How to React to The Instagram Story Without DM? in 2024

In these modern worlds, taking advantage of different social media platforms is beneficial, one of which is Instagram. This well-known app has many features that most people use daily.

One of the most functional features of the Instagram app is “Stories”. This item was added to this application in the same year it was created.

Instagram stories are full-screen images or even videos that different unique filters or effects can use.

This feature is the way to go if a user aims to share something, not as a post and tends to remain for just 24 hours. As time elapses, the story will no longer be accessible to anyone.

As you see someone’s story, there is an option called “reaction“. With this, you’ll be able to react quickly to any of the stories you desire.

These days Instagram is changing the way people react to stories. Through the “How to react to the Instagram story without DM?” essay, you’ll become familiar with the options of reacting to Instagram stories without sending direct messages to the user:

How to react to an Instagram story?

how to react to instagram story
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As it’s obvious, all Instagram stories are temporary. Texts, stickers, and music can customize aims to keep people involved.

The difference between old and new versions:

In the previous Instagram version, if a user reacted to stories while viewing them, the reaction was sent to that person’s DMs.

But in the last version, not only can reactions be noticed in DM, but also a heart appears at the bottom of the story called “story-like“, which can be seen when you tap on the icon on the left bottom corner of your story page.

Also, they will receive a notification in private as they receive likes once people react to their feed posts.

  • Note 1: Tapping the heart icon will make you like that particular story, but there is a point here that likes on Instagram stories are private, and the person sharing the story could see who liked it.
  • Note 2: Also, as likes aren’t public to the followers, you cannot see the number of likes on someone else’s stories. If you want to stay in the loop and become aware of what goes on with your followers, it’s suggested to catch their Stories before they elapse.
  • Note 3: Instagrammers might prefer to weather react to their followers’ stories with or without DM.

How to react to the Instagram story without DM?

Knowing that you can now like an Instagram story without cluttering up your follower’s DM anymore is beneficial.

Also, you can now like your friends’ stories without opening a direct message, as it is private, and there is no need to go to messages to realize the reaction.

Now, we’ll guide you on reacting to the Instagram story without any unnecessary DMs. Just keep on reading:

Step 1: Open your Instagram and ensure it’s the latest version.

Step 2: View a story that you tend to like.

Step 3: Look for the “heart button” next to the paper plane icon.

heart reaction instagram story

Step 4: Tap the “heart” to like the story by turning it red.

That’s it!

The user will get a notification that they liked their Instagram story and see your heart as soon as opens the same story and tap the viewer sheet at the bottom left corner.

To obtain more information about the reaction to the Instagram story and to define the advantages of this option in detail, follow the next topic: “How to react to the Instagram story without DM?”:

Benefits of reacting to the Instagram story without DM

As every new feature in Instagram comes with its benefits, the advantages of “story react” is generally going to be explained below: 

  • No more unnecessary direct messages will be gathered by leaving a “Like” on the story.
  • It’ll be easier to count the likes on the viewers’ panel that followers reacted to.
  • The previous style of reaction to the stories remained, so you could reply to others’ stories using reaction stickers or sending messages in the “reply box”.

According to what previously discussed in previous topics about “How to react to the Instagram story without DM?” most people who use Instagram may have difficulty deciding whether to react to others’ stories or like them.

Choosing which method is better to react to the stories you want is optional. Also, it depends on the person you’re going to reply to as a “story react”.

For instance, if the story author is busy enough that you’re sure your message won’t receive an answer, only try to like the story by leaving a “heart”.

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In the end

To use this react feature of the Instagram story, you must first update your app to the latest version. You don’t need to start a conversation in this case, as it sends DM to the story’s author.

This feature can easily change the way of interacting with Instagram stories by the users. Leaving a heart in the users’ stories without sending a direct message could help the user not feel disturbed.

For sure, the react feature of the Instagram story might change many people’s views on Instagram stories, and they’ll feel free to react to stories without chatting with the story authors.

If you share stories and some of your followers leave a heart in them, all of those heart reactions will appear in the story viewers’ part and not in the direct messages.

By all these definitions in the “How to react to the Instagram story without DM?” essay, you’ll be able to choose how you prefer to react to others’ stories.

Last but not least, we end our essay about the Instagram story without DM by reading your personal experiences here.

If you have had anything to talk about the react feature of your Instagram story, especially your travelling stories or advertising videos, let us know by writing them down in the comment bar below.

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