Turn off Suggested Posts on Instagram in 2024

Today, many people worldwide spend about two or more hours of their time on Instagram.

Instagram’s algorithmic feed suggests posts to users based on their past interactions and interests that drive people to use the application more and more.

Many users, however, have complained that this function is too much of an inconvenience.

If you are worried about your time, in this essay, we will teach you how to use Instagram to turn off suggested posts and the reasons behind Instagram’s decision to introduce this feature.

Instagram Turn Off Suggested Posts 2023 in feed - Instagram's recommended posts issue & reaction

The problem with Instagram’s suggested posts is that they can be overwhelming and intrusive for some users.

Instagram’s algorithmic feed suggests posts based on a user’s past interactions and interests, but this can result in a flood of content that users may not want to see.

The suggested posts can also be repetitive and irrelevant, leading to frustration and disengagement with the platform.

In response to these concerns, the company introduced the “Instagram Turn off Suggested Posts” feature in 2020.

This feature allows users to opt out of the suggested post feature and only see content from accounts they follow.

This response from Instagram is an acknowledgment of the issue and an attempt to address the concerns of users.

It provides a solution for users who want more control over their Instagram feed and the content they see.

How to turn off suggested posts on Instagram?

Instagram Turn Off Suggested Posts 30 days - How to turn off suggested posts on Instagram

You can easily disable Instagram’s recommended posts if you find them annoying or distracting.

  • 1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile page.
  • 2. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.
  • 3. Scroll down to “Settings” and tap on it.
  • 4. Scroll down to “Account” and tap on it.
  • 5. Scroll down to “Suggested Posts” and tap on it.
  • 6. Toggle the switch next to “Show Suggested Posts” to turn it off. The button will turn gray to indicate that it is off.

Once you have turned off suggested posts, your Instagram feed will only show posts from the accounts you follow.

You can always turn suggested posts back on by following the same steps and toggling the switch to the on position.

It is important to note that Instagram turning off suggested posts may result in a less diverse and narrow-minded feed, as you will only see content from accounts you already follow.

Consider the potential drawbacks before turning off suggested posts on Instagram.

We will familiarize you with some potential benefits and drawbacks of turning off the Instagram-suggested posts that will help you make a better decision.

+ 3 potential benefits of turning off suggested posts

Instagram turning off recommended posts in the feed can have several potential user benefits.

  • As we mentioned, it can reduce users’ time on the platform, as they will not be endlessly scrolling through an algorithmically curated feed. Instead, users can focus on the content they follow, allowing them to engage more deeply with the accounts they care about.
  • Turning off suggested posts on Instagram can lead to a more personalized Instagram experience. Users can curate their feeds to include only the accounts they follow, ensuring they see content that aligns with their interests and values. This can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling experience on the platform.
  • Turning off suggested posts on Instagram can improve mental health and well-being by reducing feelings of being overwhelmed and information overload. Social media use has been linked to increased anxiety and depression, and turning off suggested posts can help to mitigate these adverse effects.

The potential drawbacks of turning off suggested posts

While turning off recommended posts on Instagram can have some potential benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks.

  • One major drawback is that users may miss out on discovering new accounts and content they have yet to find. Suggested posts on Instagram can expose users to content outside their immediate interests and help them broaden their horizons.
  • Another potential drawback is that reducing suggested posts can result in a less diverse and narrow-minded feed. With the algorithmic suggestions, users may see content from accounts they already follow, which can limit their exposure to diverse perspectives and ideas.
  • Turning off suggested posts on Instagram can also limit engagement with other users on the platform. Recommended posts can lead to the serendipitous discovery of accounts that users may not have otherwise found, leading to new connections and interactions on the forum.

How does turning off suggested posts affect Instagram’s algorithmic feed?

Turning off suggested posts on Instagram affects the platform’s algorithmic feed by removing the positions that would have been proposed based on a user’s past interactions and interests.

This means the algorithm will no longer use suggested posts to inform the content in a user’s feed. Instead, the feed will only show posts from the accounts that a user follows.

This can result in a more personalized and intentional Instagram experience and limit the user’s exposure to diverse content.

Users must consider the potential effects on their feed and engagement before turning off suggested posts.

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To summarize

Instagram’s turn-off suggested posts can have both potential benefits and drawbacks.

While it can lead to a more intentional and personalized social media experience that prioritizes a user’s preferences and mental health, it can also limit the diversity of content and engagement with other users.

Users need to weigh these factors and make an informed decision about whether to turn off suggested posts.

We recommend you assess your Instagram experience and consider whether turning off suggested posts is the right choice.

You can also provide Instagram feedback on how the platform can better serve your needs and preferences.

Now it is your turn to share your ideas with us, in this case, in the comment section. So we are waiting for you.

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