Threads Number Meaning on Instagram: 100m+ meaning in 2024

The new App of the metaverse is the most heard topic these days. Threads is a popular app with more than 100 million users, which is considerable.

It can be looked at as a great achievement for Instagram managers and, all in all, the metaverse team. But users, after downloading the Threads App and creating accounts, have reported that they are seeing odd numbers on their Instagram bio!

This article is about the meaning of thread numbers on Instagram and whether it has any special use or not. These numbers are even odder if it is under 100 million, and it is shown on the bio, making it a bit sloppy.

Anyways! Let’s begin the investigation!

An Introduction to Threads App

Threads is a branch of Instagram that is designed to focus more on written content like X., but it connects Instagram users on this App and makes interaction more convenient.

It has a feature that allows thread users to pre-follow(!) Instagram users who have not installed this App. Once they create an account, you will follow them automatically.

Threads are about discussion and engaging more in text-based content, while Instagram is like a digital diary where video and photo matter the most.

What are the best features of the Threads?

Threads Number Meaning On Instagram: 100m+ Meaning

To name some of the best features of the thread:

  1. Sharing posts directly from Instagram and vice versa: in which you can easily share your thread on your story.
  2. Having access to liked threads.
  3. Similar to the X app (so-called Twitter), you can share multimedia content easily.

Other than these, you have to bear in mind that Threads does not have a web version, and it is not available on computers. You can only use it on iOS and Android devices.

What does 100m+ mean on Instagram’s Bio?

Threads Number Meaning On Instagram: 100m+ Meaning

The meaning of +100m on Instagram is for Instagram’s new Threads app that has already surpassed 100 million users!

Sometime earlier, when you visited an Instagram user’s profile, you were faced with intriguing numbers on their page, and if you weren’t aware of the Threads App, you would be more confused.

So yes, the “100m+” on Instagram bios refers to the fact that the user has a Threads account. It is a kind of ID for your account, which represents your identity on threads, and whether you like it or not, it will remain on your bio. But the good news is that there is an update if you didn’t know.

A new update for Instagram & Threads: The numbers are gone!

Threads Number Meaning On Instagram: 100m+ Meaning

If you still see the number and +100m on your Instagram bio, you better head to the app store or Google Play to check for Instagram and threads’ last versions.

In the latest version, there is no sign of annoying metrics like @34639 or @95713! The new update shows your Treads ID, which is identical to your Instagram username.

If an Instagram user taps on the numbers or your threads ID on your Instagram bio, it will lead the user to your threads profile.

What are the numbers’ meanings in the Instagram bio?

To be honest, the numbers show that you were the 34639th or the 95713th person who joined the Threads. The number in the Instagram bio indicates the chronological order in which an individual joined the Threads App.

And for those who created an account after 100 million users, the number for them is +100m. If the number is so high, it is not completely shown in the bio. If you have not used this interesting App, we recommend you give it a try and create an account.

How to create an account on Threads?

After reading this article and finding out that a new update has reduced appearing numbers on your Instagram bio, you might be encouraged to create an account.

Take these steps to enter the text-based version of Instagram and create the Threads account:

  1. First, you have to download the App from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Then, after downloading Threads, which has an icon like this: @, enter the application.
  3. Import the details from your Instagram account to the threads, or you can customize it in another way.
  4. On the setting, you can choose whether your account is public or you prefer it private.
  5. After you are set, a question will appear that asks if you want to sync your followers from Instagram.

Only remember that if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can’t create an account on threads. And if you create a thread account, you won’t be able to permanently delete it, as it would remove your account on Instagram, too. Also, to get more data, you can read the “How to delete Threads account?” article.

We have covered the related items to the topic, so let’s end it here.

Last but not least

Threads number, meaning on Instagram, is only the order of users that have been joined to this App, which was used as a threads ID. This is the answer to “What does 100m+ mean on Instagram?”

But over time and with new updates, the number is gone, and you can’t see the +100m number on the bio sections.

In this comprehensive article, we talked about the meaning of 100m+ on IG users’ accounts. Now it is your turn to tell which one you prefer to have on your bio: +100m or the Instagram username? Please share your ideas on this update and start a conversation.

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