Why Is My Instagram Crashing When I Open It Today? iOS/Android

One of the most popular platforms for sharing pictures and videos is Instagram. It has become a common place for people to share their daily life.

Instagram is one of the most successful social media platforms, with over 1.35 billion users worldwide. It has become increasingly popular with young people who use it for creative and expressive purposes.

Although Instagram fixes its bugs quickly and does its best to prevent its app from facing issues such as crashing, Android and iOS users have faced this issue on their devices.

These issues can be due to a bug within the app or an issue with the phone itself, especially when iOS and Android release new updates to their operating system.

Stay tuned until this article ends to learn why my Instagram is crashing.

How to solve Instagram crashing?

Although Instagram covers many great features, users sometimes need help with problems like crashing during use.  

If you wonder why your Instagram keeps crashing, you should learn different techniques to help you with this issue.

Restart your smartphone

Why Is My Instagram Crashing

Restarting your phone is an easy fix for Android app crashes. This action is effective when your Instagram keeps crashing.

Press the power button to switch it off and turn it on again after a minute. A prompt with two options for restating and powering off is available on most devices.

  1. Restart: turn the device off and automatically turn it on after a few seconds.
  2. Power Off: turn the device off and then turn it on manually 

Although restarting your phone seems pretty simple but most of the time wonders you how useful and practical it is to clear glitches and fix lags.

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Force stop & start the Instagram App again.

There are many reasons why your Instagram is crashing today. To solve this problem, please try the force-stop technique.

Stopping the Instagram app for a few seconds and starting it again can effectively solve Instagram crashes.

Follow the following steps to have your Instagram memory refreshed quickly.

1. Go to Settings on your phone.

Go to Settings on your phone. - Why Is My Instagram Crashing

2. Tap the apps on your device.

2. Tap the apps on your device. - Why Is My Instagram Crashing

3. Select Instagram from the app list on your device.

3. Select Instagram from the app list on your device. - Why Is My Instagram Crashing

4. Find the Force Stop button on the page.

4. Find the Force Stop button on the page. - Why Is My Instagram Crashing

5. Next, relaunch Instagram and enter your login details to return to your account.

Next, relaunch Instagram - Why Is My Instagram Crashing

Update, install, and reinstall Instagram for Android devices

Sometimes errors within the app are a reason why your Instagram crashes when you open it.

To fix these kinds of errors, uninstalling the app technique can be helpful.

Once you install it again, your phone’s memory will be refreshed, and simple software errors will be cleared.

The best way to uninstall the app is to find Instagram on the Play Store, uninstall it from there, and install it again via the same page.

This way, you fix simple errors and update the app if any update is available.

Updating the app has many benefits, such as dealing with existing glitches and bugs, and also, if a new feature is added to Instagram, you can enjoy it.

Available device storage

Low storage space can be another reason why my Instagram is crashing.

If you don’t have adequate device storage, you should free some space to make the app works smoothly.

Instagram needs at least 15 percent free Storage to run well.

To check your device storage, follow the following steps.

  1. Go to setting
  2. Locate the Storage tab in your device
  3. A screen that informs you about the available device storage will be opened.
  4. Free some space if you don’t have enough Storage by deleting some apps or videos and pictures

Instagram cache

In addition to increasing your phone storage by removing pictures, videos, or apps, clearing the Instagram cache can be helpful to fix crashing.

This way, you will remove all the data associated with the app.

The following steps show you how to clear the cache in a second:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Find the Apps tab
  3. Click on the Instagram app.
  4. Find the Storage on the app page.
  5. Tap the Clear Data and Clear the Cache button to clear the cache.

This way, you will remove all of the saved data related to Instagram and have to log in again.

Use the official version of the app

If you have chosen the Beta app testing on Instagram, reject it.

App developers test new app features through the Beta program, and after fixing everything, they provide their unique features to the general public.

If you are a Beta Tester on Instagram, your app will be extremely unstable and ready to crash. So you have to use a stable app version to avoid these problems.

Steps for using the stable version of Instagram:

  1. Go to the Google App Store on your device
  1. Please search for the Instagram app and open it.
  1. At the bottom of the page, find the You’re a beta testerwindow.
  1. Select the Leaveoption and wait for the notification.
  1. After that, install a regular version of Instagram

Get your phone to the latest version

If you are wondering why my Instagram keeps crashing, it’s better to check the software version of your device.

Sometimes the older version of your device does not support new features of Instagram.

When your device does not support new features of an application like Instagram, it results in crashing and problems like this.

Steps for updating software on your device:

  1. Locate the settings in your device.
  2. After finding the Software Update, select it to get the latest version  

After updating your software, your issues with Instagram crashing will be fixed. And also it boosts your device’s performance.

To conclude

The primary purpose of using Instagram is to get more engagement with your audiences via the Instagram platform. With its fantastic features, Instagram has provided us with an exciting experience in this social media.

It cannot be charming when a bug stops you from enjoying this great app, such as crashing.

If you have been thinking about why my Instagram is crashing for no reason, please go through the different ways covered in this article to fix your Instagram crashing.

Whether you are an Android or IOS user, these methods will help you.

Did you face this problem up to now?

With steps help you to solve your problem?

If you know of any other way to fix this crashing issue, please comment below and share it with us.

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