How To Use Facebook Dating [+Attract Girlfriend & Boyfriend In 2024]

Facebook’s own dating service is integrated into the Facebook mobile app, whereas single people are practically inundated with dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and many others.

Even though it only has a small number of users, it’s a good alternative because it uses Facebook’s audience and says it can connect you with people who like your interests and activities. Facebook Dating is also free, unlike almost all other dating apps, and there are no premium features behind a paywall.

How to active Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating can only be used on mobile devices (Android, iOS), so you can’t use a computer or web browser to access it. However, accessing the dating app is simple:

1. On your mobile device, launch the Facebook app.

2. Tap the menu with three lines.

3. Look for Dating in the All Shortcuts section. Tap See More as you scroll down if you don’t see it.

4. Click Dating.

5. Click Get Started.

6. Create your dating profile by following the steps. Facebook imports a lot of your Facebook profile information, but you can choose which details go into the new profile. Tap the Pencil to change an item, and tap the X to completely remove it from your profile.

7. Continue through the profile setup process. For Facebook Dating to match you with other locals, you can specify details like your height, whether you have children, and whether you want to use location services.

8. To publish your profile, tap Confirm when you are finished.

How to use Facebook Dating

How To Use Facebook Dating - How to use Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating should be very similar to other dating apps if you’ve used them before. You can always return to your profile from your shortcuts in the three-line menu after finishing it, just like you did when you set it up. How to use the Dating app is as follows:

There are three buttons at the page’s top: Profile, Liked you, and Matches. Additionally, there is a Gear icon in the top right.

Profile: To personalize your dating profile, tap Profile. You can change your stats, modify your photos, add introductory text, and add on hobbies and interests.

Liked you: You can like or disapprove of any other users who have “liked” your profile by tapping this button. That person will appear in the Matches section if you both select “Like.”

Matches: The other user will appear at the top of this page if both parties like each other. Active conversations appear in the lower half of the page when a photo is tapped to initiate a conversation with that person.

Gear: Choose who you think would be a good match for you. You can specify factors living distance, age, gender, height, and language.

The picture of your possible match occupies the page’s center. If you want additional information before making a decision, tap the photo instead of the Heart or X buttons.

You will now see additional photos and every detail. Similar to other dating apps, you can swipe right to like and left to dislike, or tap the buttons to like or dislike.

There are a number of additional choices in the section titled “More to Explore”:

Second Look: To view profiles you have previously disliked of, tap this button. This, in contrast to the majority of other dating apps, gives you another chance to review and like a profile you rejected.

Events in Common: You can match with people based on the Facebook Events you’ve signed up for on the platform. If you both went to the same event, it may suggest matches.

Groups in Common: furthermore, Facebook can match you up with people who are also a part of the same Facebook Groups.

Secret Crush: Do you have a romantic interest in a Facebook friend? You can add up to nine people at once when you tap this button to choose a Facebook friend or Instagram follower. If you do, you will let the other person know that they have a secret crush on you. Your identity will be revealed if that person also names you as a crush.

Facebook dating tips

If you want to be successful on Facebook Dating, you need great photos:

Use high-quality images. There is no reason to use grainy images in this day and age because all phones have excellent cameras.

• Smiling in your photographs. Men’s smiles are the first thing women notice in photos, so show off your choppers. Smiling is a sign of warmth and friendly.

Include images of interests and hobbies. Anything you do, like hiking, dancing, attending concerts, cooking, traveling, etc., should be added.

Sign up for Facebook events and groups

Did you know that Facebook Groups and Events provide potential matches with suggestions based on your interests? That’s right; if you’re a member of any events or groups, I suggest checking out and joining events and groups on Facebook.

Connect Instagram to your Facebook Dating profile

A great way to balance your photos is to connect your Facebook Dating profile with your Instagram account. By doing this, you can share more about your lifestyle than just your profile pictures.

Also see How To React To The Instagram Story Without DM and How to See How Many Followers You Have on Facebook on our website.

Facebook Dating symbols meaning

How To Use Facebook Dating - Facebook Dating symbols meaning

If you have never used a dating app before, the symbols’ meanings might be a little hard to understand. But that won’t happen anymore, so you can relax now.


As you can see, the heart represents liking the other person. That simply indicates that you want to give that person a chance and are interested in them.

2. Pass Symbol (Cross/ X)

Right next to the heart button is where you can see the Cross button. The opposite of the heart symbol, the cross symbol indicates that you dislike or pass someone whose profile does not appear to interest you. Fortunately, Facebook Dating does not notify the individual if you reject them.

3. Smile Symbol (Smiley)

This button lets you tell the person who owns the profile that you’re interested in them.

You can respond with your message or ignore any notification from anyone.

4. Secret Crush Symbol (Double Heart)

Using the double heart symbol, you can access the “Secret Crush” feature.

5. Second Look Symbol (Undo In Heart Shape)

With Facebook’s Second Look feature, you can see all of the people you accidentally or purposefully passed.

Last word

In this article from, we have tried to fully teach how to use Facebook Dating, Tips and symbols meaning. Good luck.

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