How To Unread a Message on Instagram? (Android/iPhone/Mac in 2024)

Instagrammers often inquire about the best way to indicate which direct messages they have yet to read.

Why Can’t Instagram have an unread messages option like Facebook Messenger?

There are a few different motivations for taking this step.

There are two possible scenarios here:

  • Either you were spying on your friend’s social network account and read his new messages by mistake,
  • Or you want to set a reminder to read a certain message later.

For whatever reason, you should be aware that Instagram direct messages are not easily marked as unread.

Do you want to give the impression that you are ignoring someone on Instagram, but in reality, you want to sneak a peek at their direct messages?

Do you want to read Instagram messages without leaving a trace of having yet to do so?

In this article, we will learn every method to unread a message on Instagram.

Let’s have a look at them!

Can you unread a message on Instagram?

You need a business account to unread a message on Instagram. Unfortunately, you must read messages if you have a personal Instagram account.

If you have a personal Instagram account, you can unread a message on Instagram by following this trick approach:

· Set up Instagram direct messages as unread (Personal account)

When you go into your Instagram for a business account, you’ll see that your inbox has been divided into two sections: main and general.

The most significant contacts should be placed on the main tab. In the “Primary” tab, you should put the most important people in your life. A notice will be sent to you whenever someone from the main tab sends you a message.

Putting a user in the General tab prevents you from receiving alerts whenever they send you a message.

Messages in your inbox stay there for as long as you like. It’s there anytime you take a moment to look.

The greatest thing is that the default setting in your inbox makes the principal tab visible, so you’ll never accidentally skim through the system messages.

Here’s how to unread a message on Instagram from anybody, regardless of whether it was sent in the Primary or General channels.

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(3) Methods of unread a message on Instagram

As mentioned above, you should pay attention that you’ll need to change accounts since only Business or Creator accounts can unread Instagram messages.

So, to continue, let to be familiar more with the methods available to do this:

· Method 1: Set up Instagram direct messages as unread (Instagram app)

You can use Instagram to learn how to set a direct message (DM) as unread.

Let’s check it out and see how it works! The procedure is similarly simple whether the discussion occurs in the main mailbox or the broader one.

  • 1. Enter your inbox and click the checkbox button on the far right.
  • 2. Choose the threads you’d want to label as unread. Next, click the “More” button.
  • 3. Third, choose ‘Mark as Unread’ from the menu.

Expert Tip: If you want to mark a message as unread on Instagram, enter your inbox and look for it there. A similar menu appears if you touch and hold the dialogue for a few seconds.

·  Method 2: Set up Instagram direct messages as unread (Business account)

Let’s say one of your fans or close associates contacted you with something crucial. You’ve opened their conversation but need more resources to respond immediately. Your sole concern is, “How do I mark messages as unread on Instagram so I can return to them later when it’s more convenient for me?”

Or, to continue the analogy, let’s say you receive a direct message from an ex or a crush that you have no plans to read anytime soon.

But fortunately, you accidentally accessed their conversation in less than a minute! You want to know how to unseen a message on Instagram.

As previously indicated, those who manage an Instagram business account can learn how to designate messages as unread from inside the Instagram app.

This is a new feature that consumers have yet to learn much about now.

So, let’s break it down into its parts below in detail:

  1. If you use Instagram for business, you can check your inbox now. Your thoughts?
  2. Instagram direct messages can be managed and sorted via the ‘Primary,’ ‘General,’ and ‘Requests’ sections. What, however, are these tabs?
  3. You can find your most crucial discussions under the ‘Primary’ tab. You will be alerted immediately if someone on this list sends you a direct message.
  4. You can find the ones you don’t need to respond to or see on the ‘General’ tab.
  5. Putting a discussion here means you will never be notified again. When you get a moment, please check these messages. And, Requests include communications from folks you wouldn’t ordinarily talk to.

· Method 3: Set up Instagram direct messages as unread (Without a Business account)

The question “Can you unread a message on Instagram on a personal account?” is one that many users keep asking.

According to the preceding section, only business or creator accounts are eligible to learn how to unread a message on Instagram.

However, many Instagram users post personal photos and don’t want a commercial profile. So, what do we do now? What happened to Instagram’s “unread” button?!

Yes! The good news is that this problem has an in-game solution. When you block someone on Instagram, all future messages from them will appear as request notifications. Therefore, you will only get credit for reading them if you do.

If you have a private Instagram account and want to know how to unread messages, do as follows:

  1. Launch the inbox of the user whose messages you want to label as unread.
  2. Then, choose ‘Restrict’ by clicking the ellipsis (…) menu button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. After that, you must make a final affirmative choice.

Methods for Managing Direct Messages on Instagram IG

Instagram’s unread message feature is useful, but other methods exist to manage your direct messages and maintain order in your chats.

Some advice is as follows:

  1. If there’s a specific discussion whose alerts you’d rather not see, you may mute them using the option described as “Mute.” All you have to do is press and hold the chat for a few seconds, then choose “Mute Notifications” and set the time limit.
  2. You can keep your Instagram inbox organized by archiving chats. Swipe left on the discussion and then press the archive symbol to save it for later viewing. To retrieve previously archived discussions, hit the archive symbol in the DM inbox’s upper right corner.
  3. If someone sends you unpleasant direct messages on Instagram, you can ban or report them. Select “Block” or “Report” when you touch on the user’s name in the discussion.

The ability to quickly and easily unread Instagram messages is a powerful feature. If you follow the advice in this post, unread messages will take up to a few seconds.

You can more easily keep track of your Instagram direct messages by utilizing features like the mute button, archiving old chats, and barring or reporting unwanted people.

You can maintain order in your interactions and get the most out of Instagram.


Knowing how to unread a message on Instagram may be useful for protecting your anonymity and taking charge of your digital life.

Instagram does not have an in-built “unread” capability, but you can get the same effect by not viewing the message, turning off read receipts, or using third-party apps.

In any online discussion, remember that respect and openness are paramount. The goal of any communication exchange, read or unread, should be to bring people closer together while still honoring everyone’s space and preferences.

Maintaining transparent and trustworthy dialogue in online contacts should always be a top priority.

We thus made an effort to discuss the information you could find helpful to unread a message on Instagram.

We invite you to share your reactions and insights on this topic below.

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