Most Followers On Instagram IRAN[+16 Pages In 2024]

Instagram is a social platform, which has nearly 50 million Iranian users. Each user works for a specific purpose in this social network.

Some are celebrities, some want to earn free money using this social network, and others are on this social network for other reasons, of course, we should not ignore fake accounts.

Now the question arises for all of us, who has the most followers on this social network? And why is this person the most popular person on Instagram among Iranians?

In this article of, we are going to introduce you to those who are very popular on Instagram and check together why these people have a large audience.

Have those who have the most followers in Iran bought followers?

This is an incredibly challenging question! Have famous Iranian people bought followers on Instagram, or is it better to say how many of the followers of big Iranian pages are fake?

There are many sites to check the fake followers of Instagram pages, which can be used to determine the number of inactive followers of the pages.

But in general, buying Instagram followers has recently become popular among famous people on Instagram, and many celebrities, especially Iranian and even foreign actors, buy fake followers and likes for their Instagram posts. Now you might say to yourself, is it not harmful for their page?!

If the number of followers of a page is very high (for example, 500 k), fake followers will not be seen very much!

And even the page interaction rate may not decrease. For this reason, in this case, buying fake followers does not harm the page and many famous people buy fake followers on Instagram.

The list of people who have the most followers on Instagram in Iran

In this list, I am going to introduce you to 15 people who have the most followers on Instagram among the Iranian community. I will start with the 15th person in this list. Who do you think is the first person on this list?

1. Serna Amini

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Serna Amini

Serna Amini is a prominent figure in Iran’s entertainment industry, known for her talents as a comedian, social media influencer, and YouTuber. With her engaging content, she has successfully captivated a substantial following on platforms such as Instagram.

Born on January 19, 1972, in Mashhad, Serna Amini has rapidly gained popularity through her Instagram account, which boasts an impressive two million followers. Despite her relatively short time in the digital sphere, she quickly made a name for herself by sharing humorous videos and entertaining dubs on her personal page. Her comedic style has resonated with audiences, contributing to her growing success.

2. Navid Mohammadzadeh

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Navid Mohammadzadeh

Navid Mohammadzadeh is the 15th person in this list with 8.7 million followers. He is one of the expert Iranian actors who uses Instagram to publish photos of himself at work, photos with his wife and promote his new works.

Few people do not know Navid Mohammadzadeh with his wonderful acting. Undoubtedly, he is one of the best and has recently become a news item due to his marriage with Ferishte Hosseini, one of the young actors.

3. Behnoush Tabatabai

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Behnoush Tabatabai

We all know Behnoosh Tabatabai. She is the ex-wife of Mehdi Pakdel and one of the prominent actors of Iranian cinema who has 8.5 million followers.

In addition to being an actor, Behnoosh Tabatabai, as she wrote on her Instagram bio page, teaches psychology and studies in this field.

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4. Behnoosh Bakhtiari

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Behnoosh Bakhtiari

Behnoosh Bakhtiari is one of the actors of cinema and television who these days earns money through this social platform with 9.3 million followers.

He is one of the famous actors of his generation, but these days, less is heard about him. He is also active in charity work and is very concerned about the society.

5. Amin Hayai

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Amin Hayai

Amin Hayai needs no introduction. He is one of the great actors of the past and future generations, and there are traces of him in every movie.

Amin Hayai with 9.5 million followers is the 14th person in this list, although I personally thought he would have a higher position.

He entertains his audience by posting videos of his activities and new works as well as parts of old movies starring himself on Instagram.

6. Armin Zareei (Arminzareeiofficial)

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Armin Zareei

Armin Zarei is one of the singers of the new generation, who you usually know as Armin 2AFM.

In the past he has collaborated with singers who are no longer living in Iran, but he stayed in his own country and continued to sing in his own style until he became very popular. He currently has 10.1 million followers.

7. Elnaz Shakerdoost

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Elnaz Shakerdoost

You must remember Elnaz Shaker Dost with her acting alongside Mohammad Reza Golzar.

Elnaz Shakerdoost is one of the prominent and talented Iranian actors who has 9.9 million followers.

8. Ebrahim Hamedi (Ebi)

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Ebrahim Hamedi (Ebi)

Dear Ebi Aziz is one of the singers whom everyone knows. He works outside of Iran and is very popular, and it is natural that he has 11.1 million followers.

9. Sahar ghoreshi (Saharghoreyshi official page)

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Sahar ghoreshi

Sahar Qureshi is one of the actors of cinema and television who is seen a lot these days. You may know him by playing in the movie “Delnawazan” with Shah Rukh Ashtari.

He was one of the most popular actors and has 11.6 million followers, and maybe the reason for having this number of followers is the same.

10. Rambod Javan (rambodjavan1)

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Rambod Javan

You must know Rambad Javan from the funny show khandevaneh. Rambad Javan is a professional actor and director and these days he has made many Iranian people laugh and happy by making a funny program that is broadcasted on Nasim channel. Rambod currently has 11.8 million followers.

11. Mohammadreza Golzar (rezagolzar)

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Mohammadreza Golzar

Mohammad Reza Golzar is one of the famous and popular actors of Iranian cinema. Mohammadreza Golzar has 12.2 million followers and is very popular.

He is also the model of many brands for advertising and these days we see his photo on advertising billboards in most parts of Tehran and Iran.

12. Ali Karimi (aliiiiiiikarimi8)

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Ali Karimi

You must know the magician of Iranian football. Ali Karimi is one of the former players of Iran’s national football team, who is nicknamed the magician in Iran and is known as the Maradona of Asia in the world. He is currently the sports director of Arsha Club, which has 14.7 million followers.

13. Golshifteh Farahani

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Golshifteh Farahani

Is there anyone who does not know this bold and successful girl? Golshifteh Farahani is one of the most talented and well-known Iranian actors who works at the international level and has gained success and popularity through her acting career.

Recently, she has become the model of the famous and popular Cartier brand and has multiplied the beauty of this brand’s jewelry with her oriental and beautiful face. Golshifteh’s followers are currently 15.7 million.

14. Donya Jahanbakht (donya)

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Donya Jahanbakht

Donya Jahanbakht does not need to be introduced and his margins are his representative. I wish we choose the people we follow more carefully so that everyone is recognized according to their position. Donya Jahanbakht’s followers are currently 15.5 million.

15. Mahnaz Afshar

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Mahnaz Afshar

Mahnaz Afshar is the last actress in this list who has the most Instagram followers among Iranians. He has been immigrating to Germany for some time. Mahnaz Afshar works on Instagram by publishing photos of herself and her child and has 17.7 million followers.

16. Hassan Reyvandi

Most followers on Instagram Iran - Hassan Reyvandi

The first and best person in the list of the most Instagram followers in Iran belongs to Hassan Rivandi. He is on the first place of this list with 19.3 million followers. Hassan Rivandi is one of the famous stand-up comedians. By publishing parts of his laughter concerts on Instagram, he makes his audience and Instagram users laugh and happy.

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All these people that I introduced to you have gained this position on Instagram in different ways, but the high number of followers of these people is not a proof of the usefulness of their content.

Choose carefully who you follow on Instagram. The more useful and valuable content you see, the more you will feel the positive impact of seeing useful content in your life.

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