Why Does My Instagram story look blurry When I Add Music in 2024?

One common problem many users encounter is when Instagram stories look blurry and need better quality. If you’re dealing with the same issue, this article can help you solve it.

If you’re seeing blurry Instagram stories, there could be several reasons.

We’ll help you understand the cause and provide easy ways to troubleshoot the “Why does my Instagram story look blurry?” issue with our tried and tested solutions. Sure, let’s dive right in!

What causes blurriness in Instagram stories?

The app compresses the image quality when you upload a photo as a story on Instagram.

It’s just something they do automatically. It’s a bummer that when you add stickers, music, gifs, and other media to your story, the quality ends up getting even worse once you upload it.

Also, remember that the smaller details, like the format or how you capture the image, can impact the overall quality of your story.

But don’t worry! Everything will be fine. Just skip to the next section to troubleshoot the blurry Instagram stories problem.

What is the solution for blurry Instagram stories?

We’ve got different ways to help you with the “Why are my IG stories blurry?” problem.

Let me break down each method for you, step by step:

1. Update the Instagram app

Why Does My Instagram Story Look Blurry

First, we should see whether the problem is specific to your Instagram version. Instagram sometimes releases updates that affect how well Instagram Stories work. So, you need to update your Instagram app to solve the blurry Instagram stories issue.

How to update the Instagram app?

  • Firstly, launch the App Store or Google Play on your device.
  • After that, go on a search for Instagram.
  • Then try to find a button labeled “Update” and click it.
  • Now repeat your Instagram Stories posts after the update.
  • Finally, verify that it is of higher quality.

Also, to get more data about Instagram update we suggest to read the “How to update Instagram Messenger?” article.

2. Check the internet quality & speed.

Why Does My Instagram Story Look Blurry

We can’t begin troubleshooting the “why are my Instagram stories blurry?” until you’ve checked that your internet connection and speed are adequate.

Because of this, many stories either don’t upload at all or only upload in part, severely degrading the quality of the final product.

Therefore, ensure you’re connected to a fast Wi-Fi network and a functional mobile service. If you are experiencing connection troubles, it is recommended that you contact your service provider.

So, you can see that it’s common for a slow internet connection to be to blame. We often go with the flow and pay little attention to the data service quality when we’re on the road, so we may as well forget we even have an internet connection.

3. In-transit compression while uploading

Why Does My Instagram Story Look Blurry

Most social networking programs compress media files like photos and videos to save space on their servers before publishing them. Your Instagram Stories may be experiencing the same issue that causes their blurriness.

Make sure you’ve double-checked everything on Instagram that might affect your IG Stories’ quality before posting them.

4. Adjustable parameters for video & photos

Why Does My Instagram Story Look Blurry

Your choice of low-resolution Instagram account settings is one of the factors contributing to the blurriness of your IG Stories.

Why Does My Instagram Story Look Blurry

It’s also possible that the changes are made after you update the app. You should check out the video and photo quality settings on Instagram. They can make a big difference in how your posts look!

5. Disrespect of community guidelines

Why Does My Instagram Story Look Blurry

Like all other major social media sites, Instagram has rules and regulations for its user base. Your stories were likely obscured because you broke some community rule.

For the protection of our users, we hide any content that includes nudity, bullying, violence, hate speech, or harassment, which can be an important reason for blurry Instagram stories.

Like other social media sites, Instagram checks to see that its members behave themselves and do their part to keep the community safe.

6. Sensitive or graphic content

Why Does My Instagram Story Look Blurry

Most social media sites are quite adamant about detecting violent or disturbing posts. Because some of the content you share on Instagram Stories may disturb other users, Instagram has begun blurring the stories.

Suppose you often post photographs or videos that depict violence against people or animals, gore from accidents or other traumatic events, or other stories that might cause distress among your audience. In that case, you may want to reconsider your publishing approach.

7. Violation of copyright

Users may only share anything they have created or have permission to share on social media. Users may have reported your work for copyright violation, which may have led to account limits and blurry Instagram IG stories.

If this is the case, you’ll need to rethink your approach to content curation and get approval from relevant parties.

If you are not engaging in copyright infringement but are still receiving emails about it, don’t hesitate to contact Instagram support with the specifics.

Sometimes, authentic material is stuck in the automatic copyright system, but this is easily remedied.

Now you know some of the various causes of Instagram blurring user stories.

Also, see “Instagram “This Story Is Unavailable”” and “How to Find Instagram Story Draft?” on our website.


Your Instagram story needs more clarity due to the quality and resolution of your photos or the compression algorithms used by Instagram.

Before submitting a picture or video, check its resolution and quality to ensure they are sufficient.

When your Instagram story includes text, small details, or elaborate patterns, Instagram’s compression algorithms may lower the quality of your content to conserve bandwidth and storage space.

To prevent blurriness in Instagram stories, we suggested some tips that can help you, and we hope they benefit you.

We hope you can tell us about your experiences about “why does my Instagram story look blurry?” and any other advice you may have.

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