How to Get Instagram on Apple Watch in 2024? (Step By Step Guide)

Keeping up with friends and family on social media is vital in today’s lightning-fast digital environment. Having access to Instagram from the wrist of your hand might be a thrilling and handy development for those who love the famous social networking app.

You can now bring your Instagram experience to your wristwatch, which is sure to excite Apple Watch users. Following the instructions in this article will allow you to install Instagram on your Apple Watch with ease.

Whether you want to see what your favorite accounts have been up to recently, manage your alerts better, or just have a better time perusing Instagram’s visual content, this article will show you how to do it all.

For an Instagram experience that runs well on your Apple Watch, we’ll go over everything from making sure your devices are compatible to using the app’s UI. Alright, then, let’s get in and find out how to get Instagram on Apple Watch!

Are there any prerequisites to use Instagram on Apple Watch?

There are a few prerequisites that must be satisfied before you can obtain Instagram on your Apple Watch, including the following:

1. Apple Watch Compatibility

Check that your Apple Watch model can handle the most recent OS upgrades. The vast majority of newer models should work with Instagram.

2. Latest WatchOS

You should be using the most recent version of WatchOS on your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch app for iPhone allows you to check for updates.

3. iPhone with Latest iOS

If you want to use your Apple Watch with the most recent iOS, you’ll need an iPhone running the most recent version of Apple’s mobile operating system. That way, all of your gadgets will work together seamlessly in sync.

4. Instagram App on iPhone

You can’t use Instagram without the Instagram app, which requires an iPhone. Since the Apple Watch displays a lot of information from your iPhone, including alerts, you’ll need to have Instagram downloaded and installed on your phone before you can use it.

5. Sufficient Storage Space

Make sure your Apple Watch has adequate capacity to store the Instagram app before installing it. Navigating to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone allows you to see the available storage on your Apple Watch.

6. Strong Internet Connection

Downloading Instagram and syncing data between your iPhone and Apple Watch both need a solid internet connection.

7. Apple ID & iCloud Account

In order for app installation and data synchronization to go smoothly on both your iPhone and Apple Watch, you’ll need to sign in with your Apple ID and iCloud account on both devices.

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How to use Instagram on Apple Watch? (8 common steps)

A few simple actions are required in order to use Instagram on your Apple Watch. We listed a step-by-step approach supposing that you already possess the essential setup:

  1. Install the Instagram App on Your iPhone: You must ensure that the Instagram app is installed on your iPhone before you can begin using it. Alternatively, you may get it on the App Store.
  2. Pair Your Apple Watch with Your iPhone: In case you haven’t done so before, link your Apple Watch to your iPhone. The Apple Watch app on an iPhone is where you’ll find this feature.
  3. Open the Watch App on Your iPhone: To begin wearing your connected watch, launch the Watch app on your iPhone when the two devices have linked.
  4. Browse the Available Apps: The “Available Apps” area may be found under the “My Watch” menu of the Watch app. Just scroll down a little. If you have any applications on your iPhone that are compatible with the Apple Watch, you can find a list of them here.
  5. Install Instagram: Here, you can find the Instagram app for Apple Watch so you can install it. After finding Instagram in the App Store, tap “Install” to add it to your Apple Watch.
  6. Wait for the App to Install: Please be patient while the app installs; it may take a few minutes. While this is happening, keep your Apple Watch in close proximity to your iPhone.
  7. Access Instagram on Your Apple Watch: Once you’ve installed Instagram on your Apple Watch, you’ll be able to access it from the app grid. To access the app grid, press the Digital Crown. From there, you may launch Instagram by tapping on its icon.
  8. Log In to Your Instagram Account: To access your Instagram account, you may use your Apple Watch or iPhone to log in, if necessary.
  9. Use Instagram on Your Apple Watch: Instagram is now available on Apple Watch, allowing you to see your feed, like photographs, and engage with content without taking your wrist off the wrist.

How to use Instagram on Apple Watch?

1. A concise description of the Apple Watch app’s capabilities

You can do a lot more with the Apple Watch app, including:

  • Check your feed
  • Interact with articles (like and comment)
  • Get alerts

Additionally, the app allows you to search for new accounts and discover information, all from the comfort of your wrist.

2. Check your feed, engage with content (like and comment), & see alerts

Swiping through posts is as easy as opening the Instagram app on your Apple Watch. You can react to them by tapping the heart symbol to like them or the speech bubble icon to remark on them. Pressing the “Notifications” button allows the app to access notifications.

3. Rules for making the most of Instagram on the Apple Watch

Make consistent use of the Instagram app on your Apple Watch and interact with your followers to maximize its potential. To keep yourself informed about what’s happening with your account, you can enable push notifications.


Even though there isn’t a fully functional Instagram app available for the Apple Watch, you can still keep in touch with your Instagram ecosystem via alerts.

If you have Instagram notifications turned on and your iPhone and Apple Watch are correctly synced, you can get timely updates on your wrist.

Despite the limitations compared to using the full app on your phone, this solution still lets you remain active with your Instagram network and keep tabs on critical conversations.

Always keep an eye out for upgrades or new app releases that might improve your Instagram experience on the Apple Watch.

Technology is always improving, so it’s worth it. Enjoy remaining connected in a more subtle but effective manner with your Apple Watch, and appreciate the comfort of getting Instagram alerts for now.

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