How To Remove Subscribers On YouTube On iPhone?

Today we discuss YouTube, a popular platform for sharing and viewing videos online.

Interestingly, making and sharing your videos is also possible. YouTube is one of the most visited websites, with users viewing around 6 billion hours of video each month since its inception in 2005.

YouTube has released a new feature called “subscription channels,” which lets viewers join up for a service that automatically sends them new videos.

But what can be done to discourage signups? Some advice on how to terminate your YouTube membership is provided below.

Your YouTube channel’s subscriber count has likely increased significantly over the last several months.

Some of your subscribers may have lapsed into inactivity, though.

Here’s how to remove subscribers on YouTube so your subscriber count reflects how active your channel is.

Step by step removing subscribers on YouTube

You can expect to be harassed by trolls whenever you publish anything to your YouTube channel. The presence of trolls is inevitable in every popular channel.

However, it doesn’t imply you have no control over the situation. In truth, YouTube provides several options for removing channel subscribers.

If you feel your YouTube channel is cluttered, we’ll show you how to deactivate or remove subscribers step-by-step guides.

One of two typical methods is used to unsubscribe from a YouTube channel.

Both the comment area and your channel’s administration dashboard provide deletion options:

1. By using the Comments Section

How To Remove Subscribers On YouTube By using the Comments Section

Regarding comments on their videos, most individuals want to be left alone.

The simplest solution to removing channel subscribers on YouTube is to block them from the comments area.

Do you want to learn the method? Here’s what you should do:

  • Step 1: Join YouTube by creating an account.
  • Step 2: Navigate to your profile by clicking the io icon in the upper right corner.
  • Step 3: Choose “My Channel.”
  • Step 4: It’s time to see the user’s commented-on video.
  • Step 5: Visit the video’s comments area.
  • Step 6: Click the ellipses (…) next to the relevant post to delete a user’s remark.
  • Step 7: To conceal a user from the channel, click “Hide User from The Channel.”

Now you have successfully cut off their access to the channel. They can no longer access your videos or leave comments using that account.

Remember that turning off the comments area is detrimental to the development of your channel. Intriguing videos do well in YouTube’s algorithm.

Positive or critical feedback is generally welcomed as long as it does not violate YouTube’s terms of service.

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2. By using the channels dashboard

Using your channel’s administration dashboard to remove subscribers on YouTube is the second option. However, this approach has one little flaw.

Only subscribers who have chosen to keep their subscriptions secret will be accessible through this technique.

See if you can figure out a way to accomplish it:

  • Step 1: Get on YouTube.
  • Step 2: Identify yourself to the channel.
  • Step 3: The profile part is up there on the right, so go ahead and click it.
  • Step 4: Choose “YouTube Studio” from the menu that appears.
  • Step 5: Below is a section labeled “Recent Subscribers.”
  • Step 6: If you don’t see the subscriber listed, choose “See All.”
  • Step 7: You’ll be brought to your user interface.
  • Step 8: Click on the user profile you want to delete.
  • Step 9: Check out their channel.
  • Step 10: Read more in the “About” section. 
  • Step 11: To unsubscribe from the list, click the flag. (If they’re harassing or violating YouTube’s rules, you may file a complaint from this page.)

3. Removing subscribers on the YouTube app

The need to remove a subscription on YouTube affects everyone at some point.

This is sometimes done simply because we want to avoid further contact with the individual in question.

Sometimes it’s an automated measure taken in reaction to the fact that you actively avoid seeing a certain user’s postings whenever you check-in.

You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from a YouTube channel for whatever reason suits you.

If you need to, you can quickly and easily do the process by following the instructions for the YouTube mobile app as follows:

  • Step 1: Launch YouTube on your mobile browser.
  • Step 2: Select the “Subscribe” link at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 3: To select all, use the All button.
  • Step 4: To disable a certain Channel, select it and click the button.
  • Step 5: Move the mouse pointer up to the top right of the screen and click the three dots.
  • Step 6: Select User > Block and consider that all your subscribers will be deleted if you cancel your subscription service.

4. Removing subscribers on YouTube on iPhone

In this section, follow along with this guide to learn how to delete subscribers from your iPhone’s YouTube channel.

If your subscriber list contains any dormant or deceased email addresses, this is a terrific method to free up some much-needed space.

Okay, so let’s begin:

  • Step 1: Launch the iOS YouTube app and log in.
  • Step 2: The menu can be accessed by tapping the three dots in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Step 3: Get into the settings by scrolling down.
  • Step 4: Select Account Settings, then click Manage Account.
  • Step 5: Select Manage Subscriptions from the menu that appears.
  • Step 6: Locate the subscription you want to cancel, then press the ellipsis (…) button to the right of it.
  • Step 7: The option to stop receiving emails should be selected.
  • Step 8: Select Unsubscribe once again to ensure you want to cancel your subscription.

Congratulations! You have just deleted a subscriber from your iPhone’s YouTube channel.

What Occurs When You Unsubscribe Someone from Your YouTube Channel?

Even if you forcibly withdraw a user’s membership to your channel, they can still access whatever videos you have already published.

However, they won’t be able to watch your new videos or leave comments. Removing the subscribers on the YouTube channel will remove the Subscribe option entirely.

This is not foolproof since they can create a new Google account and use it to sign up. Refrain from interpreting this, however.

Having a troll stalk your channel and post hateful comments is irritating. Consider the problem from a different angle.

Your channel is so popular that even when you prevent someone from seeing it, they will try to find a way to view your videos.

Additionally, the YouTube algorithm does not distinguish between good and negative comments.

Your channel will thrive so long as people leave comments on it.

The last word,

Managing your YouTube channel and building an audience of dedicated fans requires removing inactive users from your subscriber list.

It’s powerful, but you should use it sparingly; subscribers can remove not just their ideas but also their comments and interactions with your channel.

Spam comments are annoying, but by following the methods above, you can quickly delete all the spam subscribers from your YouTube channel.

However, YouTube’s algorithm suggests that more subscribers and views on your videos benefit your channel’s development.

Do you know how to unsubscribe from YouTube prove useful?

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