Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended? + Fixing Solution In 2024

Instagram puts effort and knowledge into the platform to provide users with peaceful media that entertains them and allows them to run a business.

Sometimes things do not go well, and Instagram suspends some accounts, meaning they cannot access the account and see the contents.

Undoubtedly, it is not a satisfying situation and can lead to depression.

But the good news is you are not alone; most users have the same experience. To get rid of this situation, you need to figure out why my Instagram account got suspended.

In this article, we explore its reasons to help you resolve this issue.

What happens when your account becomes suspended?

Before going into why your Instagram account is suspended, let’s discover what happens when an Instagram account becomes suspended.

When your account gets suspended, you will get a notification from Instagram that your account is suspended. Instagram temporarily restricts your access to your account for uploading content.

To see why your Instagram account is suspended, you can follow these steps:

  1. Head to Instagram profile.
Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended
  1. Then tap on the three-line icon.
Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended
  1. After opening the menu, choose Settings.
Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended
  1. Followed by this, tap on the Help icon.
Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended
  1. Then open the Account Status.
Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended

In this section, you can see if you shared something inappropriate.

Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended

When your account becomes suspended, you can ask your family and friends to keep you in their following to come back.

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Common reasons why my Instagram account gets suspended

Here are the common reasons that can lead to Instagram account suspension:

1. Suspicious activity

Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended

One of the common reasons that Instagram deactivates your account is involving suspicious activities.

How to tell if my activity is suspicious or not?

When you follow or unfollow a large name of users on Instagram in a short time, Instagram thinks that you are a robot.

When you involve in liking and unlinking many posts nonstop. Or when you leave many comments on many posts on Instagram.

Doing this means you want to improve your visibility quickly, which has been done mostly by bots rather than humans.

So, Instagram detects you as a bot and does not allow you to do more. However, you can only like up to 350 posts in an hour.

2. Violate Instagram rules

Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended

Instagram only welcomes users that adhere to the Instagram rules. Instagram is sensitive to its community guidelines and rules to make a peaceful platform for users and improve their experience of using Instagram.

So, when a user goes against these rules, it risks Instagram’s authenticity and makes the platform harmful to others.

Instagram has no choice but to deactivate the account to prevent publishing harmful content on the platform.

3. Using third-party apps

Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended

Another reason that can lead to Instagram account suspension is using third-party apps. Most users get help from third-party apps to like posts, for example, and improve their engagement. This kind of thing signals to Instagram that it may be a robot.

4. Using multiple devices

Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended

Although Instagram allows you to log in to your account on different devices, it can cause some issues when you do it quickly and log in to your account simultaneously on different devices. It is more likely that Instagram will deactivate your account since it considers that it has been hacked.

5. Being reported

Why Did My Instagram Account Get Suspended

As mentioned above, Instagram attempt to make a peaceful platform user and to reach its goals by offering some features to users to report their account when they see inappropriate content from them or are being bothered by them. If an account becomes suspended with many users on Instagram, it can lead to the deactivation of the account.

How to get rid of Instagram account suspension?

When your account becomes disabled by Instagram, there is no more to do. You have the option to appeal the suspension and ask the Instagram team to review your suspension.

To do this, submit a selfie of yourself with a username and additional details to recover your account.

The review process can take a few days, and you must wait up to two business days. During that time, you cannot log in to your account.

After review, if your appeal is accepted, you can get an email from Instagram, including a link to recover your account.

But if Instagram rejects your appeal, what can you do?

You must resubmit your selfie video on the Instagram app to convince Instagram that it is you.

What can you do when your Instagram account is suspended by mistake?

Sometimes Instagram suspends some accounts for no reason. In this case, you must fill out a form the support team offers to inform them you have not been involved in any suspicious activities.

It is a common issue on Instagram and happens to many users.

To convince the support team on Instagram, you must provide identical documents such as a government ID, such as a passport, driver’s license with color photos, and a clear name, picture, and birthday.

If you cannot recover your account this way, you can use an alternative way and fill out a form on Instagram to explain why you believe that your account is wrongly blocked.

The bottom line

Instagram tries to keep its popularity by providing the best platform for business and entertainment and respecting users’ safety.

On this base, it utilizes some algorithms to detect any suspicious activity on the platform by users and deprive them of any activity on it. So, to restrict those accounts, it suspends their account and limits their access to their account.

For different reasons, Instagram could suspend accounts, and if you are one of these affected accounts, you should be satisfied.

You can find out why your Instagram get suspended and ask Instagram to recover your account.

Please find reading this article useful and continue using your account.

Tell us in the comment could you recover your account or not. If yes, how long does it take?

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