior on your account” warning, and they want to fix this as soon as possible.

Follow the guidance below, and hopefully, you and your account will get rid of this threat.

To fix Instagram detecting automated behavior, take the actions below:

1. Stop using third-party apps that do bulk action for your account

At first, you have to remove and deactivate all the third-party apps or websites that are connected to your Instagram account.

If you can’t remember how many sites or apps your account is connected to, you can follow the steps below and detect them:

  1. Head to your Instagram app and go to your profile.
  2. Select the menu icon, then tap on the “Settings and privacy.”
  3. You have to scroll down and find “Website permissions.”
  4. Choose “Apps and websites.”
  5. In this part, you can remove and deactivate all third-party apps and websites.

And then you have to reconsider the actions you are taking on Instagram.

2. Rest for 48 to 72 hours if restricted.

If you are not using any third-party apps or websites but are still receiving the warning of automated behavior on Instagram, you have to reconsider your actions.

For example, stop liking, commenting, or following others on Instagram for a short time and prove to Instagram that your account is not a bot.

Some users are concerned about losing their accounts, but this is the only way you can stop harming your account.

Also, see “Can’t Log in to Instagram on PC” and “How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously?” on our website.

3. You are receiving this message, but you are not doing something wrong.

The reason for showing the “We’ve detected automated behavior on your account” warning might be because of bugs or glitches on the Instagram app itself.

To overcome this problem, you have two options:

  • First, you can check for Instagram updates in the Google Play app store and update your Instagram to the latest version.
  • The other solution is to remove the Instagram cache, which is different in iPhone and Android:
  • For iPhone: you can head to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Instagram
  • For Android: Open Settings> Apps or Apps and notifications > Search for Instagram > Tap Storage > Clear cache.

This is how you can fix Instagram detecting automated behavior on your account and make sure everything is fine.

Here are some additional tips for avoiding Instagram to detect automated behavior:

  • Be aware of the signs of automated behavior, such as excessive or repetitive liking and commenting, following and unfollowing accounts in bulk, and sending unsolicited direct messages.
  • Be careful about using third-party apps and services, as some of them may violate Instagram’s policies and could lead to your account being disabled.
  • Keep your Instagram account secure by using a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication.

Following these tips, you can help to keep Instagram a safe and enjoyable platform for everyone.

All in all

Detecting Instagram automation is crucial to account security. Instagram utilizes many approaches to identify automation.

User activity patterns are analyzed for suspicious patterns. Instagram may temporarily limit an account’s ability to like, comment, follow, and unfollow other users, permanently deactivate the account, or report it to the authorities if they discover automated activity.

Users can avoid this issue by not using bots or other third-party websites or programs, not following or unfollowing accounts in bulk, not sending direct messages without permission, not posting or sharing content without attribution, and being aware of their activity patterns.

Contact Instagram to appeal if your account was wrongly recognized for automated activities.

If Instagram detects artificial account activities, what do you do? Tell us your answers.

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