How Do You Search Reels on Instagram in 2023?

Today, we are here with an article with the answer for Instagram fans who want to know if they can search Instagram Reels.

So, let’s ask two questions from you: Are you a regular user of Instagram? Do you like watching funny videos on Instagram?

So, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably know about Reels, Instagram’s newest feature.

With Reels, you can watch and make these awesome little videos packed with so much fun! Sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to find the Instagram Reels you want to watch. Hey there!

In this article, we will talk about how to search Reels on Instagram. Let’s get involved! And make it easy to find the Reels you are looking for on Instagram.

+ 6 Strategies for searching Instagram Reels

Photo-sharing app Instagram has added several features over the years, including the popular Instagram Reels.

Indeed, Reels are short animated videos that allow users to express themselves, share memories, or promote their company. These 60-second videos allow users to create content that is longer than a story but shorter than an IGTV video.

What sets Instagram Reels apart from other video formats? Visibility and intervention are the main differences. Reels can be published in the Explore tab, making them more visible than stories that disappear after 24 hours.

This service allows artists and companies to reach new audiences and gain fans. The reels are more immersive than standard video uploads, while the editing, effects, and audio options are improved.

So now we want to reach out and find our desire, Instagram Reel; how we can do it?

To answer this question, we should say that there may not be a specific Reels search option on Instagram, but there are still a few methods to locate the information you seek:

1. Using the Explore Page.

How Do You Search Reels On Instagram

Instagram’s most popular posts are collected on the Explore page. In the Reels community, we’ve rounded up some videos that we think are entertaining and informative.

To access the Reels menu, simply touch the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen to search for the Instagram Reels you want.

2. Finding another Reel like this.

How Do You Search Reels On Instagram

Once you find an Instagram Reel you like, you can find many similar ones by searching for hashtags, audio, and effects. Clicking on this link will take you to a website where you can find similar content from other Reels.

3. Searching Reels with just one account.

How Do You Search Reels On Instagram

Searching for a complete list of user’s Instagram Reels? To access this feature, go to the user’s profile and click the Reels icon that looks like a clapperboard. All their shared Reels will be shown here.

4. Going directly to the Instagram Reel on your website.

How Do You Search Reels On Instagram

Instagram can search for Reels from the web browser, although it’s not as easy as the mobile app. Put “site: [keyword] Reels” into your search engine to get the same Reels.

5. Looking for a Hashtag.

How Do You Search Reels On Instagram

Hashtags are another option for searching Reels on Instagram. To accomplish this, open Instagram and go to the app’s search tab, where you may enter a hashtag associated with the Reel you want to find. When you type in a hashtag and click search, several posts, among them Reels, will pop up.

6. Saving the Instagram Reels.

How Do You Search Reels On Instagram

Last but not least, if you search for an Instagram Reel you like, you can save it for later viewing using the corresponding “Save” button. You can see all of the Reels you have saved from Instagram by going to your profile and selecting the “Saved” option.

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How to find Instagram Favorite Reels?

No worries at all about finding your favorite Reels on Instagram!

So, if you liked a Reel on Instagram and want to see it later, it’s super easy!

We have a step-by-step guide for you on how to find Reels on your favorite Instagram:

  • Start Instagram on your mobile device and go to your profile by pressing the profile icon in the app’s navigation bar.
  • When viewing your profile, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to select an option.
  • Go to “Settings” in the menu.
  • Select “Account” from the settings menu.
  • Go to “Posts You’ve Liked” under “Account”.
  • You can see all your favorite Instagram stories, including reels, right here. Here, you can explore the options available to find the Reel position of your choice.
  • When you search for a Reel on Instagram you like, you simply play it back with what you say.
  • To save the Reel for later, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the content.

Why is it not always easy to search Instagram Reels?

While Instagram Reels offer many opportunities for designers and producers, finding specific Reels or content can sometimes be challenging.

  • Unlike other platforms with a dedicated search function for short videos, Instagram adds Reels to its existing infrastructure, and the search function for Instagram Reels is a bit hard. This means that when you use the search bar, you search for everything on Instagram – posts, profiles, tags, and Reels.
  • Another potential source of difficulty for searching Reels on Instagram is the algorithm. Instagram’s algorithm is designed to show you content it thinks you’ll like based on your interactions. So, if you never interact with Reels or only interact with specific products, you may find that your Explore page or search results lack diversity.

However, the silver lining is that there are many ways and means you can successfully search for Reels, which we explored in more detail above.

What are the extra hints & techniques for searching Instagram Reels?

An interesting approach to finding motivating and amusing short films is to search for Instagram Reels.

So, we’ve got some extra hints and techniques for you to make your Instagram Reels search experience even better:

1. Use trending hashtags.

Reel creators often post content using the hashtags #reelsinstagram, #reelscreator, and #reelsofinstagram. Following these hashtags, you can always see what’s new on Reels.

Use relevant hashtags in the search field to locate relevant Reels. For instance, type “#animalreels” in the search bar to see Reels relating to animals.

2. Use Instagram’s suggested search.

As you start typing in the related window to search Instagram Reels, Instagram will automatically assign new words. This method lets you see things you wouldn’t otherwise see on Reels.

3. Engage & contribute with Reels.

The more you use Reels, the more the system learns about what kinds of videos you like. The service will propose similar videos if you like, comment, and share Reels.


So basically, finding Instagram Reels is super fun and exciting! You get to explore awesome and creative content right on your phone.

It’s like the whole world of entertainment right at your fingertips! If you’re searching for a specific trend, dive into niche interests, or just need some inspiration, Instagram Reels is the perfect place to find short videos that speak to you.

If you want to get some cool stuff on Instagram Reels, there are a few ways you can try that we talked about in the “How to search Reels on Instagram?” article.

Why not join the wonderful world of Instagram reels? You can search and find interesting and engaging short videos that match your interests.

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