How to Turn Off a Business Account on Instagram in 2024?

Today we are here to talk about another feature that Instagram has.

Did you know that Instagram will have 1.35 billion users worldwide by 2024?

It’s incredible how popular it’s becoming, and many users of various ages install this app and use it for many reasons.

Did you know that Instagram has different types of accounts? One is the Business account, which is popular among brands. It allows you to customize your account and engage more professionally with your audience.

But there are different reasons. If you’ve decided to deactivate your Instagram Business account, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will guide you through the “How to turn off Business Account on Instagram?” question and explain why users do this. So, let’s get started!

What is an Instagram business account?

As its name implies, a business Instagram account is made specifically for corporations.

This allows businesses to access certain features that are usually only available to personal accounts and, like promoted posts and contact buttons, can help businesses grow their brands.:

·         The insights feature is one of the best things about having an Instagram business account. This feature gives businesses access to lots of useful information about their followers. They can find out their age, gender, location, and even when they’re most active. This info can come in handy when you’re trying to create marketing campaigns that hit the mark.

·         Another awesome thing about having an Instagram business account is that you can run ads or boost your posts to reach more people. It’s a great way to get your content out there! Plus, business accounts have a contact button, so it’s super convenient for customers to reach out to businesses. You can link this button to an email address, phone number, or website.

As you read, having an Instagram business account is valuable for businesses of all sizes. But if you’re not feeling these benefits anymore, no worries!

Just keep reading to find out how you can deactivate your professional account on Instagram:

What are the reasons for turning off a business account on Instagram?

Is it just that you’re no longer interested in using Instagram for marketing, or is there a more significant reason you’ve deactivated your account?

1.    Concerns regarding confidentiality

Do you want more than the privacy policy of the Instagram app, or is it too strict for you?

Businesses typically like to have access to the details of their followers so they can better understand their preferences and interests.

Since they introduced the ‘lock profile’ feature, you must follow someone to understand how your audience behaves.

That’s a big reason for turning off Business Accounts on Instagram.

2.    Stopping for a while.

We get it – Instagram is just so tempting and addictive. It’s so easy to get distracted from work when scrolling through all those captivating accounts and Reels on the app. That can be the other reason for turning off Business Account on Instagram.

If you’re overwhelmed, taking a break from Insta could be great. Consider temporarily deleting your account to give yourself some time off.

3.    Just started a new business account.

So, you’re saying that maybe you closed down the old business and started a new one in its spot?  

You don’t necessarily have to create a new IG business account. You can give the existing one a makeover, technically speaking.

We get it. Starting fresh can be easier for many people, but that cause turns off your current Business Account on Instagram.

4.    It’s just not working.

Instagram can be interesting, but it’s only some people’s tea. It may not work out for you. This is a good reason to turn off your Instagram business account.

Methods to Turn off Your Instagram Business Account

You can leave Instagram without erasing your account by removing the app from your device.

If you want to remove your business details from Instagram, you must delete your business account.

That’s all! If you’re looking to turn off your Instagram business account, there are common ways you can do it, depending on your decision.

How to delete an Instagram business account permanently?

Are you sure you want to turn off your business account forever? You can’t do this from the app, unfortunately. You’ll need a browser.

·         Firstly, you can go to the ‘Delete your account’ page.

·         Secondly, click here to open it, or you can also search for it on Google.

·         Thirdly, you should answer this question “Why are you deleting this?”

·         Finally, enter your password and click submit.

How to delete an Instagram business account temporarily?

Are you thinking about taking a break from Instagram and returning later? Are you still deciding to leave the platform forever, but you’re certain you want to take a break to turn off the Instagram business account?

Sure, we can help you with that! Here’s how you can temporarily deactivate your account:

·         In the first step, to edit your profile page, tap on ‘Edit Profile’ near the top left corner.

·         In the second step, scroll down and choose ‘Temporarily disable my account.’

·         In the third step, you should answer this question “Why are you disabling the account?”

·         Finally, enter your password and confirm the action.

Change to a personal account.

Consider that you couldn’t have a personal and business account on Instagram.

Therefore, if you are turning off your business account but still want to use Instagram, you can easily convert your account to a personal one.

You can get complete data about this part in the “How to switch back to an Instagram personal account?” article.


Business accounts on Instagram are super important these days. It’s interesting how people connect with a brand based on the content they share and the culture they embody.

You can easily turn off your Instagram business account for any reason.

Here are a few important things. When you switch to a personal account and temporarily deactivate it, your content will still be stored in the database.

If you permanently delete your IG business account, remember that all your messages, photos, videos, and other information will be completely erased.

That’s great news! Instagram will need about 30 days to review your request for permanent deletion. You can change your mind and cancel the request any time before then.

We hope this guide, “How to turn off your Instagram business account,” was helpful! If it was, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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