How To Put Music On Instagram Story Without Sticker in 2024?

Sharing your daily moments with your followers can be an enjoyable and immersive experience using the Instagram Stories feature.

Adding music to Instagram Stories can elevate your content and make it more entertaining.

However, only some know how to put music on Instagram Story.

This article will walk you through the steps to add music to your Instagram Stories, whether you want to use a song from Instagram’s music library or add a track from your music library.

By the end of reading the article, you can create engaging and musically-enhanced Stories that will captivate your followers and keep them returning for more.

Adding music to Instagram Story; (+ 2 common method)

How To Put Music On Instagram Story Without Sticker - Adding music to Instagram Story

Instagram provides two ways to add music to an Instagram Story.

  • Using Instagram’s vast music library.
  • Adding music from your music library.

1. Using Instagram’s vast music library

Using Instagram’s Music Library provides access to various songs organized by genre, mood, and popularity and allows you to customize playback options such as selecting a specific section of the song, adjusting the volume, and displaying lyrics.

To use Instagram’s Music Library:

1. Firstly, start by creating your Story.

2. Then, tap on the sticker icon and select the Music sticker

2. Adding music from your music library

Adding music to your Instagram story from your music library allows for a personal touch to your content. However, Instagram only allows locally stored music and requires necessary rights and permissions for users.

To do this:

1. Start by creating your Story and then select the sticker icon.

2. From there, choose the Music sticker and tap the “My Music” option.

Both methods add a fun and unique element to your Instagram Story and can help showcase your favorite tunes to your followers.

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Selecting the perfect & relevant song for your Story

How To Put Music On Instagram Story Without Sticker - Selecting the perfect & relevant song for your Story

Selecting the perfect and relevant song for your Instagram Story can create a more engaging and entertaining experience for your followers.

When choosing a song, consider the tone and mood of your Story and your personal and audience preferences.

Instagram’s music library offers many options, including popular songs, classic tunes, and more obscure tracks.

Consider how it complements your Story’s visuals and message when selecting a song.

A song with a slower tempo and more emotional lyrics might be a good fit for a heartfelt Story, while an upbeat and catchy tune could be perfect for a fun and lighthearted Story.

Advantages of Adding a Song to Instagram Story

Adding music to an Instagram Story can have several benefits for your social media presence, especially Instagram:

  • First and foremost, music on the Instagram story can make your content more entertaining and engaging, helping you to stand out from other accounts and attract new followers.
  • Secondly, adding a song to your Story on Instagram can also help you set the tone for your Story and create a specific mood or atmosphere. A song with a slow tempo and emotional lyrics can create a more serious and reflective tone, while an upbeat and catchy tune can make your Story feel more lighthearted and fun.
  • Thirdly, adding a song to your Instagram Story can help you connect with your followers on a deeper level.

It would help if you considered that music has a unique ability to evoke emotions and memories. By choosing the right song, you can tap into this power and create a more meaningful experience for your audience.

Troubleshooting common issues

While adding music to an Instagram Story can be a fun and engaging experience, some common issues can arise.

Below you can see some troubleshooting tips to help you overcome these issues and create the perfect music Story:

· “This song is not available in your region.”

If you receive this message, the song you selected is unavailable in your country due to licensing restrictions. Try selecting a different song or using music from your library.

· “Your Instagram app is not up-to-date.”

Ensure you have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your device. If not, try again after updating your application.

· “The music sticker is not working.”

Ensure your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is steady, and examine it if necessary. Moreover, consider restarting your device or application.

· “The music sticker is not showing up.”

This can happen if you use an older device or an outdated version of the Instagram app. Try updating your device or app, and if the issue persists, contact Instagram support.

Understanding copyright and music licensing is important after learning to add a song to Instagram Story.

Copyright laws protect music’s original creators, and using someone else’s music without permission can result in legal consequences.

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram has a music library that offers a variety of licensed songs available for use in your Stories.

However, it is essential to note that not all songs are available for use, and some may only be available in certain regions.

You must obtain the necessary rights and permissions to use a specific song not available in Instagram’s music library.

This may involve contacting the copyright owner and obtaining a license or paying a fee for using the music.

Some services offer royalty-free music for use in social media content.

These services typically require a subscription fee but can offer a wide range of music options without additional licensing.

By understanding copyright and music licensing, you can ensure that you use music legally in your Instagram Stories and avoid any potential legal issues.

To sum Up

Adding music to an Instagram Story can be a great way to make your content more engaging, memorable, and entertaining.

Whether using Instagram’s music library or your own, selecting the perfect song can help you set the tone and create a deeper connection with your audience.

However, it is important to understand copyright and music licensing to avoid legal issues.

Using licensed music or obtaining permission to use a specific song can help you stay within the bounds of copyright law and create enjoyable and legal content.

By learning how to put music on your Instagram story, you can create compelling and absorbing content that resonates with your followers and helps you stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Please tell us which method you prefer to add music to your Instagram story.

If you have any further suggestions, please share them in the comments area for our readers’ benefit.

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