How to DM a Girl on Instagram? [+Become a Girlfriend in 2024]

Today, Instagram has become the ultimate hub for socializing and building connections.

While it’s straightforward to follow someone on Instagram, initiating a conversation with them can be daunting, especially when DMing a girl.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

In this post, we’re going to share some practical tips and tricks that show how to DM a girl on Instagram and also will show you how to slide in a girl’s DM on Instagram like a pro and make a great first impression.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn the art of DMing a girl on Instagram!

How to slide in a girl’s DM on Instagram?

DMs can be used for casual chatting with friends and also offer a way to flirt with someone you’re interested in.

But how to DM a girl on Instagram without being creepy, dull, or annoying?

How do you start a conversation that will make her interested in you and want to reply?

1. Follow her & like her posts

Follow her & like her posts - How To DM A Girl On Instagram

Before you DM a girl on Instagram, you must follow and like some of her posts.

This will show her your interest in her and what she posts.

Please don’t go overboard and like every single post she has ever made.

That might come across as desperate or stalkerish.

Instead, like a few of her recent posts that you genuinely find interesting or attractive.

You can also leave a comment on one of her posts, but make sure it’s something relevant and positive.

Don’t just say “Hi” or “You’re hot.” That’s boring and generic.

Instead, say something about the content of the post, such as:

  • “Wow, that burger looks amazing. Where did you get it?”
  • “I love your outfit. You have great style.”
  • “That sunset is beautiful. Where was this taken?”

2. Reply to her story

Reply to her story - How To DM A Girl On Instagram

One of the best ways to DM a girl on Instagram is to reply to her story.

This is an excellent way to start a conversation because it shows that you are paying attention to what she posts and have something in common.

When you reply to a story, make sure it’s something relevant and engaging.

Don’t just say “Cool” or “Nice.”

Instead, say something that shows your interest or curiosity, such as:

  • “That song is awesome. What’s the name of it?”
  • “That book looks interesting. What’s it about?”
  • “That dog is so cute. What breed is it?”

3. Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself - How To DM A Girl On Instagram

You must introduce yourself if you don’t know the girl and want to DM her for the first time.

Don’t just send a random message without telling her who you are and why you are messaging her.

Start by saying hi and telling her your name.

Then, tell her how you found her profile and what made you want to message her.

Be honest and respectful.

For example:

  • “Hi, I’m Jake. I saw your comment on John’s post and liked what you said.”
  • “Hey, I’m Mia. I found your profile through the explore page and was impressed by your photos.”
  • “Hello, I’m Leo. I followed your travel account and noticed we have similar destinations.”

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4. Ask a question

Ask a question - How To DM A Girl On Instagram

An excellent way to keep the conversation going is to ask a question.

A question shows that you are interested in her and want to know more about her.

It also gives her something to reply to.

Don’t ask tedious or invasive questions she might not want to answer.

How To DM A Girl On Instagram

For example, don’t ask:

  • “Where do you live?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “Are you single?”

Instead, you can use one of the best first messages to DM a girl and ask open-ended questions about her profile or posts. For example, ask:

  • “What kind of activities do you find entertaining and enjoyable?”
  • “What are some of your favorite movies or shows?”
  • “What are some of your travel goals?”

5. Give a compliment

Another way to DM a girl on Instagram is to compliment her.

A compliment shows that you appreciate her and that you find her attractive.

However, don’t give generic or superficial compliments she might always hear.

How To DM A Girl On Instagram

For example, don’t say:

  • “You’re beautiful.”
  • “You have nice eyes.”
  • “You’re hot.”

Instead, give specific and sincere compliments focusing on her personality, skills, or achievements.

For example, say:

  • “You’re hilarious. I love your sense of humor.”
  • “You’re very talented. I admire your art.”
  • “You’re brilliant. I learned a lot from your posts.”

6. Be yourself

How To DM A Girl On Instagram

The most important thing about how to slide in a girl’s DM on Instagram is to be yourself.

Don’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not or to impress her with lies or exaggerations.

Be honest and genuine.

Show your personality and your sense of humor. Be respectful and polite.

Be confident and optimistic.

Remember, the goal of DMing a girl on Instagram is to wait to get her number or date.

It’s to start a conversation and build a connection.

If you do that well, the rest will follow naturally.

How to DM a girl on Instagram from Tinder?

Remember a few things if you’ve matched with someone on Tinder and are interested in taking things further with them on Instagram.

  • First, read the person’s profile thoroughly to familiarize you with their interests and what they seek.
  • Once you’re ready to message them, send a thoughtful and personalized message acknowledging something you both have in common or something that stands out to you in their profile.
  • Avoid sending generic or overly familiar messages, as they may appear insincere or creepy.
  • Finally, remember that only some people on Tinder want to connect on Instagram, so it’s essential to be respectful if the person doesn’t respond or expresses discomfort with continuing the conversation on a different platform.

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In conclusion, how to slide in a girl’s DM on Instagram can be nerve-wracking, but the right approach can lead to some great conversations and potential relationships.

Focus on building a genuine connection rather than just getting her attention.

Keep in mind that not everyone may respond, and that’s okay.

Don’t take it personally, and continue to put yourself out there.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to sending successful DMs on Instagram.

So, in the end, you talk with us and share all your experience in the case of sending a DM to a girl on Instagram.

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