How To Get More Likes On Instagram 2023?

In today’s highly competitive digital landscape, social media platforms like Instagram have become a powerful tool for individuals and businesses to establish an online presence.

However, with millions of users vying for attention, standing out from the crowd can be challenging.

Getting more likes on Instagram is crucial for increasing engagement and boosting visibility and requires a well-planned approach.

From creating visually appealing content to using hashtags, engaging with other users, and running contests or giveaways, we will provide practical tips to help you learn how to get more likes on Instagram.

The most practical methods to get more likes on Instagram

The visibility of Instagram likes notwithstanding, they remain a significant indicator of engagement for the Instagram algorithm.

The acquisition of likes can enhance the visibility of one’s posts.

Let’s be familiar with the strategies to get more likes on Instagram.

1. Creating quality content

How To Get More Likes On Instagram

First and foremost, creating quality content is essential to get more likes on Instagram.

The platform is highly visual, and users are likelier to engage with visually appealing and informative posts.

One way to create quality content is to focus on your niche and produce content that caters to your specific audience.

Your content should be engaging and creative and provide value to your followers. It is also important to ensure that your content is original and not a copy of what other creators are already producing.

You should invest in good photography equipment and editing software to create quality content.

This will enable you to produce high-quality images that stand out in the crowded Instagram feed. You can also use tools like Canva to create stunning graphics and designs for your posts.

It is important to note that quality content goes beyond just the visuals.

It would be best if you also did other things we will discuss further in the next section, such as creating engaging captions.

2. Using hashtags effectively

Using hashtags effectively - How To Get More Likes On Instagram

Another important action that helps you to get more likes on Instagram is using attractive captions and hashtags.

Hashtags make your content discoverable to users searching for specific keywords or topics on the platform and can help you reach a wider audience and increase engagement on your posts.

To use hashtags effectively in your captions, it is important to research the relevant and popular hashtags in your niche.

You can use Instagram’s search function or third-party tools like Hashtagify to find the most effective hashtags in your posts.

It is also important to use a mix of general and specific hashtags to ensure that the right audience sees your posts.

You should also avoid using too many hashtags in your posts. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but 5-10 relevant hashtags are recommended.

Using too many hashtags can make your post look spammy and decrease the chances of getting more likes.

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3. Collaborate with influencers

Collaborate with influencers - How To Get More Likes On Instagram

It is an undeniable fact that influencer marketing is a powerful strategy that can help you reach a larger audience and increase likes on your Instagram posts.

Influencers are individuals with a large following on Instagram who have established themselves as experts or authorities in their niche.

You can tap into an influencer’s audience and reach new potential followers by collaborating with them.

When choosing an influencer to work with, ensuring that their audience aligns with your brand’s target audience is important. 

Choosing an influencer with a high engagement rate on their posts would be best to ensure their followers actively engage with their content.

There are different ways to collaborate with influencers to get more likes on Instagram, such as sponsored posts, giveaways, and takeovers. Sponsored posts involve paying the influencer to create content featuring your brand or product.

Giveaways involve partnering with an influencer to run a contest where their followers can win prizes from your brand.

Takeovers involve allowing the influencer to take over your Instagram account for a day and create content on your behalf.

4. Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising - How To Get More Likes On Instagram

Another easy option for those wanting to get more likes on Instagram is paid advertising.

Advertisement involves paying Instagram to promote your content to a targeted audience.

You can choose from different types of paid advertising on Instagram, such as sponsored posts, story ads, and carousel ads.

Paid advertising can be a valuable investment if done correctly. It can help you reach a wider audience and increase engagement on your posts.

However, it is important to ensure that you have a clear strategy in place and a budget that aligns with your goals.

When using paid advertising on Instagram, it is important to target the right audience. You can use Instagram’s targeting options, such as location, interests, and demographics, to ensure your content reaches the right people.

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+6 steps to use paid advertisement

  • 1. Choose the post or content you want to promote and set a budget for your campaign.
  • 2. Use Instagram’s targeting options to define your target audience based on demographics, interests, and location.
  • 3. Choose the format for your ad, such as a sponsored post, story ad, or carousel ad.
  • 4. Add eye-catching visuals and compelling copy to your ad to attract the attention of your target audience.
  • 5. Launch your campaign and monitor its performance using Instagram’s analytics tools.
  • 6. Adjust your strategy and budget as needed to ensure a good return on investment.


Getting more likes on Instagram requires a combination of strategies that include creating quality content, utilizing hashtags effectively, leveraging the power of influencer marketing, and utilizing Instagram Stories and Reels.

Paid advertising can also be a valuable investment if done correctly.

Engaging with your followers and building a community around your brand is also important.

After learning how to get more likes on Instagram, we recommend you experiment with the strategies outlined in this essay and track your progress to see what works best for your brand and audience.

Now it is your turn to suggest additional ways to get more likes on Instagram and share them in the comment section.

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