Why Can’t I hear Sound on Instagram Stories 2024? [+ Fix Muted]

When you open up Instagram, you’ll see the Stories at the top of your screen. It’s pretty cool because your favorite Stories are automatically arranged there, making it super convenient.

Instagram Stories are so much fun! You don’t even have to bother scrolling through the regular posts on your feed most of the time.

But what if you open your favorite Story and can’t hear anything?! Why does that happen, you know?

This is the problem that Instagram users sometimes face; because of that, the “why can’t I hear sound on Instagram stories?” question asked frequently by the users, we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

So, we invite you to be with us during the article and get the solutions easily.

Why the sound in the Instagram story may not be working? (4 Common Reasons)

Finding out what led to the Instagram sound problem will give us a clearer picture of how to solve it.

Therefore, we have eliminated the following as potential explanations for the Instagram Story sound problem:

1# An issue with the Instagram app itself.

Why Can’t I Hear Sound On Instagram Stories

We suspect that an annoying Instagram bug is the primary cause of why I can’t hear sound on Instagram stories.

Therefore, Instagram may have an app-wide problem that its developers are working to address. That being said, ensuring the app is up-to-date is critical for avoiding such problems.

Also, if you still can’t hear anything, try switching to a different video or audio app on your smartphone. It may be a hardware issue if the problem persists across different applications.

2# No sound is included in the published Instagram Story.

Why Can’t I Hear Sound On Instagram Stories

The second reason for the Instagram Story sound problem is that some are published without accompanying audio. Therefore, the Story has no sound warning that may (or may not) appear.

So, before you watch a video on someone else’s Insta Story, be sure you can hear it. Watch the video with the Volume turned up to 11.

3# Instagram does not currently support playing music in your region.

Why Can’t I Hear Sound On Instagram Stories

The video’s sound will be muted if the Insta Story you’re watching uses Instagram Music, but you’re not in a country that supports it. You’ll get an “Instagram music isn’t available in your region” warning if you try to play such a video.

If you missed it, the song title will also appear in the upper left corner of an Instagram Music-enabled video.

So, for this purpose, you can use a virtual private network (VPN), which is now your only hope of gaining access to Instagram Music. Therefore, a reliable VPN is required to get access to Instagram Music.

4# The problem with the update software.

Why Can’t I Hear Sound On Instagram Stories

An OS upgrade cannot always result in a fully optimized update for your device. As a result, you can anticipate experiencing issues with the functionality of certain programs.

For instance, numerous customers reported problems with certain applications after upgrading to iOS 13.1. The “no sound on Instagram Stories” bug is one example of this problem.

The developers would likely provide a subsequent OS update, including the necessary problem patches in such a situation. Watch for forthcoming OS updates and install them as soon as possible.

Also, see “Why Does My Instagram story look blurry?” and Instagram “This Story Is Unavailable” on our website.

How to fix the “why can’t I hear sound on Instagram stories” error? (5 Practical Solutions for Android & iOS)

1. First solution: You should try turning off silent mode.

Why Can’t I Hear Sound On Instagram Stories

If you want to hear Instagram stories in quiet mode and solve the Instagram story problem, you could try quickly switching this setting:

· iOS

To silence your iPhone, gently push the mute button on the left side of the device against the screen until you hear a click. If the orange line disappears, your phone is not in quiet mode.

· Android

Use the Volume up button to turn off quiet mode on Android and hear the ringing

2. The second solution is to enable sound in your Instagram feed.

Why Can’t I Hear Sound On Instagram Stories

It has been brought to users’ attention that Instagram does not immediately play sound when a video is played. Therefore, videos resume playing noises when you unmute them in your feed or press the Volume Up button.

  • One way to accomplish this is to go to a video in your Instagram feed and tap it. When the speaker button is pressed, the mute button should disappear.
  • The second step is to ensure you can hear the video by increasing the sound level.
  • Then, open the Instagram story, and the audio should play with the video.

3. The third solution is restarting the Instagram app.

Why Can’t I Hear Sound On Instagram Stories

It’s possible that Instagram wasn’t fully started on your device. Consequently, services like Stories might become buggy and provide users with a subpar experience.

So, to solve the Instagram story sound problem, you can terminate and restart in identical ways on both iOS and Android:

  • Swipe left on Instagram in your list of recently used apps after you’ve closed the app.
  • Then, open Instagram again and check out a Story on your feed. Don’t forget to turn up the Volume if the video is too quiet.

4. The fourth solution is to upgrade to the newest version of Instagram.

Why Can’t I Hear Sound On Instagram Stories

Instagram regularly releases updates and bug fixes to fix a number of niggling issues that users have reported.

The “Instagram stories sound muted” bug was frustrating for many users. This is why you need to seek fresh data constantly.

  • Firstly, open the App or Play Store and go to the “Updates” or “My Apps & Games” section.
  • Secondly, use your finger to swipe left or right to browse Instagram. If you choose the “Update” option, the program will automatically update to the most current version.

5. The fifth solution is to delete Instagram & reinstall it.

Why Can’t I Hear Sound On Instagram Stories

It may be best to delete the Instagram app from your device and install a new version to solve the “Instagram stories sound muted” problem.

Once you’ve followed the steps, you’ll need to log in to Instagram using your username and password:

  • Firstly, press and hold the Instagram app until the menu appears, then tap “Uninstall or Delete App.”
  • You can restart your device to apply the new software and system files. After that, get the Instagram app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Thirdly, launch the app after installation and sign in using your Instagram credentials. Verify whether there is still no audio on Instagram Stories.


In conclusion, there are several potential causes for the Instagram stories sound problem, including those related to the user and those related to the service itself.

You should systematically troubleshoot the issue, reviewing your device’s settings, the app’s version, your Instagram story settings, and the device’s audio capabilities.

Also, you must consider your network’s speed and whether or not the Story you wish to watch has sound.

It’s possible that these problems are just transitory and may be fixed by giving the app or device a fresh start.

This issue may be unique to your device or account settings, so if it continues after trying the above methods, you should contact Instagram’s support staff for more help or seek community-based solutions online.

Understanding the possible reasons for sound problems on Instagram stories and fixing them will help you have a better overall experience on the app.

Finally, we hope you get your answer to the “why can’t I hear sound on Instagram stories?” question completely; also, if you have any experiences in this case, please share them with us in the comment section.

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