How To Make Instagram Public? [+Best way in 2024]

More than 25 million companies worldwide use Instagram for their business, and more than 200 million users visit at least one business page on this space every day.

 Today, Instagram has become a “new home for businesses and brands”. One of the capabilities of this social network is to turn a personal page into a public page, which has received a lot of attention.

Pay attention to this point; When your page is private, only people who follow your page can see your photos and content. People who have not followed you can only see your bio and profile, and of course it is also possible to send private messages in Direct.

In this article from, we explain the step-by-step process of publishing an Instagram page.

How to make your mobile Instagram profile private or public (Ios or Android)

Follow these steps on your mobile device to make your Instagram profile private or public:

Tap on your profile picture in the Instagram app once it is open.

How to make Instagram account public

Select Settings by tapping the hamburger menu.

How to make my Instagram public

Select Privacy from the menu.

How do i make my Instagram public

To activate it, toggle the Private account button.

How to make Instagram profile public

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a public page on Instagram?

In 2016, Instagram added a new feature to its platform that allowed users to make their business more visible to others. Business Profile was a possibility that bloggers and influencers strongly welcomed, and in a way, it can be said that Instagram increased the functionality and authority of public pages with this possibility.

The possibility of placing a communication path

How to make Instagram account public - The possibility of placing a communication path

One of the best advantages of these public pages that have been business is the possibility of placing a communication path for the audience. Whether you are a normal store or a large restaurant or any other complex; It is very pleasant and convenient to show users the way of communication through this space.

Ability to analyze the page

How to make Instagram account public - Ability to analyze the page

Instagram profile analysis for businesses (insight) is another feature of Instagram for contacts. Thanks to this possibility, the page owner can get information about Instagram data and its analysis. What is the meaning of Instagram profile analysis? The meaning of analysis; Knowing the behavior of users on the page is analyzed to a great extent in this section.

In fact, by examining the behavior of the audience, brand owners get information about the interests and tastes of users. For example, which post was saved or forwarded to a greater extent by users, or which post had the least audience engagement. Demographic information such as age, gender, online time, geographic location, etc. are also available for business accounts.

The possibility of placing a link in the story

How to make Instagram account public - The possibility of placing a link in the story

Putting a link in the story is another feature of Instagram that is available to users. Of course, this possibility will be activated when the number of your followers is more than 10 thousand people. You may ask, well, what is the point of this possibility? In response, we must say that placing a link in a story allows you to direct your followers to your website and increase your site traffic in this way.

Use of promotion

How to make Instagram account public - Use of promotion

You will be able to use the promotion in this section. With this possibility, you can find new customers and do your advertising on a wider level.

As you know, using hashtags in post captions helps your post to be seen more, because users can see the post by searching for the desired hashtag; Even if they are not among the followers of your page. Note that if your page is private, you will not be seen in hashtags except for those who are among your followers.

Stronger presence in Explorer with Public Page

How to make Instagram account public - Stronger presence in Explorer with Public Page

Placing the post in Explorer also helps you and your business to be more visible in this space, which is one of the other benefits of publishing an Instagram page. Maybe it’s a question for you too; How to move posts to Instagram Explorer? What process should be followed for this? In answer to these questions, we must say that your posts are shown based on the past activity of users and the content that is related to it. In other words; Posts in this section will be displayed to you that you have liked or saved before. The important thing is that if your page is private and does not have business mode, you will not be displayed in Explorer.

– Maybe you have a question, how can you use the benefits of public pages, such as more growth on Instagram, and at the same time, how can you make sure that only a few users of our page have access to certain contents?

One of the suitable solutions that can be used for this challenge is the use of stories in the form of close friends. In this way, without needing to make your page private, you can show your special content only to people who are in your Instagram close friend list, and in this way, only people who are already in your close friend list will be able to see these stories. You have placed your page.

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Is it better to have a private or public page?

Being public or not a page can have different purposes. Some believe that if the page is public, the content is available and the user does not need to follow it, but if it is private, the user follows it because of the fear of losing the content. You need to decide whether your page should be private or public based on your strategy.

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