How To Find Channel In Telegram?[+Get The List In 2024]

Maybe you know the name of a channel or bot, but you don’t know how to access it through Telegram itself! It is easy to do this. You can search for the bots and channels you want through the Telegram program itself and use them if needed, just by following a few simple steps.

In this article of, we intend to learn how to search Telegram channel and Telegram bot through this messenger itself.

How to find Telegram channel and Telegram bot?

How To Find Channel In Telegram - How to find Telegram channel and Telegram bot

If you know the name of a bot or channel and you want to search for it in Telegram and become a member if needed, just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Run the Telegram program.
How To Find Channel In Telegram
  1. Touch the “magnifying glass” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
How To Find Channel In Telegram
  1. Enter the name of the bot or channel you want.
How To Find Channel In Telegram

In this situation, different sections may appear, each of which is related to unique topics that include your search term. These sections may include things like Contacts, Global Search, Messages, etc.

The section that displays the set of bots and channels aligned with your searched term is the Global Search section!

Therefore, by going through the above steps in the Global Search section, you will see a collection of robots and channels whose names are the same as your searched term.

In this section, special symbols are provided to separate robots from channels. Next to the names of the robots, you will see an icon similar to “Robot’s head”, but next to the names of the channels, there is a “speaker” icon. By choosing any of the desired channels or bots, you will be able to view their page.

– If you don’t know the name of the channel, you can enter approximate words. In this case, the probability of finding the desired channel decreases.

The most reliable way to quickly search channels in Telegram is to use username

These methods are only suitable if you know the name of the channel or its username.

If the channel you want is closed, it does not have a username. In this case, you can only be invited to this channel with the invitation link or you can find it in different Telegram lists.

Note: Regarding the channel, you should pay attention to two things. First, the private channels of Telegram cannot be searched and are not displayed in the search list. Second, the name of the channel is not just a phrase that you see next to the channel photo! The name of the channel is actually the phrase that is written on the information page of the desired channel next to the @ symbol or the phrase By searching for this phrase, you will be able to find the channel, not the phrase written next to the channel picture. Therefore, this term should be used to search Telegram channel. – Discover interesting channels for your Telegram

How To Find Channel In Telegram - - Discover interesting channels for your Telegram

You can use the site to search for your desired Telegram channel. Through this site, you can access all channels in Telegram.

If you enter this site through a desktop browser, you can see a list of Telegram channels in different fields.

• Top chart menu: By choosing this option, you can see Telegram channels in order of popularity.

• Best New menu: By choosing this option, you can see the best new channels.

• Recently Added menu: By selecting this option, you can see the most recently added channels.

By selecting the Add to button, which is located on the right and bottom of each channel, a new page will open and you will see the channel details on this page. You can easily take the address of this channel and become a member of this Telegram channel with your phone.

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Search channels through Google

How To Find Channel In Telegram - Search channels through Google

You need to enter the Google Telegram Channel Directory and get a directory site or internet directory.

Most of these sites are irrelevant and full of ads, and Telegram channels pay them to rank higher.

Therefore, check the recommendations of these channels carefully.

Telemetr – Find all channels that you need

To search for channels in Telegram, we suggest using the website

In this site, channel statistics, ratings and other things are provided. It also has a few interesting features that we should talk about.

For example, you can find channels in different languages.

This website also has the ability to search by category, number of subscribers, advertising price, etc. Most importantly, this list is sorted by the number of subscribers, and there you can see the growth of the channel, the number of views, how it has changed, etc.

By clicking on the channel, you will immediately receive statistics and recent content. You can easily evaluate the quality of the posts and decide whether to start a particular channel or not.

Therefore, it is obvious that this resource should be considered, and you should use it to search for channels on Telegram.

A list of the most popular Telegram channels in 2024

RowName of the channelUsername of the channelMembers of the channelCategory
1Telegram Tips@telegramtips9.18mTelegram
2or_1xbet@or_1xbet7.53mBetting and casino
31XBET APP APK MOBILE@app_1xbet7.13mBetting and casino
4ТопорPrivate channel7.07mNews & media
5Telegram News@telegram6.16mTelegram
6Прямой ЭфирPrivate channel4.85mNews & media
7Топор LivePrivate channel4.74mNews & media
8BETTING GURUJI ARYAN@betting_guruji_aryan_aryan3.87mBetting and casino

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Catalog of Telegram Channels

There is another method that can help you find channels on Telegram. Channel catalogs are special channels inside the messenger where you can find channels in their posts.

It is not convenient to use catalog channels. You can find useful things with hashtags or keywords, but using them is not recommended.


As you can see, finding Telegram channels seems simple at first glance. But due to the lack of enough options to do this in Telegram, users have difficulty finding channels.

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