How to Live Stream on Instagram from PC in 2024? (Chrome/Windows/Mac)

Instagram live streaming on a desktop or laptop is a thrilling new way to connect with your audience on a deeper, more intimate level.

Being an adept live streamer can boost your online presence at a time when social media platforms are becoming hubs for real-time interaction and content sharing. This introduction explains how to set up and conduct an Instagram live broadcast on your PC.

As an influencer, business owner, content creator, or simply someone trying to reach more people, learning how to utilize this Instagram function efficiently may change your online connections and content delivery.

Let’s examine live streaming as a whole and how it may help you connect with your audience and create an impact from your computer.

So, let’s go together and be familiar with the steps of “How to livestream on Instagram from PC?”

What are the tips & rules of livestream video on Instagram from PC?

When using a personal computer to Instagram live streaming via PC, it’s important to follow both general broadcasting requirements and Instagram’s own policies to avoid any legal trouble.

Some important guidelines and pointers to bear in mind about streaming Instagram live from desktop are:

1. Technical guide for Instagram live on PC

·Pick the Right App: Instagram-friendly streaming apps like OBS Studio, Streamlabs, and Yellow Duck are a must.

·Stable Internet Connection: To keep the broadcast quality constant and free of interruptions, you need an internet connection that is both stable and fast.

·Quality Audio and Video: For crystal-clear audio and video, splurge on a high-quality webcam and microphone.

·Optimal Lighting: Good lighting is essential for optimal illumination. You can use softbox lighting to improve the video quality, but natural light is better.

·Verify Your Setup: Run a test to see if there are any hiccups in the setup and to make sure everything is running well.

·Get Your Content Ready: If you want your live stream to remain interesting and on topic, you need have a script or strategy.

·Engage with Your Audience by Monitoring Your Stream: Pay close attention to how well your stream is doing and any comments that viewers leave.

2. Guidelines & Standards for Instagram Live

·Adhere to Instagram’s Rules for Contributors: Instagram has community rules that you should follow. They prohibit material that is dangerous, sexually explicit, or derogatory.

·Respect Copyright Laws: Playing copyrighted music or displaying copyrighted information without authorization is a clear violation of copyright laws.

·Engage with Your Audience: To make it more engaging, answer questions and comments.

·Promote Your Live Stream: Post an announcement about your live broadcast on your Instagram story or feed ahead of time to attract more viewers.

·Duration and Timing: Instagram live videos have a 60-minute duration and may be started at any time. To get the most out of your audience, post when they’re most likely to be online.

·Content Relevance: Keep your material up-to-date with what your audience wants and what your business stands for.

·Avoid Misinformation: Make sure anything you give is true and doesn’t mislead others.

·Privacy and Sensitivity: Keep in mind that some people may not want their faces seen on camera, so be considerate of their wishes if you’re streaming in a public area.

·Privacy and Sensitivity: Respond to viewers’ questions and comments after the live session has ended.

·Evaluate Results: Make use of Instagram’s statistics to see how viewers interact with your live broadcasts and how to enhance them in the future.

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PC Instagram live streaming tutorial step by step

Compared to mobile devices, streaming live video on Instagram from a personal computer needs extra software and setup, making the process more complicated.

To get you started, here is a step-by-step guide for Instagram live streaming via PC:

·Step 1: choose a streaming service.

Pick a livestreaming app that works with Instagram, such Streamlabs OBS, Yellow Duck, or OBS Studio.

·Step 2: Set up the Media Player.

To download and install the program, go to the developer’s website and get the version that is compatible with your computer. Carefully adhere to the installation guidelines.

·Step 3: Set up your streaming software.

Fire up your own computer’s streaming software. Set up the video and audio sources, as well as the streaming settings. Make sure you have the camera and microphone turned on. To facilitate the transition between several video feeds, separate scenes should be created.

·Step 4: Link Instagram with the App

To get an RTMP server URL and stream key that are Instagram-compatible, log in to Yellow Duck if you’re using OBS with Yellow Duck. The streaming software’s stream settings are where you’ll input the stream key and the URL of the RTMP server.

·Step 5: Get Your Live Content Ready.

You may decide whether your live broadcast will be an instructional, a Q&A, or just a general chat. To enhance the stream’s quality, make sure there is enough lighting and a peaceful atmosphere.

·Step 6: Go Live.

Press “Start Streaming” on your streaming app to begin broadcasting. Talk to the Audience: Participate in the conversation by answering comments and questions.

·Step 7: Keep an Eye on Things & Make Any Necessary Adjustments.

If you can, use a different device to keep an eye on the stream and make sure it’s functioning properly. If you have problems with the video or audio quality, you may adjust the stream settings as needed.

·Step 8: End Stream.

After you’re ready to wrap things up, give your viewers a little thank you and then hit the “Stop Streaming” option on your streaming program.

·Step 9: Post-Stream Engagement

Comment or post after the stream to continue the conversation with your viewers on what happened during the live event.

·Step 10: Analyze and Improve

Examine your live stream’s performance using Instagram Insights and use the data to make your broadcasts better in the future.

As you read above all the steps are easy and you can use them for your PC. Now pay attention if you have the iPad, we invite you to read the “How to Go Live on Instagram on iPad? (Steps & Tips)


Finally, Instagram live streaming on a computer can unleash your imagination and engage your audience in ways you never imagined.

Choosing the right streaming software, setting up your system, and connecting to Instagram may seem complicated at first, but it becomes easier with experience.

You need to be prepared and engage with your audience in order to have a good live broadcast. Before the live session, prepare your topic, check that your technical setup is good, and most importantly, interact with your audience.

This contributes to the development of a more robust and interconnected community while also improving the viewing experience.

Live streaming provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reach more people with your ideas, skills, and stories as you get more comfortable with the tools and approaches.

The ever-changing world of Instagram live streaming from a PC is waiting for you; therefore, dive in, try out several formats, and embrace the learning curve.

Now you tell us that did you have experiences to streaming Instagram live from PC?

Do you prefer streaming Instagram live from desktop or phone?

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