How To Use TikTok For Beginners In 2024?

TikTok is a video sharing app for iPhone and Android. The TikTok program has become famous and popular among Internet users in a very short period of time.

In this app you can share short videos with background music. The social network TikTok has become a competing application for Facebook and Instagram.

Training; How to use TikTok?

Creating an account in the TikTok application

How To Use TikTok For Beginners

Go to App Store on iPhone or Google Play on Android and download TikTok from there. Download TikTok and sign up to get started.

You can quickly sign up to TikTok through your work account on Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter, or if you don’t want to sign in to TikTok through these accounts, create a standard username and password for yourself.

Set up your profile

After entering the app, you will be immediately taken to the videos feed (the first page of TikTok).

After you go to your profile section, tap the edit profile button, then select and add the photo or video you want to include as your profile.

If you want to show your profile on other social networks in this program, you can put the link of your YouTube and Instagram pages in this section. If you have a business, this can be a useful way to promote your other visual platforms.

Different parts of TikTok application

How To Use TikTok For Beginners


How To Use TikTok For Beginners

Here, videos of people who are in your living area (location) are displayed. TikTok will initially show you the content of this page based on your location; So expect to see videos of your area (location). On this page, you can perform 5 different activities, which are:

• Visiting the profile page of the person whose video you are watching.

• Ability to like the video.

• Access to the comments section and write a comment.

• Share videos via email, SMS or any software available on your phone.

• Access to the music used in the video you are watching.

Also, access to options such as report and uninterested, which will quickly remove the video from your home page. It also has the ability to save video, send a request for a duet, react to the video by sending an emoji, and add the video to the favorite category, as well as create a live photo and share the video in GIF format, among other features. This is the page and of course you can see who you can follow.

Also see How To Link Instagram to TikTok and How To Get Views on TikTok on our website.


The Discovery section is where you can see all the top trends and local and international trend challenges. Challenges are named with hashtags and will show you a selection of popular videos for each challenge. Don’t be surprised if you see millions or even billions in these challenges, TikTok audience is very large and interested in making videos.


The record button is located in the middle of your screen at the bottom, when you click on it, your phone’s camera will open and various options will appear, including:

Effect: The effects icon gives access to different categories of filters including trending, new filters, interactive filters (which react to your face or environment or touch), comedy and funny, cute and filters for pets. Filters are automatically displayed when selected.

Upload: By selecting the upload option, your gallery of the videos you recorded will automatically open. Now you can choose the video you want. After selecting, the desired file will be played and the video cutting tool will appear at the bottom of the screen. With this tool, you can cut the video you want, and you can also change the speed of the video and change its image direction.

Camera rotation / Camera view: TikTok gives you the right to choose to use the desired camera and all you have to do is a simple click.

Speed: The speed icon gives you the opportunity to set the speed of the video, which you can change according to your needs.

Beauty: This icon turns the image beauty feature on or off.

Filters: This icon opens a door to a world of vertical and horizontal filters with different moods and you can remove any filter you don’t like from the different categories mentioned earlier.

Countdown timer: The TikTok camera is equipped with a 3-second and 10-second timer. In addition, you can limit the duration of the video, which by default will be a maximum of 15 seconds according to the example of the song that TikTok offers. . Of course, you can also press the record or record button in the timer mode and record your video.

Cut / Trim: The trimming section is where you can cut down the length of your video and separate the best parts for sharing.

Search for videos on the TikTok

How To Use TikTok For Beginners

Tap the second tab or the magnifying glass to enter the search section of the app. From this tab, you can search for user accounts or videos, or you can look at the bottom of the search bar and look for videos based on trending topics.

How to follow on TikTok?

If you want to keep in touch with active users who make great videos, you can follow them by pressing the icon that includes their profile picture and the + sign above the like button on their video.

If you already know the TikTok account or the person you want to follow, you can enter their name in the search bar and then press the “Users” filter option.

You can also scan TikCode to search for users and help you find them. These codes can be useful for commercial brands or people who want to promote their TikTok channel on other websites or in real space.


The part where all your conversations are saved and includes sections for likes and comments of followers and mentions and messages from TikTok.


The sharing button is also on the right side, by choosing which you can share the video from the TikTok social network on other programs such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

TikTok reactions / Reaction

The reaction section is a way for TikTokers to interact with each other. Just select a video that you want to react to, select the share option and click on the react icon. As with all videos you record, you can use all the editing tools.

TikTok challenges

TikTok challenges are TikTok’s biggest draw and participating in them is attractive and a way to show your talent to the whole world. Click the Discover button on the home page to find challenges. Now you can search all the challenges and participate in the challenges you are interested in.

Filming yourself and participating in challenges has three simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the recording icon;

Second step: Click on “sounds” located above the image or on the bottom left side of the page and select the first option.

Third step: Enjoy participating in this challenge.

Delete a post on TikTok

To delete a post or video in TikTok, just go to your profile; Then select the video you want to delete.

After that, click on the three dots (…) and select the Delete option.

How to make your TikTok account private?

Go to your profile, click on the three dots on the top right of the picture. Select the Security and Privacy Settings option. Tap the private account switch and activate it. In this section, you can also change the settings of comments, reactions, and messages, etc.


In this article, we tried to share with you how to use TikTok. It was also said what points you should follow in TikTok and how to delete the video published in TikTok if you regret it.

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