How to Unhide Facebook Post from TimeLine 2024?[+ ON Phone/PC]

Has it ever happened to you that you wished to make a post available again after having hidden it from your Facebook timeline?

This app gives you an easy method to restore hidden posts to your Facebook timeline, whether it’s a treasured memory, an essential update, or just something you’ve had second thoughts about hiding.

Find out how to unhide a Facebook post with the help of this handy tutorial. No matter how much or how little experience you have with Facebook, these steps will show you how to customize your timeline so that all your favorite posts appear just how you want them to.

Unhiding a post on Facebook using a PC or Laptop

Unhiding a Facebook post via a browser takes less than a minute.

In order to access a hidden Facebook post on a desktop computer or laptop, please complete these four steps below:

  1. Begin the unhiding Facebook post by going to Facebook’s website on your choice web browser. Enter your login information (email or phone number) to access your account.
  2. After you’ve signed into Facebook, go to your profile by clicking the photo of yourself that appears in the upper right corner of your page. Your profile page will be shown.
  3. Locate the activity log by going to your profile and looking for the menu that appears under your profile picture. Find the “Activity Log” button or link and click on it. Posts likes, comments and anything else you do on Facebook are all visible in the Activity Log.
  4. You can categorize your actions by category in the activity log using the filter or menu on the left-hand side. Try to find a filter that says “Hidden from timeline” or something like that. You can see all the posts you’ve hidden from your timeline if you choose this.
  5. To reveal a hidden post, just scroll down the list until you reach the one you want to reveal. Next to the post, you should see a button or an icon, which is usually a pencil or an ellipsis. A menu with many choices will pop up when you click this. Choose either “Allowed on Timeline” or “Unhide.”
  6. To save your changes, click “Unhide,” and the post will be visible again on your timeline. If the post doesn’t show up again after you reload your profile page, try again.
  7. In order to make a post public to everyone, you may need to go into the post’s settings and change the privacy settings. You may adjust the visibility of a post on your timeline by clicking on the privacy symbol, which is often a little figure or a globe adjacent to it.

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Unhiding a post on Facebook using a mobile

Just as simple as it is to access concealed information using the Facebook mobile app. If you want to unhide Facebook posts on your mobile device, then follow these four steps below:

  1. The first step is to launch Facebook on your cellphone. Put in your login information if you haven’t done so before.
  2. To access your profile page, tap on your photo, which is often in the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. To access the Activity Log, look for the “More” button or three horizontal lines below your personal information on your profile page. Pressing this will bring up more choices. In this menu, find “Activity Log” and press on it.
  4. In the Activity Log, you can see a record of everything you’ve done on Facebook, even hidden posts. “Hidden from timeline” or a comparable term should be available as a filter or category. Choose this to reveal posts that you have hidden.
  5. To unhide a hidden post on Facebook, just scroll down the list until you reach the one you want to reveal. A menu icon (three dots) or an arrow should be shown next to the post. Pressing this symbol will bring up a menu with many choices. Select the “Unhide” button.
  6. You can return the post to your timeline after choosing “Unhide,” so be sure to confirm the changes. For the updates to appear on your profile or timeline, you may have to reload it.
  7. If the post isn’t showing up to the people you want to see it, you may want to adjust the privacy settings. Typically, you may do this by touching the post in question on your timeline and then searching for a privacy symbol (such as a miniature globe or silhouette) to modify the visibility of the post.

What are the reasons cause unhiding Facebook posts?

When you sign up for Facebook, you have almost full editorial control over your timeline. As a result, you have the option to conceal or reveal posts on Facebook, as well as make postings public or private.

In the following cases, for instance, you can choose to unhide a Facebook post:

  1. Your original motivation for hiding a post on Facebook could have been a desire to keep it private at the time, but your feelings or opinions may have since changed. You may reevaluate the post’s visibility after some time has passed if your sentiments or viewpoints change.
  2. When it comes to relevance and timeliness, a post that wasn’t important or relevant before could become so later on, for instance, current developments may give new life to a previously published piece about a societal problem.
  3. Facebook posts may be accidentally concealed from view on occasion. Upon coming to this realization, it is only natural to want to reveal them in order to bring them back to your timeline.
  4. At first, you may have hidden a post out of worry for one’s privacy. You may feel more comfortable unhiding the post when Facebook improves its privacy settings or when you gain confidence in handling them.
  5. If a Facebook post you hidden in the past produced a lot of activity, unhiding it might bring it back to life and get more people talking about it on your friends list.
  6. Your Facebook timeline is like a digital scrapbook that showcases your life’s events in chronological order, reflecting a more comprehensive personal history. You may make your personal history and experiences more comprehensive and accurate by unhiding posts on Facebook.
  7. Posts that favorably portray your professional accomplishments, abilities, or experiences may be unhidden on Facebook if you’re using your Facebook page for professional networking purposes.
  8. Facebook has a way of bringing back a lot of good memories, so you may want to reshare a buried one with your network—especially if it was a special or joyful one.


Ultimately, restoring control of your social media story might be as easy as unhiding a post on Facebook.

You can easily restore visibility to hidden posts on your Facebook timeline from any device, whether it is a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.

This function comes in handy when you reconsider sharing a post, realize its fresh importance, or want to reshare a special recollection.

While you choose which posts to unhide, keep in mind not just your audience and privacy settings but also the articles’ current relevance and appropriateness.

Thanks to Facebook’s user-friendly design, keeping track of your online identity is a breeze, and your timeline will always be an accurate reflection of your unique path and tastes.

Now, it is your turn to say that you are a fan of Facebook. Did you use the unhiding a post on Facebook?

Share all you know with us in the comment section.

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