How To Do Multiple Pictures On The Instagram Story in 2024? (+3 Methods)

Instagram is a popular social media platform that shares photos and videos as posts, stories or DM.

Although it seems like a simple app at first glance, many features allow you to challenge your skills and creativity.

To promote your Instagram profile and get more followers, you can create fantasy stories without the help of third-party apps.

Sometimes, you can’t cover your whole story with one picture, so you must put many photos together.

Alternatively, you can share several stories as an influencer or manager.

In this case, you may wonder how to do multiple pictures on the Instagram story.

So we are here to help you to do multiple pictures on the Instagram story.

Are you ready to start?! Let’s go.

What is an Instagram story & how to add multiple photos to the Instagram story?

As you know, Instagram is a great program now occupying a unique position in our lives.

This app has numerous functions that people use over the day. The Instagram story feature is one of the most essential and frequently used features, and it plays a vital part in the success of Instagram accounts.

We aim to make the Instagram story feature more engaging and valuable for those who follow us by putting multiple pictures in the Instagram story.

There are several methods to do this on Instagram stories. According to your desire, you can find out which way of using multiple photos on the Instagram story is easy for you to apply:

  • The first way, you can choose up to 10 photos and videos from your camera roll, which can be shown in separate slides or as a collage.
  • A second option is to place all images on one slide as stickers.
  • A third option is to use Instagram’s layout feature to create a collage.

To continue, let’s learn about all ways in detail:

+ 3 easy & practical methods to do multiple pictures on the Instagram story

1. Adding ten multiple photos or videos to the Instagram Stories

  • At first launch the Instagram App.
  • At the second step, hit the plus (+) button over ‘Your Story’ or on the bottom of the screen and then tap story, and also; you can swipe right on the home screen to open Stories.
  • Now tap on the photo icon on the bottom-left screen to open the camera Roll.
  • In this stage, select up to 10 photos or videos from your gallery. Then tap ‘Next’ at the bottom-right of the screen to continue.
  • After that, you can customize each slide with different adjustments, text, stickers, etc. Then tap ‘Next’ at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • At last, you can show your story to all your followers or close friends.

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2. layering several images on the same screen of an Instagram Story

  1. The first thing you need to do is access Instagram, then either click the plus sign (+) that is located above the words “Your Story” or the button that is located at the bottom of the screen, and after that, choose “story.” In addition to that, you can access Stories by swiping right from the home screen.
  2. To access the camera Roll, choose a picture by tapping the photo symbol in the screen’s bottom-left corner.
  3. Select the sticker you want to use by tapping the icon at the top of the screen. Navigate to the picture sticker by going through the other stickers first.
  4. Pick the photo you want to add and drag it anywhere on the screen. If you want to add more photos, you must repeat this process.
  5. You can tap each photo to resize, drag them to the position of the screen you want, and change the shape of your photos by tapping them.
  6. To change the background colour of the screen, tap the coloured circle at the top of the screen. 
  7. After your adjustment, you can display your story to your intended audience on Instagram.

3. Putting multiple photos as a collage on an Instagram Story

  1. To access Stories on Instagram, launch the app and either swipe right on the home screen or click the plus (+) icon directly above the words “Your Story” on the screen. Alternatively, you may find the plus (+) button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. On the left side of the screen, choose the symbol that looks like a square with lines going through it. This icon represents the layout. You may choose the grid you wish to use by tapping the symbol that looks like a change.
  3. To access your gallery and pick a picture to include, open your collage and choose the photo icon in the screen’s bottom-left corner.
  4. Repeat this third step until to fill all the segments; the check button shows up at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You can add additional elements, such as stickers, to your collage.
  6. Finally, tapping Your story or close friends will display your story to your preferred audience.

Note that you can use fresh photos from your camera Roll or gallery to make a Story.

To delete something on the layout, tap the photo and hit the delete icon.

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Using a third-party app to have a collage photo for Instagram’s story

If you are unsatisfied with the collage you made on Instagram, you can get help from other apps. The good news is there are dozens of apps on Google play or App store according to your desire. These apps let you more customize your story.

How to do multiple pictures on the Instagram story-Using a third-party app to have a collage photo for Instagram's story

+ 4 easy steps to use a third-party app to do multiple pictures on the Instagram story

  • First, download the Instagram collage app, including graphic designs, cool templates, and other design details.
  • After that, open the app, select a collage or template you like and then upload your photos from the gallery.
  • Then, save the photo on your phone, choose the share button, and select where you want to share.
  • In the end, open the Instagram App, tap the (+) icon over Your story and choose the photo from the gallery.
  • Its finish.

In conclusion

As mentioned before, Instagram is a social media with many users worldwide since they can share their photos and videos with their friends, families and others.

IG story has become more popular since it is temporary, and people can see who viewed their stories. So every user can use it to stay in touch with others, which is helpful on a personal and business level.

Sometimes, you may need to add more than one story to share your moments, but you must learn to do multiple pictures on the Instagram story.

Please don’t blame yourself; it is a new feature you can learn from this article.

This article introduced four methods to put multiple images on Instagram stories, and we hope the data we presented in our article can help you to deal with your concerns.

At last, let us know in the comment if you know any alternative way or have questions.

Thanks for your time.

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