How to Create a Location on Instagram(Post/Story) in 2024?

If you want more people to interact with your Instagram posts, you can make them more relevant by adding a custom location on Instagram.

When Instagram’s current location database does not yet include a certain area, this tool becomes even more valuable for companies, event organizers, and anybody else wishing to showcase that location.

Creating the location on Facebook is the first step in making it accessible for usage on Instagram since the app relies on Facebook’s location data.

To make your Instagram pictures more interesting and eye-catching, this tutorial will show you how to add a new location step by step on Instagram.

Any Instagram user would benefit from learning how to establish their location, whether it’s to promote a new business location, tag an event, or just give additional context to their stories and pictures.

So, if you ask this frequent question that, “How to create a location on Instagram?” just follow us and learn the steps and tips in detail.

Tutorial for Instagram Location Setup: step by step guide

Using Facebook is required to create a location on Instagram since the app pulls its location data from Facebook’s database.

Making a new location on Instagram is as easy as following the steps below that we prepare for your learning:

·In the first step, since Instagram makes use of Facebook’s location data, opening the Facebook app is a must for using the app. Launch the Facebook mobile app.

·In the second step, press the “What’s on your mind?” button to start a new post.

·In the third step down the page, you should see the option to “Check in.”

·In the fourth step, if the place you want to add isn’t already in Facebook’s database, you should add it by creating a new one. To enter the new address:

-Tap the search box and begin typing.

-An option to “Add [your location]” or a similar message will display if it isn’t already in the list of places.

·In the fifth step, provide the details of the location:

-Information about the new location.

-The necessary details, such as the place’s name, and choose an appropriate category.

·In the sixth step, when you’re ready to publish the post, you have the option to include the new location or just create the location without publishing. Posting a generic picture or status update is a preferred method for some users to guarantee that their location gets listed.

·In the seventh step, be patient while Facebook reviews newly added locations. Once approved, they will be displayed on your feed. After they’re greenlit, you may use them on Instagram and Facebook.

·Finally, once the location is authorized and shows up on Facebook, Instagram users can start using it. Find the newly generated place in Instagram’s search bar, then press “Add Location,” when making a post.

Keep in mind that Facebook takes its rules and review process seriously. Not all entries will be published, and some places may take more time than others to do so.

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Why does Instagram make use of Facebook’s location services?

Instagram uses Facebook’s location system because of its integration and common infrastructure. Since Facebook acquired Instagram, using its large location information has become important.

This connection lets Instagram provide many location tags and improves user experience with geo-tagging and location-based stories.

It standardizes location data across both platforms, which benefits Instagram and Facebook users and businesses. Instagram does not need to create and maintain a location database using this resource-efficient method.

Both platforms’ income structures depend on targeted advertising, which the shared location data helps with.

Instagram’s usage of Facebook’s location system simplifies operations, enhances user functionality, and helps digital marketing initiatives.

Does Instagram need Facebook to generate a location?

Instagram uses Facebook’s large location database for geo-tagging; thus, you can’t create a place without utilizing Facebook.

Instagram users utilize Facebook’s location list for adding places to posts or stories, and Instagram lets you choose the location once Facebook approves it.

After Facebook acquired Instagram, their infrastructures were connected, causing this reliance. The approach unifies location data across both social media platforms, improving user experience and cross-platform functionality.

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What are the advantages of adding location to Instagram posts & stories?

There are a number of advantages to using locations in Instagram photos and stories, including increased exposure and user interaction and others that we listed below:

  1. Stories and posts tagged with a location on Instagram can be found more easily by users searching for content connected to a certain area. This is because they can appear in location-based searches and on location pages.
  2. Location tags on Instagram content have the potential to increase engagement by drawing in additional viewers and users. Content labeled with relevant places is more likely to attract users’ attention, which might lead to an increase in engagement metrics like likes, comments, and shares.
  3. When the location adds to Instagram posts and stories, they are a great tool for companies and influencers looking to target specific geographic locations with their advertising. For neighborhood establishments or gatherings, this strategy may work well.
  4. By including a location on Instagram, you enrich your information with context, allowing your readers better to grasp your location or the location of the picture. For information pertaining to travel, this might be very captivating.
  5. Adding locations to your content on Instagram can enhance the stories you’re delivering by adding depth and making it more relevant and engaging for your audience.
  6. Connecting with nearby communities or individuals who share interests is one way to build a sense of community via the use of Instagram location tags.
  7. Brands can increase foot traffic to their events and stores by using location tags to promote these events and retail locations.
  8. Business accounts can get significant information regarding the source of their interaction by tagging places on Instagram. These insights can then be used to shape future marketing campaigns.


Finally, one of the most effective ways to increase the exposure and impact of your Instagram photos and stories is to use location tags.

Broadening the reach of your digital presence, location tagging increases discoverability via location-based searches, improves audience engagement, and provides contextual relevance.

This tool is perfect for companies and influencers looking to reach a particular regional audience, foster community, or promote events or places.

Audience engagement with location-tagged content also provides priceless data for content and marketing strategy development.

Using location tags in Instagram posts and stories is a simple yet effective approach to reach more people and get your message heard in the wide social media environment.

Whether you’re sharing personal experiences, travel adventures, or promoting a business, this technique will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Now, let us know that you have a business account on Instagram. Did you add a location feature to Instagram posts and stories? What are the advantages you get from this feature?

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