How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously? (Step by Step Guide)

Many Instagram users are looking for methods to be anonymous when they interact with content on the network, which is understandable given the increasing worry about online privacy in the modern day.

The ability to watch Instagram Live videos anonymously is a hot topic right now. Even while Instagram usually lets the host know who saw their live broadcast, there are ways to hide your identity.

If you want to watch Instagram Live secretly, this tutorial will show you how to do it, from creating a new, anonymous account to comprehending the platform’s privacy settings.

Keep in mind that these approaches should only be used responsibly and ethically, following Instagram’s regulations and being mindful of other people’s privacy and rights.

So, are you ready to dive into the article and discover the steps to view Instagram live anonymously? Let’s get started!

Does Instagram allow you to watch live videos anonymously?

Instagram does not officially enable anonymous live video viewing. The presenter of an Instagram live broadcast might see your username among the spectators. Instagram is transparent to encourage community and connection between users and content providers.

But if you want to view a live video and decide to hide your identity on Instagram Live, be with us to continue to introduce some practical methods in this case:

The first method for watching Instagram Live anonymously using the program

There are many ways for you to stay hidden from watching live. One of the methods that is a bit risky is installing third-party programs. We tested and there was no problem with the username and password, but our team does not take any responsibility for this program.
Step-by-step training using the InstaPro app:

  1. First, download the InstaPro app from the website.
How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously
  1. Then open the app.
How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously
  1. Click on the hamburger icon.
How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously
  1. Then select the “InstaPro Settings” option.
How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously
  1. Tap “Privacy”.
How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously
  1. Activate the option “Live Ghost Mode”.
How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously
  1. Feel free to view the live streams.

The second method for watching Instagram Live anonymously

Adhering to a sequence of procedures will allow you to see Instagram Live broadcasts without being identified.

Complete anonymity might be tough on Instagram since the presenter can usually see who is viewing their livestream.

On the other hand, if you need it, here is a detailed guide to Instagram Live without being seen:

1.    Create a New Instagram Account

To begin, sign up for Instagram with a new account that will not be associated with any of your details. For security reasons, you should not use your main account’s email or phone number and it is necessary to have Instagram anonymous account.

2.    Set Up Your Profile Carefully

When creating your new profile, avoid using any information that might be used to identify you. Stay away from utilizing any personally identifying information, such as your actual name or photographs. Be careful that this step is so important to help you watch Instagram Live anonymously.

3.    Adjust Privacy Settings

Make your new account private by adjusting the Instagram Live Privacy Settings. You can further protect your privacy by limiting access to your actions to just those individuals you authorize.

4.    Follow the Host

To follow the host, all you have to do is visit anonymously their Instagram profile when they go live on Instagram if the account you want to watch is public. If the account in question is private, you will have to follow them before they will accept your follow-up request.

5.    Watch the Live Stream

Once the individual you choose to watch becomes online, you can watch their broadcast by clicking the “Live Stream” button. You can see the live stream in relative anonymity if you use an anonymous account.

6.    Interact Carefully

Be wary of getting your new account noticed whenever you engage, whether It’s by commenting or reacting, use caution. Ignoring users is the surest way to keep your anonymity intact.

7.    Regularly Clear Your Browsing History

In order to anonymous Instagram Live viewing if you use Instagram on a web browser, clear your browsing history, cookies, and cache often.

8.    Use the Account Responsibly

Created anonymous account accounts should be used ethically and responsibly at all times. It is unacceptable to employ anonymity for malicious or immoral reasons.

9.    Stay Updated on Instagram Policies

Remember that Instagram’s features and privacy regulations are subject to change, so it’s important to keep updated about any adjustments that might impact anonymous viewing of Instagram Live.

10. Consider Alternative Methods

You might attempt viewing the live stream anonymously, but this isn’t a foolproof solution, and it may not work for many accounts—particularly private ones. So, you might want to think about other options.

Now that you have learned the details about watching Instagram Live anonymously, we think that it is interesting to get some useful data about “how to go live with close friends on Instagram?


Ultimately, Instagram does not have built-in support for anonymously watching live videos. However, there are ways for users who value privacy to hide their identity when watching Instagram Live broadcasts partially.

Making a fake Instagram account and viewing feeds in this way makes it impossible to be tracked. Please refrain from entering any information that might be used to identify you or to violate Instagram’s community rules while creating this account.

Additionally, be sure to use it properly and refrain from engaging in any actions that could expose your identity.

You should utilize the techniques given properly and in accordance with Instagram’s terms of service. It’s crucial to note that perfect anonymity is difficult to attain on social media sites like Instagram.

Always keep in mind that while interacting with individuals online, it is important to respect their right to privacy. Anyone worried about their privacy on Instagram should also keep up with the most recent changes to the platform’s features and privacy regulations. Users should always be aware of their digital traces, even if these procedures might provide some privacy.

Did you use the Anonymous Instagram Live Viewing trick?

In your idea, “Watch Instagram Live Anonymously,” is the ethical method or not?

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