How to Post Live Photos on Instagram? (Story/Reels in 2024)

Instagram is a shining example of a social media platform that welcomes new ideas and promotes artistic expression in its ever-changing landscape.

The immersive nature of live images enhances your stories and posts powers on Instagram. Whether you’re recording an impromptu escapade or a brief moment of happiness, mastering the art of Instagram live picture sharing can elevate your content.

This tutorial will show you how to post live photos on Instagram that make your followers more than simply observers; it will make them active participants in the moments that matter.

So, we invite you to come with us as we explore the world of picture sharing, where each shot has a narrative, and your viewers can’t get enough.

Are you ready for an exciting trip to the Instagram world? Let’s get started!

How to take a Live Photo on an iPhone?

The ability to capture Live Photos on an iPhone and Android is a wonderful way to give your memories a new perspective.

A Live Photo can be easily captured by following these steps on iPhone:

  • -Open the iPhone Camera app. Be in Photo mode (a basic camera symbol).
  • -Live Photo is usually at the top of the screen. It resembles concentric rings.
  • -Press the Live Photo icon to start Live Photo. Activation turns the icon yellow.
  • -Live Photos record a few seconds of action before and after you click the shutter button, so frame your photo. Take into account scene dynamics.
  • -Gently push the shutter button to take a Live Photo. Hold your iPhone still after capturing the image to catch the complete sequence.
  • -Find your recent Live Photo in Photos. Open it and press and hold the picture to watch the animation.
  • -Try Loop or Bounce to improve your Live Photo. These choices appear when you swipe up on Live Photo. Loop constantly repeats the action, whereas Bounce plays it forward and backward.
  • -Set your Live Photo as background or share it on social media. Tap the share button, choose your platform, and share the exciting moment with friends and followers.

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Posting Live Photos on Instagram as a post: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram Live Photos is a fascinating method to captivate your audience and share the spirit of the movement.

The following is a detailed walkthrough of the process of posting Live Photos on Instagram as a post:

  1. To activate the Live Photo function on Instagram, open the Camera app on your iPhone and search for the symbol with three concentric circles. With Live Photos, you may record a moving scene since they capture the few seconds just before and after you click the shutter.
  2. Open Instagram on your mobile device. If you haven’t done so, please log in to your account.
  3. Press the plus sign (+) on the screen’s bottom to add a new post.
  4. Click on the gallery icon will take you to your Camera Roll. Pick the Instagram Live Photo you want to post.
  5. You can see the Live symbol under the chosen picture. Pressing it will enable Instagram’s Live Photo function for your post. The Live Photo will be activated when the symbol becomes yellow.
  6. You can customize your post by adding a description, hashtags, and location tag. To take your post to the next level, add filters and make more modifications.
  7. After you’ve made all the necessary adjustments to your post, hit the “Share” button in the upper right. Instagram now has your Live Photo up and running for all your followers to see.
  8. When you post a Live Photo on Instagram, and your followers press and hold it in their feeds, they can see the motion you caught. The dynamic components will provide a captivating and all-encompassing viewing experience as they come to life.

Posting Live Photos on Instagram as a Story: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to posting a live picture to your Instagram story, the procedure is not too complicated:

  • ·Like any other Instagram page, you can access your Stories by swiping left from the top or by touching the plus symbol in the upper right corner and selecting “Story.”
  • ·Next, locate the photo you want to edit and click on it by tapping the camera roll icon in the lower left corner of your screen.
  • ·You can make the live photo on Instagram play like a boomerang by holding it down on your screen.
  • ·Restoring the original still image is as easy as holding the button again.
  • ·After that, you can easily share the live photo to your feed as a boomerang video by tapping “Your story”.


Instagram Live Photos are a great way to make your content more interactive and interesting.

Followers can have an immersive watching experience as users share the colorful moments taken on their iPhones with this step-by-step instruction.

With each step, Instagram’s storytelling potential is enhanced—from capturing intriguing moments to activating the Live Photo feature and personalizing postings.

Users can optimize the impact of their Live Photos by experimenting with effects, regulating lighting, and strategically employing captions, hashtags, and location tags.

Besides being an instructional manual, this guide inspires users to unleash their imaginations by guiding them step-by-step through creating an interactive story inside their Instagram feed.

Remember that every frame of a Live Photo tells a story, and the viewers’ experience is enhanced by the Live Photos’ dynamic nature when you begin to share them.

So, record those exciting moments, follow the instructions above, and see how Instagram Live Photos can transform your account. Enjoy your writing!

So, you’re telling us that our info was useful to you? Would you want to offer any further tips about how to post live photos on Instagram? Please fill up the comment box with all of your expertise.

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