How To Get A Job On LinkedIn in 2024?

Completing your LinkedIn profile increases your chances of being recognized and seen by employers; But it does not necessarily mean that you will definitely get the job you want.

In fact, completing the profile page and interacting on the LinkedIn network are things that have positive result to find a job.

 LinkedIn has made it possible for every person to get started directly and find the desired job. In this article of, we teach you how to search for the job you want.

Jobs section

How To Get A Job On LinkedIn

To find jobs registered on LinkedIn, just go to the “Jobs” section. Click on the Jobs option. A new page will open. On this page, you can search by writing the words of the job or the place you want to work. There are other criteria, such as determining the type of company, the date of publication of the job advertisement, which will make your search more accurate.

Jobs found in the search section

How To Get A Job On LinkedIn

If something is found in LinkedIn’s engines, it will be displayed in a list on the left side of the screen, and the details of each job, including whether it is full-time, part-time, or remote, the size of the posting company, the number of users you have in common with the posting company, company history, and a job description are also listed. will be displayed on the right. You can save any job by clicking on the word Save.

Request to register for a job

How To Get A Job On LinkedIn

After the search results are displayed, you can register for any job. This registration is done in two ways: either the ad registrants have given you the possibility to register the request on LinkedIn, or you have a link at your disposal to be transferred to a page outside of LinkedIn and follow the request registration process from there.

Also see How to post on LinkedIn about new job and How to set up job alerts on LinkedIn on our website.

Tips for more professional use of the “Tasks” section

Different parts of the business sector

There are various tools on the LinkedIn jobs page that will help you find a job. We introduce these tools in this section:

1. My Jobs

How To Get A Job On LinkedIn

In this section, you can view and edit the tasks you have saved.

2. Job Alerts

How To Get A Job On LinkedIn

Reminder section of jobs found

In this section, you can view and edit the tasks that have been placed on the reminder mode. To put the job on this mode, just click on the Job Alert On option.

3. Skill Assessment

How To Get A Job On LinkedIn

This section allows you to test your skills by answering some questions. The results of this assessment are recorded on your page, and a score above 30% means receiving a badge from the LinkedIn network, which is a kind of certificate of verification of the skills written on your page.

4. Interview Preparations

Common interview questions

In this section, the LinkedIn network provides you with a bank of frequently asked questions asked by employers. This bank has been prepared by different businesses. By specifying the type of job you want, you can access the frequently asked questions of that job.

5. Resume Builder

Resume design and editing

In this section you can upload and edit your resume from your computer. Also, you can transfer and edit your LinkedIn profile here.

LinkedIn allows you to check the keywords used in your profile based on the job you are applying for and compensate for its shortcomings.

One of the strengths of this section is that you can create up to 4 different versions of your profile for 4 job fields.

Note that in this section, edits and changes are not applied to your profile. In fact, you are here designing a specific version of your profile for a specific job.

 Announce your availability

One of the most important things you need to do to find work on LinkedIn is to always be available. LinkedIn gives you several options to let recruiters know about your current employment status. If you are actively looking for a job, change your status. Simply go to the Jobs section at the top of the page; You will then be directed to a page where you can let recruiters know that you are available for new opportunities.

Also, you can send a personal message to let them know what you are looking for in a job position; In addition, include the start date; Because it makes you look more organized and professional.

Have a letter of recommendation

If your question is how to find a job on LinkedIn? We recommend that you have a letter of recommendation. Personal letters of recommendation are the best way to convey your competence to potential employers.

Instead of waiting until you leave your current job, ask your manager, boss, or co-workers if they can provide an objective assessment of your skills, experience, and other essential attributes or track record so that they can position you among Other work forces highlight.

In LinkedIn, follow companies as well as people

Most companies post their job ad online and place it on the company’s LinkedIn page. Make sure you follow the companies you are interested in working with.

These can include companies where you are looking for a position or companies that match your skills and interests.

Following the companies will make your way to find suitable job positions easier because you will be informed of their job advertisements.

Membership in groups

One of the best ways to increase interaction with others on LinkedIn is to join groups. In these groups:

– Meet and network with more people (especially employers).

– Be active and participate in discussions. Share your information and experiences with others. This will help a lot in attracting the attention of employers.

-If your activity is more than others, your name will be placed higher than others in the list of people in the LinkedIn group and you will be given the title of Top Contributor, which will make you more visible.

– Your activity should be focused on the main topic of the group; Note that talking about anything can’t bring you much. If you are in a group that does not comply with this, we recommend that you leave it.

– It is better to join public groups; Because there are usually more employers in these groups and the content in these groups is displayed even to people who are not in these groups and to search engines.

Use the premium version

You can easily get the premium version. The premium version of LinkedIn provides many benefits to job seekers; Including more networking opportunities, more insight into the skills and experiences of other job seekers, seeing where you stand against others, and the ability to message recruiters.

Also, this version assigns you a Featured Applicant badge that makes your profile more prominent for companies. This wide range of qualities shows that you are serious enough in your career that they can invest in you. This is the characteristic that employers look for in new hires

Benefits of finding a job on LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn is the largest social network for employers, business owners, students, and other professional groups, it’s one of the best places to find a job. LinkedIn allows you to add your work history, education, skills, activities, inventions and other professional experiences to your account in the form of a profile.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to search for the job you want or expose yourself to employers who are looking for suitable people to hire. By providing an online resume for each person, the LinkedIn network, along with an interactive environment for the presence of millions of employers and job seekers, provides the right conditions to meet the needs of both groups.

Even if you don’t need a job right now, having an active account and professional profile will make your job easier in the future. Maybe the employers who are looking for a person to hire will come across your profile in their searches and offer you a suitable job; An offer that you cannot easily pass up.


Today, the importance of human resources and improving the performance of organizations is more clear than ever, and organizations and their managers try to achieve their goals by creating a proper network of competent people.

By targeting this need, LinkedIn has been able to attract many users who can use this opportunity to help people who want to be promoted in the field of work.

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