How To Make Your Instagram Aesthetic? [+12 Tips in 2024]

The popularity of Instagram is increasing every day, and many users around the world spend many hours on Instagram. If you have a fundamental activity, it can be a springboard for your business or career. Adherence to principles such as creating a beautiful profile on Instagram can be a difficult task. In a highly visual application like Instagram, aesthetics are very important. Instagram profile is the showcase of your work, so it should be arranged in the best way.

If you use Instagram for branding, advertising, or earning and you want to attract more followers and audience, your profile is the first thing that is seen, so you must have a beautiful and attractive Instagram profile. In the following, important and necessary points are presented in this case.

Identifying active Instagram followers and creating appropriate content for them

Many Instagram pages post without knowing their audience and naturally this causes them to lose followers. The content you display on your page should be based on an understanding of your audience because you are posting for them.

1# Use high-quality photos for Instagram

how to make your Instagram aesthetic

The most important part of Instagram profiles is related to high-quality images. The quality of images is a very important factor in following people from you. You should not post low-quality images on your Instagram account.

Follow the tips below to send beautiful Instagram pictures:

  • Choose an attractive and suitable topic with your desired topic and content.
  • Take a photo of your desired subject in a very beautiful frame: you don’t need to buy a professional camera or learn advanced photography principles, you can use your smartphone camera and take a photo with a beautiful and clear background. You can use the Pinterest platform to get ideas.
  • Make an attractive edit on that image: You don’t need expensive programs, you can use Snapseed, VSCO, Enlight, etc. software.

2# Choosing a beautiful and smart color that suits the content or product

how to make your Instagram aesthetic

Have a consistent color theme that matches the theme of the posts. For example, a bright, rustic, or minimal color palette, etc.

But sometimes you can create a contrast in the color palette, it is not wrong to use chromatic colors and sometimes it may match the space and coloring of your Instagram page and make your page look more beautiful. But if we want to be realistic, we must say that color contrast is more attractive in any space and attracts more attention. Therefore, it is better to choose a photo for each post that will catch the eye of the audience.

3# Logo color

how to make my instagram account aesthetic - Logo color

If you have a specific corporate logo or color, it is better to use it in your profile, so that the audience can be sure that they have found the right account. Some brands have a corporate color of blue, green, and yellow that they choose as the background of their profile picture. So it is better to choose a specific color or at least white as the background.

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4# Use similar filters

how to make instagram aesthetic - Use similar filters

It is better to use similar filters for more coherence of posts. The most famous filter in the world is Claredon, which increases transparency, brightness, and color contrast. Another practical application, Instasize, provides you with many filters that you can use according to the color palette and the topic of the posts. Filters are customizable and you can change the color spectrum, brightness, and contrast of the photos. Another software that you can use in this field is Adobe Lightroom mobile application.

5# Make an attractive cover for the highlights

how to make instagram aesthetic - Make an attractive cover for the highlights

If you succeed in persuading the user to see more content from your page, you will be more successful! Users and visitors who see more content from your page are more likely to become your followers or even loyal customers.

An attractive cover and title are things that encourage the user to see your posts. Since there is not much space for captions in the cover highlight, it is much more important.

The highlight cover image has very small dimensions, and on the other hand, to persuade the audience, you need to do something that can recognize the subject at first glance. Cover highlights should be attractive and not have too many details so that the user can understand your meaning immediately after looking at it.

Matching the color of highlight covers with your page theme is also very important. If you choose colors for this theme that do not match the overall color theme of your page, your profile will look irregular.

6# Use popular hashtags related to your content or product

how to make instagram aesthetic - Use popular hashtags related to your content or product

Using hashtags correctly is a free and convenient way to get more visibility for your posts. The main purpose of hashtags is to help Instagram organize and categorize content. Instagram users who are interested in a specific topic search for related hashtags. Using Instagram hashtags along with content will make you have more visitors and as a result, more followers, likes, and sales. That’s why it’s a good idea to find the best Instagram hashtags. You can also use the desired hashtag in your bio account and stories

You can use Instagram Insights to measure the success of your Instagram hashtag.

The most important tools you can use to find trending hashtags: TagBlender, Instagram Tags, and All Hashtag.

7# Split the photo into several tiles

Split photo into several tiles

Dividing photos into tiles for Instagram can be an interesting and effective method. Using apps like Pic Splitter, Tile Pic, or Instagrid, you can turn images into 6 or 9 tiles.

8# Sending interesting and funny pictures and posts

Sending interesting and funny pictures and posts

What is another way to get more likes and comments and increase the number of followers? Make people laugh!

In the world of social networks, one of the most important success factors of content is entertaining the audience.

Fun and funny pictures and videos usually stay in people’s minds and are shared more often. Sometimes joke about different issues and stay away from being serious.

Addressing social issues Environment, social concerns, animal rights, global warming, and all the issues that are in the scope of social responsibility of individuals and brands are very important. By addressing social issues, you will attract more audiences.

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9# Briefly and simply describe your work and services

Create a mixed and attractive profile! At first, the profile picture makes the audience guess what the owner of the page does, then the bio explains in one line what the main activity is, and finally a small personal resume including your activities and of course your opinions.

It is necessary to familiarize the audience with the work and services you do, and then explain and introduce your services in a specialized and detailed manner in your posts or highlights. If your services are many, it is better to choose the most important ones and put them in your profile biography.

If you are a company or group whose audience needs to be in constant contact with you to use your services and products, then be sure to put a contact number or email in the bio section. Of course, write it through the settings and related options, not in the section where the bio text is supposed to be placed.

You can introduce your business and the services you provide in a highlight and talk about what you do or what your competitive advantages are over your competitors. In this way, the user will know more about your business and trust you more easily. Don’t try to make yourself look flawless! This will not only make the audience not trust you, but also make them feel that you are exaggerating! All businesses and products have strengths and weaknesses.

10# Use infographics and slide posts

In addition to images and videos, there are other tools at your disposal to create content. In the content program, use infographics and slide posts. Slide posts are the best option for educational content and more people save these posts.

In infographics, you can talk about different products or tell how to use a product. Topics such as the benefits and features of a product are suitable for slide posts.

11# Avoid too many advertisements

Another important point that we should pay special attention to is avoiding too many advertisements in a row. Instagram’s users don’t like to see a lot of ads and unfollow pages that do it constantly. So it is better to pay more attention to the production of quality and attractive content to create more satisfaction in the audience.

12# Post content from other social networks

Producing new content requires spending a lot of time and money. It may not always be possible to create new content. Sometimes try to use the exclusive content of your other social networks.

For example, if you had successful content on Twitter last week, repost it on your Instagram, or if you made a video for YouTube or your website, publish part of it as a post on Instagram.

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