How to See Someone’s Likes on Instagram in 2023?

It is a proven thing that you can find interesting things on Instagram to explore, and that makes this platform so addictive.

The curiosity and this sense of being a seeker make us wonder about different features on Instagram, whether they exist or not.

For the features that exist, we are delighted, and for the ones that do not exist, we create third-party tools and software.

This shows our obsession with Instagram and our activities and even others’ activities in this vast world of visual content.

Here, another question pops into our minds, and that is: How can I see what someone likes on Instagram?

Can we find out about the likes of other users? In the digital world where privacy is paramount, the quest to see the likes of another user can be interesting and challenging at the same time.

This passage is about finding ways to see who liked what on Instagram and its possibilities. So, let’s dive in.

Can you check someone’s likes on Instagram?

There is no how on seeing another user’s like on Instagram. The question is about the ability and whether we can! And the answer is a solid No!

Since the beginning of 2012, you can’t see the activities of other users that you are following on Instagram.

As you might remember, you could simply tap on the like icon in the row below next to your profile and choose the “Following” tab to see what other people are exploring right now.

After a while, Instagram announced this option as a violator of users’ privacy and omit it right away. But if you want to stalk, you can!

There are other ways to see likes on Instagram that we are going to mention for you. No blames! We are human, after all!

Checking someone’s likes on Instagram: Tips & tricks

Instagram is a platform where billions of users engage with visual content daily, showcasing their interests and connections.

Amongst the many aspects of this vibrant social network, one question frequently arises: how do you see someone’s likes on Instagram?

In a digital world where privacy is supreme, the mission to uncover the likes of another user can be both intriguing and challenging.

Let’s learn some stalking ways on Instagram if you insist on being one! As you know, you can only see and track your likes on Instagram by heading to your profile, then clicking on the “Settings” section in the top right corner, and choosing “Posts You’ve Liked.”

But you can take these into action to find out about the activities of the users you like:

· Follow the user you want to stalk on

If you follow the user, you can see their recent activities in your feed. This includes their posts, and some of the posts they’ve liked or commented on that Instagram might suggest for you.

· Check their profile

You can Start by navigating to the Instagram profile of the person whose activity you want to explore.

In the second step, you can select “Following.”: Once on their profile, click on the “Following” tab to access a list of profiles they’re following.

Then simply Click on one of the profiles from the following list that you’re interested in. Within the selected profile, explore their recent posts and click on the likes for each post to determine if the person you’re interested in has liked any of them.

· Check Public Activity

If an Instagram user has a public profile, you might see their likes and comments on posts from other users, but this information is mostly limited to posts from public accounts.

What are the important tips about viewing someone else’s likes on Instagram?

It’s vital to respect Instagram’s terms and privacy of service when using this platform. Trying to view someone else’s likes on Instagram can have consequences and may infringe on their privacy.

Always ethically use social media platforms. Be aware that Instagram’s features and policies have been changed to improve the quality of spending time in this great world.

There are third-party applications that purport to provide access to such information; however, their safety and accuracy remain subjects of uncertainty.

For those curious about another user’s activity, it is essential to consider the implications of using third-party apps. Weigh the desire for insights against the potential risks and always prioritize your online safety and data privacy.

Shall I feel guilty about seeking ways to view likes on Instagram secretly?

Well, we are not in a place to decide, but human is curious, and there is no blame for looking for ways to discover someone’s Instagram likes if the person is someone you know, as we all might have thought about it.

To end this topic

Instagram’s meteoric rise to prominence has heightened the need of protecting users’ personal information.

It has caused Instagram to take a step back in this regard. So, Instagram wanted to make this platform a more personal place, perhaps as it should have been from the beginning.

So, if you were wondering how to see who liked what on Instagram or see what other people are doing on this platform, you might not have reached this purpose.

As we mentioned above, due to privacy and policies on Instagram, this is an impossible mission.

But we would be happy if you mention some of the ways that you know to check what other users like on Instagram.

Do not forget to leave a comment and share your ideas and opinions with us.

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