How to Find Someone on Instagram with Phone Number? in 2024

Instagram is a widely-used social networking app focusing on sharing photos and videos. Since its foundation, it has maintained high popularity among other social network platforms.

This goes back to adding innovative features such as Stories, Reels, shopping, filters, and more to Instagram.

Like Facebook, you can create an account with your phone number or email through Instagram, but Instagram is more straightforward and based on mobile use and visual sharing.

As you know, Instagram and other social media aim to connect people, so they try to find their account name on Instagram.

Sometimes it is more challenging than it seems because people choose a user Id that is different from their name, making it difficult to search.

This way, you can search your friends by phone numbers without knowing their IG names.

This article explains how to find someone on Instagram with a phone number.

How to add someone on Instagram with a phone number?

If you want to find someone without an IG account name, using the phone number as an alternative is the handiest way.

To find someone on Instagram with a phone number, you can select each of the options below:

Use the Instagram suggestion page

If you are sure that the person for Instagram registration used a phone number, you can use this option to find the person.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Save the person’s phone number in your contact list.
how to find someone on Instagram without their username
  1. Launch your Instagram account.
  2. Go to your profile and tap the menu bar on the right side.
How to Find Someone on Instagram with Phone Number
  1. Tap the ‘Discover people’ option.
Find Someone on Instagram with Phone Number
  1. Tap the ‘Connect Contacts’.
How to Find Someone on Instagram with Phone Number
  1. Next to the Contact syncing, there is an icon, and you can switch it on. Instagram will sync all your contact lists and search its database. Allow Instagram to access your contacts.
How to Find Someone on Instagram with Phone Number
  1. Restart Instagram and go to settings, tap Discover people.
How to Find Someone on Instagram with Phone Number
  1. It brings a list of your Contact connected to Instagram through their phone number.

In this list, you can see people who may be in your contact list, your mutual friends, friends from your Facebook, or new users on Instagram. You can scroll down the screen and find the person you are looking for.

Use People Search Services

As you know, some people do not use their phone numbers to create an IG account.

In this case, you can use people search services on Instagram to find the person you wish to be in contact with.

To find someone on Instagram with a phone number, follow the steps below:

  • First, select one of the People search tools, such as Intelius, BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, and more.
  • Second, you can search by adding the person’s email address, name, and phone number in the box and tapping on the search icon.

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How to remove or hide your phone number from Instagram?

If you do not feel good someone is stalking you on Instagram via the phone number, there is no option on Instagram to remove your phone number.

But there are some alternative ways to let you hide your phone number:

  • Enter a virtual number when you want to create an account on Instagram. But you may lose access to the virtual number and cannot recover your account.
  • Create your Instagram account with another phone number you don’t use for communication; no one knows. You can keep the Sim card in a safe place, but if you don’t use this sim card at all, it will be disabled after a long time.
  • If you forget your password or your account gets blocked, you can use email instead of a phone number to recover your account.

When can you need help finding an Instagram account by phone number?

If you search for someone with a phone number but cannot find the IG account of that person, there are a few possibilities:

  • They might use another phone number to create an account on Instagram.
  • They might not register to IG with their phone number and used email.
  • They might have a fake account without their photo and name. It makes it challenging to find the person you want to follow.

If you are still looking for someone on Instagram with a phone number, don’t worry. There is always a way:

Find the person on Instagram through other social media

Do you know the person’s Facebook account? If yes, you can easily find an IG account.

  1. Follow the person on your Facebook
  2. Open Instagram and then go to setting
  3. Tap ‘Discover people
  4. Select ‘contact’ next to the connect to Facebook
  5. Log in to your Facebook account and then open the Instagram
  6. You can see the person’s profile on Instagram

Find the person from mutual friends’ profile

If you are still looking for a person through the methods mentioned above, try this one in case you both have familiar friends.

Head to your mutual friends’ profiles and check their following list or check out their posts, comments, and Highlights; they may have a tagged profile.

Find the person with a picture

If you have the person’s profile photo on IG, you can go to Google Images and search for the Image source.

  1. Save the photo on your device
  2. Open your browser and head to Google Image
  3. Click the camera and upload the Image
  4. Choose a file and tap search
  5. After searching, it will show you the result

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FAQs for Finding New Instagram Contacts

If Instagram’s Find Contacts doesn’t work, what should I do?

If you give Instagram permission to upload all of your phone contacts, you should be able to see them either in the app or in the browser. Give it some time because contacts are synchronized on a regular basis. You will need to disconnect and re-connect the contact syncing feature if you are still unable to access any of them.

Navigate to Instagram and select your profile picture. Select “Settings” by selecting the hamburger icon (a three-line icon). Select “Syncing Account and Contacts.” From there, select “Disconnect” and disable syncing. By selecting this option, all of your contacts are removed from your list.

How can I prevent Instagram contacts from finding me?

If someone syncs their information with Instagram, you can’t stop them from finding you if you’re in their contacts. You have some control over who sees your feed by making it private, notwithstanding.

Why is Instagram’s Find Contacts feature empty?

Your contact list may remain empty while syncing contacts fails at times. The only solution to this is to disconnect and reconnect multiple times to synchronize your contacts.

Let’s recap

As we explained earlier, Instagram is a popular social app emphasizing visual features, and nowadays, most people prefer Instagram to other apps for their social networking.

Sometimes people need help finding the person with a name they wish to have on their following list. In this case, they can use their phone number to find them.

In this article, we described How to find someone on Instagram with a phone number?

In addition, we mentioned some alternative ways when the person needed to register on Instagram with a phone number. 

You can find someone not only with a phone number but also with mutual friends, hashtags, locations, photos, etc.; it requires some effort and time.

We hope the “How to find someone on Instagram with phone number?” article will be helpful for you and could address your concerns.

Let us know in the comments if you know another way to find someone on Instagram or if you have any question in this field that still needs to be answered in the text. This is the end of the article.

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