Live on Facebook And Instagram At The Same Time 2024 (+ All Tips)

Social media is the fastest-growing media platform. It is also an excellent tool for brands to connect with customers and build relationships.

Live On Facebook and Instagram is an online broadcast of a brand’s live event through its social channels, where it can interact with its audience and engage them in real time.

Live On Facebook and Instagram has become more popular recently because it offers interactive opportunities for brands to reach their ardencies on both platforms without going live for each platform separately.

If you want to know the top secret about Facebook and Instagram live simultaneously in 2024, stay with us until the end of this article.

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Why is it important to go live on Facebook & Instagram simultaneously?

go live on facebook and instagram at the same time

Social media is a great way to reach new customers and raise brand awareness. Two of the prominent social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram.

Many marketers have invested much money and time in these two platforms to shape their brand awareness.

There are 2.99 billion active Facebook members globally as of Q1 2023. This marks a marginal 0.88% increase from the previous quarter and a 1.81% year-over-year increase. And

With over 1.628 billion users in April 2023, Instagram placed 4th among most social media platforms.

The enormous number of these two platforms’ users caused many marketers to find that it is helpful to go live on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, which allows more people to see your content and increase engagement levels with your audiences.

There is no such option in Facebook and Instagram to go live together, so some third-party apps were created to make this possible.

The most famous apps for going live on Facebook and Instagram are Stram Yard, Ecamma Live, OBS Studio, and Restream.

These apps can save time and effort by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.

How to go live on Instagram and Facebook at the same?

live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time

You can use some tricks to go live on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. You can also use third-party apps to go live on these platforms together.

We will show you some of the best ways to solve this issue. After that, you can choose one method that matches your needs.

1. Two phones

The following trick might be useful if you want to go live on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously by phone.

  1. Use two phones to go live on both Facebook and Instagram.
  2. On one device, they can broadcast to Facebook; on the other, they can broadcast to Instagram.
  3. To see chat feeds from Facebook and Instagram, set the two devices side by side so that the cameras are roughly in the same place. In this way, you don’t look or sound dramatically different from one platform to the other.

In this two-phone trick, you must remember that a phone can’t be used to broadcast content to two different platforms. Due to technical restrictions, it can only be broadcast to one platform through one phone.

If going live through pc is your ideal option, then the following content describes the whole process perfectly.

2. Going live with a third-party app

The best third-party app that is dedicated to streaming on different platforms at the same time is Restream.

The following steps show you to go live on Facebook and Instagram with Restream (a third-party app).

· Firstly, you need to connect your Facebook account to Restream:

  1. Create a Restream account and log in.
  2. Navigate to your Restream dashboard and click Add Destination.
  3. Select the Facebook icon.
  4. Select whether you want to connect to your Facebook profile or a group/public page your profile manages. 
  5. You will automatically be led to the Facebook website, where you can enter your credentials and allow Restream to access your account.
  6. Select the visibility of your streams as Public to prevent any issues with Restream’s permissions, and click Continue.
  1. Allow Restream to manage your pages and groups. Ensure you grant access and check all groups and pages you want to stream.

· Secondly, you need to connect your Instagram account to Restream. 

Having access to Instagram Live Producer is a must to go live on your Instagram profile from the desktop. Yellow Duck is an alternative app to stream on Instagram with Restream if you can’t access Instagram Live Producer.

  1. Open on your desktop; click the Create button (a plus in a square) and select Live Video from the drop-down menu. This option is unavailable if you can’t access Instagram Live Producer.
  2. Name the title of your live video and select your audience: Private option will keep your stream private, and the Public will stream to all your followers.
  3. You’ll then see a screen that contains your unique RTMP URL and stream key. 
  4. Open in a separate app. Click Edit/Add Destinations and click on the Instagram icon.
  5. Copy your unique RTMP URL and stream key from Instagram Live Producer into the fields of your Instagram channel and click Add channel.

· Facebook and Instagram live via Restream Studio.

  1. From your Restream dashboard, click Stream with Studio.
  2. Choose your name as you wish it to appear on-stream and give access to your camera and microphone. Click Enter Studio.
  3. Inside the Studio, you can choose your preferences for your stream. Be sure you’re streaming to both Instagram and Facebook by clicking Edit Destinations at the top of the screen.
  4. Click Go Live in Restream Studio. You can see a preview of your stream in Instagram Live Producer. Once you preview the broadcast, you have up to 5 hours to go live.
  5. Click Go Live in Instagram Live Producer to start the stream.
  6.  You don’t have to navigate to Facebook to start the stream there. It starts automatically when you click Go Live in Restream Studio.
  7. To stop the stream, click End live video in Instagram Live Producer.
  8. To end your stream in Restream, stop it on Live Producer and then end it on Restream.

Wrap up

In this article, we answered whether we can go live on Instagram and Facebook together. And the answer was a definite yes.

Going live on different platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook, can be a considerable time savior.

We can go live simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram thanks to third-party apps like Restream.

Do you have experienced the live on both platforms simultaneously? Which method did you use?

Please comment below if you know another way or a third-party app that can help us with this issue.

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