Why Are Instagram Links Not Working 2024? (+ 7 Reasons)

Instagram is such a fun social networking site to be on. It’s free to use, and many people and businesses always use it.

Businesses and celebrities are into using this website to promote their products too! It’s like a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you look at those business accounts on Instagram, you’ll see that they usually have their product or business website listed in various sections.

Website links on Instagram include stories, profile biographies, direct messages, and more.

That’s something that happens often! You can tap these links, which will open in Instagram’s in-app or your phone’s default browser.

What happens if these Instagram links suddenly stop working on your Android or iPhone?

It’s frustrating when you get an error message every time you click on a link, especially when you need to access the content immediately.

We’ve got some handy tips for you to fix the issue on your Android or iPhone. Check them out to get your answers to the “Why are Instagram links not working?

+7 Reasons behind Instagram links not working error

It’s important to figure out why Instagram links aren’t working because fixing it is super easy once you do.

Alright, let’s talk about why the link in your Instagram might not be working:

· The relevant bio service link may no longer be active.

Why Are Instagram Links Not Working

Verify that your link-shortening service is still operational if you rely on it. These services can become unavailable or cease functioning for a variety of reasons. To check whether this is the case, use a different link-shortening provider or include the entire URL in your profile.

· Your link may need to be going to the right place.

Why Are Instagram Links Not Working

Instagram profiles often include a bio area where the link can be posted. The link will not be active if included in the post’s or video’s caption.

· The most recent version of Instagram is not installed on your device.

Why Are Instagram Links Not Working

The links will only function if you have updated your Instagram. Instagram sometimes rolls out updates that address problems preventing your link from being activated on the platform.

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· Your Instagram bio link can have stopped working due to an error.

Why Are Instagram Links Not Working

Instagram app glitches might occur when there is a problem with the software on your phone.

· You may have reached the limit of Instagram’s caching capabilities.

Why Are Instagram Links Not Working

Instagram will cache data to speed things up. However, this may break links sometimes. If you’re having issues with Instagram, deleting your cache may help.

Also, see How To Clear Instagram Cache iPhone? on our website.

· If your internet connection isn’t stable, it cannot load.

Why Are Instagram Links Not Working

As such, you must have a reliable and constant connection to the internet.

· Perhaps Instagram has turned off the bio link feature.

Why Are Instagram Links Not Working

Due to the large number of spam accounts, the platform is now more selective about which links can be shared.

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What kind of links are blocked by Instagram?

  • Spammers often use profile-linked websites.
  • Explicit links.
  • Connections are made in a hurry between different profiles.
  • Shorter link lengths.
  • Fake domain names.
  • References to other types of social networking, such as Snapchat and Telegram. The feature that allowed users to recommend people to follow them on other services has been turned off.
  • The link needs to be fixed.
  • The referenced page can’t be found.

Fixing Instagram links not working error (6 common & practical methods of solutions)

So, now we’ve learned about all the possible causes.

Let’s dive into a solution that will help you bid farewell to the pesky issue of “Instagram links not working.”

1. It would help if you restarted your phone.

If you’re having trouble with Instagram links on your Android or iOS device, try restarting your device. This is the case since most minor issues may be resolved by restarting the device.

2. You need to log out & back in.

If you have tried restarting your iPhone and are still having issues with Instagram links not functioning, please let your friends know.

You and your pals must log out of the Instagram app and back in using your Details account.

3. Try to clean the Instagram app’s cache.

Here Is the Instagram Cache Procedures Clear:

  • Select Preferences.
  • Tap the Apps button down below.
  • Use This Link to Find Instagram and Click on It.
  • The Clear Data button should be tapped.
  • Select Cache / Clear from the menu.

4. Update the Instagram program.

We know that the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone needs to be updated. You could be using an old version of Instagram, for example.

Even worse, the app is never updated. So even in this worst-case scenario, you can still run across the issue of broken Instagram connections on your iOS device.

If you are experiencing this issue, the first thing you should do is update your app.

5. Remove Instagram & reinstall it again.

Friends, it has been observed that sometimes one must deal with the Instagram links not functioning even after upgrading the app and restarting the device.

Therefore, in such a case, you should remove the Instagram app and then reinstall it.

6. Try Instagram’s customer service.

Friends, if you’ve done what I’ve outlined above. You must still contact Instagram’s support staff since your links aren’t malfunctioning.


In the end, the problems with Instagram links not working are numerous and may be caused by technological malfunctions, changes in the algorithm, user behaviors, or platform restrictions.

As Instagram keeps changing, these problems might keep popping up, so users must stay in the loop about the platform’s rules and features.

If you want the best and most current info, checking out Instagram’s official help resources or announcements is a good idea.

But we tried to have the guide about why Instagram links are not working errors and also gave you the solutions to understand better.

It is best to tell us if you have experiences or more methods about “Why are Instagram links not working?” in the comment section, and we will share it with our readers.

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