How Long Do Instagram IG Stories Last in 2024?

Instagram has been a top social media platform for years since it continues promoting app features and launching new ones.

Although Instagram offers new features for sharing content, the story is still one of the popular ways to share content on Instagram.

But the story has a time limitation for sharing photos or videos, and they can only last for a short time in the Instagram feed.

If you need to know how long Instagram IG stories last, stay with us in this article to learn.

What is Instagram Story?

How Long Do Instagram IG Stories Last

Story is the easiest way to share different types of content, including photos, videos, gifs, text, and links, without sharing them as posts.

In addition to a variety of content you can share through the story, you can use different features to design your story and make it eye-catching.

What makes the story handier is the option of choosing your audience. Using this option, you can define who can see your story by hiding a story for unwanted users or posting a story for close friends, which is not available for the post feature of Instagram, and everyone in your account can see your post.

Besides these, people share their content as a story when it is not worth remaining permanently on their page in terms of quality.

Or, when people want to share a moment of their day with friends, they can use the story feature.

How to post a story on Instagram?

If you are new to Instagram and don’t know how to share a story on Instagram, here are steps that can help you to share your story on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device.
How Long Do Instagram IG Stories Last
  1. Log in to your account and tap on plus icon on the home page of your account.
How Long Do Instagram IG Stories Last
  1. Scroll to the story icon and take a story by tapping the circle icon if you want to take your current moment.
How Long Do Instagram IG Stories Last
  1. But if you want to share content from your gallery, tap on the square icon in the screen’s bottom-left corner.
How Long Do Instagram IG Stories Last
  1. You can apply the tools at the top, such as doodles, stickers, text, and filters.
How Long Do Instagram IG Stories Last
  1. Then hit the Your Story icon at the bottom of the screen to share the photo or video.
How Long Do Instagram IG Stories Last

How long do IG stories last on Instagram?

How Long Do Instagram IG Stories Last

According to Instagram rules, a story has a time limitation and cannot last more than a limited time on the feed.

The Ig story lasts for 24 hours or a day, and after 24 hours, the story will disappear from the Instagram feed, and your audience can only see your story if you add your story to highlight.

Indeed, if you share your story on Instagram and it disappears before 24 hours, it has nothing to do with you. It relates to app glitches and can only do something once the app resolves the issue.

So, when you add your story to the highlight section, your followers can see your story on your page by tapping on the highlight. It does not remain in the feed section.

Adding a story to highlight allows your story to remain on your page forever until you remove it from your highlights.

Even if you don’t add your stories to the highlight section, they will remain in your story archive section, and you can check them.

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How to find disappearing stories on Instagram?

Although when stories disappear after 24 hours and if you don’t add them to highlight, you cannot see them in your account; they will go somewhere on Instagram after disappearing called Archive.

Even if you cannot add your favorite story to highlights within 24 hours, you can find them in Archive and add them to highlights.

Here are steps that you can navigate to Archive to restore your stories:

  1. Open Instagram on your device and head to your profile by tapping your picture at the bottom of the home page.
  2. Then tap on the three-line menu in your profile.
  3. Choose the Archive icon in the menu list.
  4. In the stories archive, you can see all the stories you post from when you are using Instagram.
  5. By tapping on each story, you will be given different options, such as deleting the story or adding it to highlight.

Even if you want to reshare the same story, you can tap on the share icon at the bottom of the screen.

How long is the length of an Instagram story?

The story length for the video is 15 seconds, but you can increase this once you want to share the longer video.

Before the new update, Instagram lengthens the story automatically and splits your video into several stories allowing you to share a longer story of up to 60 seconds.

This experience could have been more appealing to users since they should save their favorite stories through multiple clips, and on the other hand, story posters should align the content together when they want to share to preserve the content coherence.

Thanks to Instagram, new updates allow users to share stories for 60 seconds. With this new update, you do not need to make a story separately.

Final words

Story feature is one of the beloved features on Instagram, allowing users to share their content using different options of the story to make the story more interesting in terms of appearance.

But the story-like post feature does not appear in the profile grid; you can see them on the home page in the top section.

The story will disappear after 24 hours, and you can add it to the highlight section once you want to preserve the story in your profile.

We hope reading this article helps you answer your question How Long Do Instagram Stories Last?

Finally, we’d love for you to contact us in the comment section and share all your thoughts and ideas.

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