How To Make An Instagram Story [+Attractive And New Stories 2024]

what you eat and drink, where you go, who you see, and what sticks out the most.

This attractive feature allows the status to be shared with the contacts in real time. Because of this, it quickly became very popular among Instagram users.

Are you interested in creating Instagram stories that people will remember and talk about?

What is an Instagram story?

Instagram story is actually a short story. This story is made with the help of a series of pictures and videos. The Instagram story feature allows you to share all the moments of your day with others. Instagram stories will be visible to your contacts for 24 hours and will be deleted automatically after this period. Due to its high popularity, Instagram story is being added to it every day with attractive features and features.

How to post a story on Instagram

With the help of Instagram story, you can show your followers all the events that happen to you during 24 hours. Using the Instagram story feature is very simple. For this purpose, just follow the steps below.

1. First of all, make sure that your version of Instagram is updated. Tap the camera icon at the top of the app or your story option.

How to make an Instagram story - Tap the camera icon at the top of the app or your story option.

2. At this stage, choose the type of story you want to create. (To change the story type, move between them by moving your finger.)

How to make an Instagram story - choose the type of story you want to create

3. Tap on the circular button to start the story.

How to make an Instagram story - start the story

Note: You can add filters, emoticons, text, etc. to your story before sending the story through the available options.

4. Finally, click on your story button to publish your story.

How to make an Instagram story - publish your story

5. Also, by selecting the send to option, you will be faced with the following page and you can send the story to your followers if you wish.

How to make an Instagram story - 5. Also, by selecting the send to option, you will be faced with the following page and you can send the story to your followers if you wish.

6. After selecting your story option, your story will be uploaded and a red bar will appear around your profile picture on the home page of Instagram. By clicking on it, you can view your story.

Types of Instagram stories

Live: With the help of this option, you can take a live story.

How to make an Instagram story - Live

Note: In this mode, your video will be shown live to your contacts.

Create: This option can be used to create a text story.

How to make an Instagram story - Create Text

Normal: This option is used to story a normal photo or video. (In order to record video, you need to tap this button and keep your finger on it for 15 seconds.

How to make an Instagram story - Normal Story

Boomrang: Create a short GIF-style video at a faster than normal speed that repeatedly goes back and forth. (This option has many fans due to the possibility of creating a creative story.)

How to make an Instagram story - Boomrang

Superzoom: To highlight a subject, you can use this option with the ability to zoom in on the desired subject.

How to make an Instagram story - Superzoom

HANDS-FREE: Similar to the Normal option, by choosing this option, you can record video with just one tap and without holding your finger.

Note: In this method, if the time story is filled, the second story will be filled automatically.

-Instagram Stories can last up to 15 seconds. Therefore, if you want to share a longer video, shoot it in 15-second segments or divide your longer clip into 15-second segments.

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The best programs for making professional stories on Instagram

1- Create small and beautiful collages with the Unfold program.

How to make an Instagram story - Unfold

With this tool you can make clean collages. Using this free tool will help you have interesting and spectacular stories. It is possible to create beautiful images and videos with different texts. The use of some parts of the program, such as 25 templates, various fonts, various texts, etc., is free. But if you want to use all its features, you have to pay.

2- Canva program, a tool for graphic design

How to make an Instagram story - Canva

One of the best and easiest programs for creating stories is Canva. You can easily put videos in the program and start editing them. This program is one of the most extensive tools and has a high ability to create interesting stories. This program is useful for beginners and can perform graphic design for them. There are nearly 60,000 different templates and tools and stickers in this program.

3- Edit your photos and videos with VSCO.

How to make an Instagram story - VSCO

Definitely, this story application is one of the most popular image and video editing programs. The video editing tools in this app are very useful and although you have to pay to use it, it’s worth it. Photo filters can also be used to edit videos. In this program, 10 edits are pre-set and it is possible to set dozens of different edits by the user.

4- Design great backgrounds with Adobe Spark Post.

How to make an Instagram story - Adobe Spark Post

This application is excellent for designing and creating animated and attractive effects. You can use the app’s amazing designs and templates and create unique videos in no time. Adding animation is another feature of this program. Even if you don’t have photos or videos, you can make interesting videos or images. Use this program to be different and have unique stories. It is possible to add the effects, sound and animation you want.

5- InShot program, a tool for creating advertising and commercial stories

If you are looking for a different program to make an interesting story, use the InShot program. This tool has the highest rating among mobile applications and is popular among users. In this program, there are various features such as increasing the quality of photos, adding songs, etc. Also, in this general program, there are templates, filters and icons for editing and creating beautiful collages.

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Frequently asked questions about Instagram stories

Who can view stories? Who are Instagram story visitors?

If your page is private, only those who follow you can see your short stories. But on public pages, any user can see your stories by referring to your profile without having to follow you.

In order to make the Instagram page private, read the article on how to make the Instagram page private.

Can you share multiple photos or videos at the same time on Instagram story?

Yes. You can add as many stories as you want.

Is it possible to hide a story from a number of users?

Yes. Before posting a story, in the settings section of the story, you can add the person or people you want from the list of followers in the hide story from section.

Who has viewed my story? How can I do that?

Open your story and drag the page up or click on the eye icon in the lower left corner. You can see the list of people who have viewed your story. If there are people in the list that you don’t want to see your stories, click on the three dots sign in front of the person’s name. Then select hide story from the desired person’s name and tap ok.

Who can reply to my stories?

By default, all your followers can reply to your story. You can limit this access in the story settings section.

Is it possible to see his story without anyone knowing?

No as soon as the story is visited, your name will be displayed in the visitor list for the other party.

How to edit an Instagram story?

It is not possible to edit the story, it can only be deleted.


Even though stories only last a short time, that doesn’t mean they can’t be remembered.

In this article from, we have tried to fully teach how to make a story on Instagram and all types of story formats. You can use this attractive feature and the facilities it provides to create attractive stories.

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