How To Use Instagram For Business in 2024?(+in 30 Seconds!)

Currently, Instagram is not only known as one of the most popular social networks, but it has also provided a suitable platform for launching online businesses.

Commercializing the Instagram account is necessary for those who are going to make sales through this social network.

In fact, Instagram business account is suitable for people whose main purpose of creating an Instagram account is branding their business and earning money.

 If the type of business account is commercial, they will have more facilities than personal accounts.

How to convert Instagram Account to Business Mode?

Before converting your Instagram account to a business account, you must make sure that your profile is a public profile.

Private accounts cannot be converted to Instagram business accounts. After doing this, follow the steps below:

1. To convert a personal account to a business Instagram account, update the Instagram application to the latest available version and then log in to your personal user account.

How to use Instagram for Business

2. At the bottom of the page, tap on your user profile (dummy icon). Enter the settings section of your Instagram account by touching the three-line button at the top of the screen.

How to use Instagram for Business

3. Choose “Account type and tools” from the menu that appears.

How to use Instagram for Business

4. Now scroll to the bottom of the screen and touch the blue Switch to Professional Account option.

How to use Instagram for Business

5. Now you will come across the welcome window of the Instagram business account and it announces that by adding features such as the contact us button, you can establish an easier connection with your contacts and increase the number of your customers by doing advertisements.

How to use Instagram for Business

6. In the next step, choose your category from the list that appears: (It is possible to display or not display this section in your user profile.)

  • Personal Blog
  • Product/Service
  • Art
  • Musician/Band
  • Shopping & Retail
  • Health/ Beauty
  • Grocery/Store
How to use Instagram for Business

7. In the next step, select the Business option to convert your personal account to a business account.

How to use Instagram for Business

8. Confirm promotional email.

How to use Instagram for Business

8. Now you enter the section of information that can be displayed for contacts. (This information is displayed to others and customers can contact you through contact information. You can edit or delete this information at any time.)

How to use Instagram for Business

This information includes your email address, contact number and location on the map.

After completing the information in this section, touch the Next button.

9. In the next step, you can connect your account to your Facebook account if you wish.

How to use Instagram for Business

-congratulations! The Instagram account has been successfully converted to a business account. Now you will have more tools to manage your Instagram business account.

How to use Instagram for Business

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Getting out of Instagram Business Mode

Follow the steps below to delete your Instagram business account:

  1. In order to exit the business mode of Instagram and return to the personal account, open the Instagram application.
  2. Choose your user profile tab from the tabs at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the button at the top of the screen.
  4. In the window that appears, select Settings.
  5. Now touch the Account option.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Switch to personal account.
  7. Then a message will appear and inform you that if you go back to your personal account, the content and statistics of your advertising posts will be lost.

Also, you will no longer have access to the Insight section to analyze your posts and stories. Touch the Switch Back option.

Questions and answers about Instagram Business Accounts

1. What is a business Instagram account?

Instagram provides more tools and facilities to its users in the form of a business account so that they can use these tools to analyze the behavior of their customers.

In fact, the business account turns a normal account into a targeted business account to increase sales.

2. Why should I convert my Instagram account to a business account?

Business accounts provide your business with analytical charts and information to analyze the amount of sales and profits.

3. How to turn your Instagram account into a business profile?

To convert your account into a business account, follow the following path after touching the icon:

Select Settings > Accounts > switch to business account.

4. How to remove Instagram from business mode?

To exit the Instagram business account in your personal profile tab, after selecting the three-line icon at the top of the screen, follow the steps below:

Select Settings > Accounts > switch to personal account and then touch the switch back option.

  Note: To exit the business account, you need to disconnect from the Facebook account.

5. How to private page business?

Instagram business account cannot be private. If you want to have a private account, you must first convert your business profile to a personal profile.

6. What is a professional Instagram account?

Business and creator accounts that provide us with a series of dedicated professional tools to analyze customer behavior to sell services and products and earn more income are considered professional Instagram accounts.

7. What is the problem of leaving Instagram business mode?

If you do not disconnect from the Facebook account, it is not possible to exit the business account and return to the personal account.

8. How to delete Instagram business account?

To delete an Instagram business account, enter your personal profile tab and follow the following steps after touching the three-line menu:

Settings > Accounts > switch to personal account After completing the above steps, your Instagram business account will be deleted and you will have a regular personal account.

9. What happens to your account by deleting the Instagram business account?

If you switch to a personal account, the information and charts in the insights section and your promotions posts will be lost.

Also, by deleting the Instagram business account, the insights section for analyzing posts and stories will be disabled.

Keep in mind that you will be able to return to your trading account at any time.

10. How can you tell if it is a business account?

If you see additional information such as contact information, contact button or call button, etc.

 In the bio profile section of the account, it shows that the desired account is commercial.

Last Word

If planning and producing constant content on Instagram is important for your business or brand, creating a business Instagram account should be your first choice. By creating an Instagram business account, you can use the facilities and capabilities provided by Instagram to analyze customers, increase sales, and generally manage your business. You can also delete your Instagram business account at any time by exiting Instagram Business mode.

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