Threads badge won’t go away in 2023 (Reasons & Solutions)

Recently, Meta introduced a new platform called Threads, which is designed to compete with Twitter.

Furthermore, this platform is integrated with Instagram, allowing users to share their threads on Instagram and vice versa.

But the threads badge won’t go away from their profile, causing frustration for many Instagram users.

Do not worry! In this article, we want to provide you with some tips and tricks to help you easily remove the threads badge from your Instagram profile.

Let’s tackle this issue together!

Understanding the Threads badge

The Threads badge is more than just a digital emblem; it is a symbol of connectivity and interaction within the Threads app.

This unassuming icon, often displayed prominently on user profiles, signifies the active sharing of content and the integration of Threads with Instagram.

It serves as a visual cue, alerting users to the ongoing exchange of updates, photos, and conversations.

Essentially, the Threads badge is the app’s way of displaying the seamless connection between the two platforms, allowing users to engage with their Instagram followers effortlessly.

What are the causes of the persistent Threads badge?

Both Android and iPhone users are facing an issue where the Threads badge won’t go away from their phones.

In the following discussion, we intend to address the causes of this problem and provide solutions to help you resolve this issue permanently on your phone.

1.    Why won’t the Threads badge go away on Android?

Have you ever wondered why that elusive Threads badge seems to have taken permanent residence on your Android device?

Let’s explore the potential causes behind this Android-specific quirk and explore the steps to regain control over your badge situation.


  • App permissions:

·         The first culprit to investigate is app permissions.

·         Threads may not have the necessary access to your Instagram account or notification settings.

·         Without these permissions, it cannot function properly.

  • Outdated app:

·         An outdated Threads app can also be to blame. Developers continually release updates to address bugs and enhance performance.

·         If you are not running the latest version, it might be time for an update.

  • App cache and data buildup:

·         Over time, cache and data buildup can slow down app performance, including the handling of badges.

·         Accumulated data might be the reason your badge won’t budge!


  1. Check app permissions:

·         Open your Android device settings.

·         Navigate to “Apps” or “Application Manager.”

·         Find “Threads” and select it.

·         Under “Permissions,” ensure that all required permissions are granted, including access to your Instagram account and notifications.

  1. Update Threads:

·         Head to the Google Play Store.

·         Search for “Threads by Meta.”

·         If an update is available, tap “Update.”

  1. Clear app cache and data:

·         In your Android settings, find and tap on “Threads.”

·         Select “Storage.”

·         Choose “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”

  1. Reinstall Threads:

·         If none of the previous steps work, uninstall Threads and reinstall it from the Google Play Store.

  1. Seek support:

·         If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Threads support or exploring online forums for Android users for more tailored assistance.

Now, get ready to explore the unique circumstances surrounding iPhones and the persistent Threads badge.

2.    Why does Threads badge won’t go away on iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user facing the frustrating issue of a stubborn Threads badge won’t disappear, you are not alone.

Let’s uncover the specific causes behind this iOS quirk and guide you on how to fix this problem.


  • App permissions:

·         First and foremost, inadequate app permissions could be the culprit. Threads may not have the necessary access to your Instagram account or notifications.

  • Outdated app version:

·         Like its Android counterpart, an outdated Threads app on your iPhone can lead to persistent badge problems.

  • App Cache and Data Accumulation:

·         Over time, cache and data buildup can hinder app performance, potentially affecting how badges are handled.


  1. Review app permissions:

·         Navigate to your iPhone settings.

·         Scroll down and tap on “Threads.”

·         Ensure that all required permissions are granted, such as access to your Instagram account and notifications.

  1. Update threads:

·         Open the App Store on your iPhone.

·         Search for “Threads by Meta.”

·         If an update is available, tap “Update.”

  1. Clear cache and data:

·         Under your iPhone settings, select “Threads.”

·         Choose “Clear App Cache” and “Clear App Data.”

  1. Reinstall Threads:

·         As a last resort, consider uninstalling Threads and then reinstalling it from the App Store.

  1. Seek support:

·         If the issue persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to Threads support or explore online forums for iPhone users for further assistance.

How to Prevent Future Badge Persistence in Threads?

To ensure a badge-free experience and maintain the seamless integration of Threads with your social media presence, taking proactive measures is essential.

Here is how you can prevent the Threads badge from persisting:

·         Regularly review app permissions

Periodically revisit your device settings and check that Threads has the necessary permissions to access your Instagram account and notifications. Be vigilant about granting permissions when prompted after app updates.

·         Stay updated

Keep your Threads app up to date by routinely checking for updates in your app store. Developers release updates to address issues, including badge-related glitches.

·         Clear cache & data

Do not forget to clear the app’s cache and data from time to time. As we mentioned before, this can prevent the accumulation of unnecessary data that might lead to badge persistence.

·         Mindful app usage

Use Threads and Instagram mindfully, avoiding excessive interactions or unnecessary notifications. This can help maintain a smooth experience.

If, after reading this, you still feel compelled to delete your Threads account despite all the information we’ve provided, we recommend reading this “How to delete Instagram threads?” article.

To wrap it up

The Threads badge, while it symbolizes Meta’s connectivity, can sometimes be annoying for some users who may wonder why Threads budge won’t disappear.

However, by learning the knowledge of its causes and solutions, you can take control and bid farewell to Thread badge persistence.

Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, the steps outlined here empower you to navigate this quirk with ease.

Have you encountered the persistent Threads badge, and how did you resolve it? Please share your experiences in the comment below.

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