How To Half Swipe on Instagram in 2024? (Android/iPhone)

With all these social apps and platforms that are providing us a smooth experience of chatting, Instagram stands first with its memes and reels, and offers so many features in its direct message.

Have you ever wished you could sneakily read those messages without the other user’s knowledge?

While notifications provide a glimpse, accessing chat details requires opening the conversation, defeating the purpose of stealth. But fear not; there exists a clever hack to open an Instagram chat without triggering the “seen” mark.

The trick and technique, often known as the “half swipe,” is surprisingly simple despite its misleading name. Let’s unveil this secret feature of our most used app and learn “How to half swipe on Instagram?”

Read Instagram Messages Without Seen: Use Half Swipe!

If you want to read the messages you receive on Instagram without any sign of “seen,” you can follow the steps below.

Half Swipe is not only useful on Instagram DMs but also you can try it on the story section to see the story of a user and not be in their “View” list!

How do you do this? To get your answer, keep reading the tips that are mentioned below:

·How to Half-Swipe on the Instagram Stories?

It is time to learn how to half-swipe on an Instagram story. At first, you will need to use a specific gesture that involves swiping to the right while holding your finger on the screen.

Practicing this will allow you to view a preview of the next story without marking it as seen.

Let’s go step by step!

Here is a guide on how to half-swipe on Instagram stories:

  1. Open the Instagram app, and on the feed, you have to find the story you want to preview. Do not tap on it
How To Half Swipe on Instagram
  1. Instead, you should tap on the previous story in their story list.
How To Half Swipe on Instagram
  1. Hold your finger on the screen and swipe right while still holding your finger. Make sure you hold your fingers on the screen and not let it go!
How To Half Swipe on Instagram
  1. Now, you can see a preview of the next story.
How To Half Swipe on Instagram
  1. Do not let your hand go, and quickly go back to the first story you opened!
How To Half Swipe on Instagram
  1. If you change your mind and want to view the full story, swipe all the way to the right.
  1. To exit the preview, swipe back to the left.
How To Half Swipe on Instagram

This is way easier than half-swiping on the DMs, and you can do it without any rush. The important tip is to hold your finger until you get back to the first story and don’t swipe all the way to the right, or you will mark the story as seen.

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·How to Half-Swipe on your Instagram DMs?

The Instagram half-swipe lets you read the messages on the DM without actually reading them! Do not be confused; follow the steps.

To half-swipe on the Instagram direct message:

  1. Open your Instagram app, head to your feed, and access your Direct Messages by swiping to the left of the screen.
  2. Find the chat with the message you want to view without marking it as seen.

Before reading the rest of the steps you have to know that you need to be fast as lightspeed! If you are slow and act with delay, the trick can’t be done, and the Instagram user will see the “seen” alert!

  1. Tap on the chat to open it. Quickly and without any pauses, swipe down on the screen as soon as the chat opens.
  2. This will prevent the most recent message from loading and marking it as seen.

If you scroll down enough to reveal the space between the message and the compose box, the message will be marked as read. IT IS SO TRICKY!

After these steps, with the half-swipe trick, you can slowly scroll down the conversation to read the messages without marking them as seen.

If you wonder if it works, you can at first try it in a safe chat with your friend, and when you get the hand of it, start reading Instagram messages anonymously!

You have to make sure that the messages scroll up! The key point is this! Now, let’s see how a half swipe is useful in the story section and how it helps you to navigate Instagram content.

Why A User Might Want to Half-Swipe on an Instagram Story?

There are so many motives that you or other users want to use the “Half Swipe” trick. Sometimes, it is because they want to discreetly view a story from someone you don’t know well. Or even decide if they want to watch a full story or not.

While half-swiping on Instagram stories or DMs, the sender may still see that you have viewed their story or read their text.

However, this is less likely to happen if you are FAST and careful when swiping.

The Half Swipe Secret Is Unrevealed!

Imagine you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and spot an unread message from someone you don’t want to put a “Seen” mark on their text quickly!

You can Instead of opening the conversation, half-swipe to get a view of the message without disrupting their inbox.

The half-swipe comes in handy even in the story section. Without opening the chat or the story that a user has shared, you can half-swipe to get a sense of their content and choose whether you want to answer or reply to them!

Now you know how to half-swipe on Instagram, please tell us your opinion on this and if you find it useful or not.

Have you ever used half-swipe on Instagram? Please tell us if it was a successful experience. We are waiting for your comments.

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