How To Off Last Seen on Instagram? [+ Update in 2024]

Instagram is a photo-sharing app and social network platform created by Facebook that offers free photo uploads and sharing.

Users can edit and upload photos and videos through the Instagram mobile app.

By adding captions to each of their posts, users can index them and make them searchable by other users within the app and use hashtags and geotags.

In addition to commenting and liking posts and stories on Instagram, users can contact each other through the Direct Message.

Like WhatsApp and Facebook, Instagram has an added feature that lets you know when your followers are online, and you can understand their “activity status.”

This can be useful or a shackle since some people prefer to use Instagram invisibly.

So we invite you to read this article to know how to off last seen on Instagram.

Who can see your activity status on Instagram?

Through the activity status feature of Instagram, you may be concerned about who can see your last activity or online status for either personal reasons or being safe.

However, Instagram added activity status; any users on Instagram cannot see your activity status.

Only people you follow and send a direct message can see when you were last seen online.

If you have a public account, users who have yet to put you in their following list or just sent a Direct message to you will not be aware of your activity status.

It would be best if you had more time to start talking to others or were not interested in getting around them. You check Instagram for news and be aware of upcoming trends.

Or, as a public page, you cannot reply to all messages you get; on the other hand, you do not want to make your followers feel bad, which can lead to a loss of followers.

In these cases, you have the option to hide your Instagram last seen or until you want to temporarily.

Hiding your online status: How to off last seen on Instagram?

Instagram shows which users are online with a green dot next to their name in the direct inbox or when they were last time online underneath their name.

While WhatsApp or Telegram tell you the last online in case you open your chat screen with them.

As you know, sometimes people do not feel free to use the app visibly and might not want someone to be aware of their activity status on Instagram.

The option to be in access is always respectable, whether in the real world or the virtual world.

Fortunately, Instagram has provided users with a simple solution to hide their activity status in the app whenever they want.

To off your last seen on Instagram, you can follow these several steps:

1. Open the Instagram app

how to turn off your last seen on Instagram

Please be sure you use the latest Instagram version before following this instruction.

2. Select the ‘Setting’ option

First, go to your profile by tapping the icon in the bottom-right corner, then hit the three lines in the upper-right corner, and choose the setting.

how to turn off your last seen on instagram

In this section, you face various options that enable you to have more control over your page according to your desire by applying each of them.

At first glance, it may seem a bit complicated, but when you learn how to use it, you can deal with your concerns. Go back to our instructions.

3. Tap ‘Activity status.’

In the settings screen, select the ‘Privacy’ option; you can see the ‘Activity Status’ by scrolling down the screen.

how to turn off last seen on instagram
how to hide your last seen on instagram

The activity status will let your followers know once you become online.

4. Switch off the ‘Show activity status’

how to check last seen on instagram

If you turn this option off, no one on Instagram can find your activity status. Notice that when you turn your activity status away from others, you will not be allowed to see who online is or when they were last time online.

This is a two-sided feature, meaning when someone sees your Instagram last seen, you can also view their status.

When you disable this feature, you will not be able to check the status of your followers.

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Should you turn the activity status on or off?

Although there are few benefits of turning on the activity status on Instagram, you can view your friends’ group and receive an instant response.

Keeping the activity status hidden from others allows you access to Instagram anytime without being noticed by your followers.

Besides, you can answer their messages in your leisure time or when you can make up your mind to have a solid answer.

In this case, they will not be dispaired by not getting an answer immediately.

But the main disadvantage of this option, as mentioned earlier, is that you would not be able to see others’ activity status when you turn it off.

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To wrap up

Instagram is a social media with various features based on photo-sharing. Whether the page is private or public, a post can be visible to followers or the public.

Instagram users are not limited to Instagram; they can also share posts on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Not only does Instagram have a high level of popularity because of its visual features, but it also offers a user-friendly platform for users.

Like other apps, Instagram introduced the Instagram activity Status, enabling users to see when someone is online or was active last time.

As users, in some cases, follow unknown people, their privacy might be in danger; by hiding their activity status, they can protect their safety.

When Instagram shows you are online, you may get swamped with messages, which is annoying.

In the article, we explained how to off last seen on Instagram by taking some steps to feel safe and unbothered.

Turning your activity status off allows you to check Instagram freely without worrying about being noticed.

As mentioned above, this feature is two-sided; you cannot view others’ visibility when you hide your last seen.

We hope the “How to off last seen on Instagram” article was helpful to you and addressed your concern. If you have any questions or experience in this field, please let us know in the comments.

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