Funny Things to Comment on Your Friend’s Post in 2024

Does your friend have made a funny comment on your Instagram’s last post and she/he has recently posted an IG content? Well, congratulations! It is time to take a hilarious revenge!

Funny comments for friends are a great way to show your intimacy with them on social media, especially on Instagram.

But have you seen some Instagram users have mastered this ability and write the funniest captions on their friends’ posts?

If you feel that you don’t have enough creativity to write comments, we have solved this issue. In this guide, we have included some of the funny Instagram comments for friends so you can get inspired by and shine in the comment section.

How to make funny comments on Instagram for your best friend?

As mentioned above, making funny comments on your friend’s Instagram posts always puts a smile on their faces.

In other words, the funny comments will let your best friends know how much you care about them and the content they share.

However, there are times when you cannot come up with the right words and create a funny caption, so at first, we try to tell you how to make funny comments on Instagram for your best friend, and then we present some of the best ideas.

Best practices for humorous social media engagement:

  1. Try to mention a funny situation where you both have been there.
  2. Call them with their funny nicknames, if they like it, in the comments.
  3. Make a secret and funny comment for your friend and threaten them that you are going to mention their crush!
  4. Use GIFs and the memes of their favorite actors, the funny ones!
  5. Play with words the way it sounds funny: “Looks like you’re having a sand-tastic time!”
  6. Use the best of Emojis to show your creativity. A string of well-chosen emojis that you both use can convey humor even more than words.

Remember, the key to making funny comments on Instagram is knowing your friend’s taste and making sure that your humor is in line with the essence of the relationship you have. The best tip is to keep things light, playful, inspiring, and respectful.

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Let’s jump to some examples.

Examples of funny comments for different types of social media posts

If you share a close bond with your friend, you can use gentle teasing, which is a source of humor.

Commenting on your friends’ Instagram posts hilariously is a great way to interact with them on this app and add a lighthearted touch to your friendship on social media.

Here are some of the funny things for crafting funny comments:

  1. Aren’t you tired of making us all jealous?
  2. Get the fire department on the phone…we have a hottie on fire!
  3. “Called Vogue, they’re missing their top model!”
  4. Has Instagram turned into a telescope? Because I’m looking at the moon.
  5. I love this pic more than we love pizza…which is saying a lot.
  6. Everyone else might as well pack up and go home…no one is going to top this.
  7. My friend still rocks, with or without your acknowledgment.
  8. God knows how many times I have clowned with this one. You and I are more than girlfriends.
  9. We’re like a tiny gang. As my friend, know I will mind both my business and yours.
  10. Nothing is better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.
  11. “Quick, you better start charging us to see this!”
  12. “You should be charging Instagram for letting them show us your photos.”
  13. “Are you full? Because you just ate!
  14. “I love this more than pizza, which says a lot.”
  15. “Given the choice between you and a burrito, I’d choose you. But it’d be a tough decision.”
  16. “You’re the best thing since sliced bread.”
  17. “Someone hang this selfie up in a museum because my bestie’s makeup look is a work of art.”
  18. “If you put out your makeup line, I’d buy the heck out of it.”
  19. “I need a tutorial, please.”
  20. “Some people serve up looks, but you serve up LEWKS.”
  21. “How is it that every color looks amazing on you?”
  22. “Your makeup looks inspire me.”
  23. “Look at that #NoFilter queen.”
  24. like, “Is it just me, or did the sun just come out because of your smile in this picture?”
  25. “Saw this and thought, did Kendal get a new stunt double?”

You can also make a joke about yourself in the context of your friend’s Instagram post; it 100% can be funny, but try not to shift the focus entirely on you or show off as if it is not pleasant.

You can get inspired by the comments below:

  1. You have no idea how long I’ve been staring at this photo.
  2. I’d bail out any of you.
  3. Oh, look, it’s me and my accomplices.
  4. Let me know when you’re done with those jeans.
  5. Don’t mind me, just breaking into your wardrobe.
  6. Marry me?
  7. I wish I were the camera.
  8. Get me a time machine so I can go back to this memory!
  9. I’m on my way to get this framed right now!
  10. Talk to me often. My ears long to hear your annoying voice.

Despite all the comments we have mentioned, you can also pose funny hypothetical questions and make scenarios related to your friends’ posts. I hope all of the comments were useful for you.

Use it on your friend’s Instagram posts and see how they would react! Funny Instagram comments for friends are endless, and you can find more everywhere.

Just make it in your way.

Last comment

Most Instagram users look for funny things to comment on their friend’s posts on Instagram. Adding a touch of humor to your Instagram interactions can make them more enjoyable for both you and your friends.

By using the funny comments that we mentioned in this article on your friends’ Instagram posts, you can show your appreciation for their Instagram posts, strengthen your relationship, and create a lighthearted and funny atmosphere.

So, don’t be afraid to unleash your inner comedian and let your funny side shine through in your Instagram comments.

What comments do you like to use in your friends’ posts from the ones that we mentioned here? Do you know any other funny comments?

Please comment that for us like you are commenting for your best friend on Instagram!

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