How To Switch Back To an Instagram Personal Account 2024 Meta?

Instagram has changed to suit users and organizations wishing to create an online presence on the platform.

Did you know that Instagram has different types of accounts?

They are personal accounts, business accounts, and even creator accounts! Those last two options have great benefits but can also be challenging.

Many individuals are now debating converting to a personal Instagram account.

So, in this article, we will walk you through all the steps you should know about “How to switch back to a personal account?”

To continue, let’s get started, shall we? But before we dive into the steps, let’s start with some background information.

Classifications of Instagram accounts

Instagram began as a way for people to share what’s going on in their lives with their loved ones.

But you know what? Social media has taken off! It’s been downloaded by over a billion people, and now businesses and content creators are using it to connect with customers and grow their fanbase. It’s pretty cool.

Did you know that in 2014, Instagram introduced many cool features specifically designed for business accounts?

There are three distinct categories of Instagram accounts. Those things are:

· Personal account

This is the most common type of Instagram account that people use for themselves. When you have a personal account, you can share all those awesome photos and videos from your life with your friends and followers. It’s a great way to keep everyone in the loop and let them see what you’ve been up to!

· Creator account

This account is perfect for people who love creating content for Instagram! You can easily share your photos and videos of your work with all your followers.

· Business account

This account is perfect for businesses using Instagram to connect with their customers. With a business account, you can easily share photos and videos about your business with all your awesome followers!

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Step-by-step guide for switching back to a personal account

Are you one of those individuals who has decided to switch to a personal Instagram account?

To continue this post, we will give you a step-by-step guide on switching back to your Instagram account.

So, let’s dive right in! Just keep reading to find out more!

  1. First, open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device and sign in.
How To Switch Back To An Instagram Personal Account
  1. In this section, navigate to your profile and click the three horizontal lines symbol in the upper right corner.
How To Switch Back To An Instagram Personal Account
  1. Thirdly, choose “Settings and privacy”.
How To Switch Back To An Instagram Personal Account
  1. Tap on “Business and ad tools”.
How To Switch Back To An Instagram Personal Account
  1. Select “Switch account type”.
How To Switch Back To An Instagram Personal Account
  1. Choose Switch to personal account from the pop-up menu.
How To Switch Back To An Instagram Personal Account
  1. Again Tap “Switch to personal account”
How To Switch Back To An Instagram Personal Account

What are the differences between a personal & a Business Account?

There are quite a few differences between these two types of accounts Instagram personal accounts and business accounts.

Let us break it down for you:

· Number 1: Professional Instagram accounts to promote a company, business, or individual’s work. It tries to engage a target audience, develop a professional image, and meet business goals. A personal Instagram account is usually made to share personal events and experiences with friends, family, and peers.

· Number 2: Instagram professional accounts have a content strategy that matches the brand’s values, audience, and marketing objectives. It usually contains handpicked images, branded material, product/service highlights, industry news, testimonials, and promotions. Personal account on Instagram usually includes personal images, everyday activities, hobbies, trips, and family events.

· Number 3: Professional accounts generate brand loyalty and conversions by engaging their target audience. These accounts need more organic reach. Personal accounts interact with friends, family, and acquaintances through comments, direct messages, and responses. Organic reach is greater for these accounts.

· Number 4: Personal and professional accounts have different privacy levels. Personal accounts are more private.

The Pros & Cons of Changing Instagram to a Personal Account

If you want to maintain your privacy and personal brand on Instagram, switching from a business account to a personal account is a good idea. But it also can have some disadvantages that we will mention.


There are a few reasons why it’s really important to make this change:

  1. Having a personal account helps you clearly distinguish between your business and personal life. This can help prevent any overlap or confusion between the two.
  2. You can have more control over who gets to see your account and what kind of content they can access.
  3. You know what’s great? You can share personal moments with your followers without stressing how they might impact your business. It’s pretty awesome!
  4. A personal account allows you to establish a genuine connection with your followers. If you have a business account that mainly promotes your products or services, users will appreciate seeing the authentic you.


For many reasons, this adjustment has not to be made immediately:

  1. Growing your following and reaching a larger audience can be more challenging with a personal account.
  2. You might also only get access to some of the cool Insights and Analytics that business accounts have to offer.

The Pros & cons of Changing Instagram to a business account

There are pros and cons to using Instagram for business, just as there are to use Instagram for personal use.


There are a few reasons why it’s super important to make this change:

  1. A business account gives you extra analytics and data to help you grow your business.
  2. Hey there! Did you know that you can advertise your business or brands on Instagram? It’s a great way to reach a wider audience and promote your offer.
  3. Did you know that with an Instagram business account, you can easily share your posts on other social platforms and even appear in search engine searches? It’s a great way to reach a wider audience and get more visibility for your content!


There is one reason why we shouldn’t make this change right away:

  1. A business account on Instagram can have financial implications for growing your brand.

What happens to Instagram Account if it switches back to Personal Profile?

First and foremost, you must be aware that if you choose to switch back to a personal account, the transfer will cause all of your Instagram insights data to be automatically deleted.

Besides the insights, you’ll also lose all your photos, videos, and other posts you’ve ever shared through the account before making the switch.

Before making the switch, it’s important to consider these considerations. This way, you can back up some of the data.

In the end,

Whether you use a personal or professional account on Instagram, you still get to enjoy the app’s main purpose: connecting with others and discovering accounts that match your interests.

No matter which accounts you switch to, remember to have a great time, get inspired, and keep in touch with your friends on the app!

We tried to explain what you should know, and we hope all data benefits you.

Do you have any experience switching back to a personal account?

Share your ideas about our article, and feel free to add extra data.

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