How To Share Your Instagram Profile Link From App 2024?

Sharing your Instagram profile link can be useful when you want to link your Instagram with other social media platforms, like YouTube or Facebook.

However, it can also be tricky as most people search for the people they want to find by their usernames, not the URL.

If you don’t know how to find, copy, and share your Instagram profile link, don’t worry. You are not alone.

In this guide, we will show you how to share your Instagram profile link on various devices and


You will also learn to share your Instagram profile link in Instagram messages, stories, and WhatsApp.

These methods can be applied to personal and business profiles both.

Method #1: Using the “Share Profile” option

How To Share Your Instagram Profile Link from app

Instagram offers a simple way to share your Instagram profile link with others.

Follow these steps (it works on both Android and iPhone devices):

  • 1. Open the Instagram app on your phone 
  • 2. Tap on your profile picture at the bottom to open your profile screen. 
  • 3. Tap on the “Share profile”. 
  • 4. A new screen will be shown with your QR code. Tap on the “Copy link” button.

To get your Instagram profile link. You can send this link to any other platform.

Also, you can tap on the “Share profile” button to share the link in any of the installed

apps on your phone.

Method #2: Finding Username

How To Share Your Instagram Profile Link on Facebook

If the first method doesn’t work for your Profile, don’t worry, you can find and share your Instagram profile link using your username.

Your Instagram profile is made up of these three parts:

Instagram’s website address, a forward slash (/) right after the website address and your Instagram account username.

For example, if your username is howdiscover, you can add /howdicover to Instagram’s official website address, and that will be your Instagram profile link, and you can copy and use it on other websites and apps.

Method #3: Sharing QR Code

How To Share Your Instagram Profile Link on whatsapp & tiktok

Instagram provides a feature to make a QR code for your Instagram account. You need to share this QR code with others; then, they can scan that specific QR code which is yours, to view your IG profile.

Follow these steps to get your QR code:

  • 1. Open your Instagram app.
  • 2. Go to the profile screen section by tapping on the profile picture icon.
  • 3. Tap the three-bar icon at the top and select QR Code from the menu.
  • 4. Your QR code will show up. Please tap on Share and send it to your friends. Or you can take a screenshot and share it with others.

You can change the background style of the QR code by clicking on the button at the top. Then touch the screen to change between styles and choose what you like.

You can also share links with other Instagram accounts. If you have several accounts on Instagram, you can get your Instagram link using your other account. Then you can share it anywhere you want. 

For example, we want to share my older Instagram profile link. First, I should log into my other account on Instagram, then search for my older account’s username, open its page, open the three dots, and tap 5Copy URL.

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If you’re using a computer, you can find and share your Instagram profile link so easy, as shown in the following steps:

  • 1. Go to Instagram’s official website on a PC and log into your Instagram account.
  • 2. Click on the profile picture icon and select your Profile from the menu.
  • 3. Now, copy the link that shows in the address bar.

This is your Instagram profile link. You can paste it on any app you want.

Tip: you can also find and take the link using the Instagram mobile website in a browser.

Instagram URLs are direct links to your brand or business Profile and are important for several reasons.

You can share your Instagram URL in website content, social media posts, or email campaigns to get more people to follow and visit your Instagram page and see what they offer.

But that’s not all. Instagram URLs can also help you monitor how your marketing campaigns are performing.

You can track engagement by measuring your posts’ clicks, views, and likes. You can also use Instagram URLs to advertise specific products or services by linking to individual posts showcasing them or your website in their Instagram bio.

Instagram URLs are essential for any Instagram marketing strategy. They can help you attract more attention to your brand, grow your following, and increase traffic to your website.

Instagram profile links can be used to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts can be useful for advertising and cross-platform sharing.

Still, it also comes with some potential privacy concerns and the possibility of losing control over shared content.

It’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages before linking your accounts.

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The bottom line

There are various ways you can get and share your Instagram profile link. You can type the link or copy it from a browser.

You can get your QR code or use the “share profile” feature. You can also use another account to share the Instagram link of your current account.

Your Instagram profile link is associated with your username. So logically speaking, if you change your username, your profile URL will also change.

We hope you can copy and share your Instagram profile link now. If you are new to Instagram, we recommend you learn about what different icons mean on Instagram. 

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