How To Find Out Who Blocked You On Instagram? (Guide in 2024)

Throughout the last few years, the significance of the function of social media has continued to increase worldwide.

You first go to your favorite search engine online whenever you want something fresh.

In particular, the need to ensure one recognizes the worth of various technical platforms is something that should go without saying. Instagram is an example of one of these platforms.

Instagram, this well-known application, offers a variety of benefits to its users across the board, but mainly to those whose activities need them to spend more time on the relevant platform.

Although Instagram has the most functions, there is a problem in which someone is blocking most Instagram users. But whatever the case could be, this action might be taken for a variety of reasons.

This article will attempt to make some of these realizations and explain how you may learn more about this topic by reading the “How to find out who blocked you on Instagram?” essay.

We recommend you to go on reading the following topics:

Blocking on Instagram: what are the reasons?

How to find out who blocked you on Instagram

As we explained above, in addition to Instagram being the popular app everyone uses, the followers sometimes block each other on Instagram.

One of the reasons could be that you don’t want specific users to view your profile or that they don’t want specific users to be able to view it.

The signs that show you are blocked                                                                     

The following symptoms can present themselves if you are being blocked on Instagram:

  1. You won’t be able to see their followers and followings.
  2. Even more disappointing is the fact that you won’t get to witness their stories.
  3. Even if you send them a DM, they won’t get it since they don’t have a DM account.
  4. Nobody, not even them, can view your posts or comments.
  5. You cannot locate that individual’s profile no matter how many times you search for them.
  6. No longer will you see any of their postings when you visit their profile.

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+ 4 critical notes you should consider to find out who blocked you on Instagram

How to find out who blocked you on Instagram - 4 critical notes you should consider to find out who blocked you on Instagram
  • You should consider that Instagram will not notify you if another user blocks you on this app.
  • It only indicates that you have been blocked if you cannot see a specific person’s profile. They could have canceled or removed their Instagram account.
  • Keep in mind that if you try to discover a private account but are unable, this indicates that you have been blocked on Instagram.
  • Suppose you look for someone’s public profile and discover that you cannot see their profile images, posts, followers, or other related information. In that case, this is a clear indication that you have been banned.

In this article “How to find out who blocked you on Instagram?”, we’re going to discuss some methods to become aware of being blocked as follows:

(+ 7) standard methods about knowing if someone on Instagram has blocked you

How to find out who blocked you on Instagram - standard methods about knowing if someone on Instagram has blocked you
  • You could notice if someone on Instagram has blocked you by searching the Instagram ID on Instagram.
  • Whether the user has made a remark in the past and it has stayed in your comment box, you can determine if they have been blocked by clicking on their profile and seeing that the Feed says there are “No Posts Yet.”
  • It is recommended that you look for the individual by searching for their username since this is the most straightforward method. In the search bar, type in the user’s name; if you cannot view the profile, you can have been blocked.
  • Your previous comments will remain on your profile even if you are prohibited from the site. They will not be removed. Therefore, if you can see the comments of someone but you can no longer access their profile, this indicates that you have been blocked.
  • Utilizing a web browser, you can look up the Instagram username or ID that you want to use. Every user’s Instagram profile can be accessed by the following link:, which can be located in any internet browser.
  • If you copy and paste the username of the person you want to contact and receive the error message “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” you can be sure that you have been banned from accessing that person’s profile.
  • Remember to check your direct messages. If you have previously engaged in conversation with the user in question and they choose to hide their profile, you will be considered blocked.
  • It is possible to ask a mutual friend on Instagram to search for another user on your behalf if you both have friends in common on Instagram. If you proceed in this manner, you can be confident that the user has either deactivated their account or is related to the blocking process.

Try to use another Instagram account (Fake account). You should also go through that if you have access to a second account. You can create a sham account to check the result if that isn’t possible.

You can verify if an Instagram account has been blocked for whatever reason by putting any of the strategies mentioned earlier into action, all of which are straightforward.

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As we argued in this article, Instagram, one of the best-known platforms, plays a significant role in all people’s lives.

It has some valuable features, including the Instagram account block icon. By this, you or a user can block anyone who irritates you for different reasons.

The good news is that Instagram will delete all of your interactions with users you have blocked. It is challenging to be acknowledged or tagged in people’s posts and comments.

Even though the other person’s direct messages will still be accessible in your inbox, you won’t be able to send any messages, and any that you send won’t be delivered.

Put another way; you can borrow your friend’s phone to search for the individual who banned you.

If you and the user you’ve blocked on Instagram are both members of the same Instagram group, the person you’ve blocked will still be able to view the activity of the other user in the group.

As is customary, it is time to read about your personal experiences as if you have been blocked for any reason.

Please share your experiences and reasons for “How to find out who blocked you on Instagram?” in the comment section.

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