How to Check Profile Visits on Instagram? (Tips & Tricks in 2024)

Instagram is a free social networking platform that appeals to a wide range of people regardless of age or gender.

So with over a billion users logging in every day, this app and check posts stories of their friends, families or celebrities.

Some Instagrammers do not post anything on their Instagram profiles; they lurk around and check others’ profiles, posts, etc. As a result, it becomes entertainment for them.

If you use Instagram most of the time, you may be eager to discover who visited your profile.

If you want to know How to check a profile, visit Instagram; whether out of curiosity or business, you can continue reading this article.

how to see profile visits on instagram

How to know who visits your profile on Instagram?

There are no features on Instagram to let you see who viewed your profile. Refrain from searching for any straightforward way to deal with this concern.

Since the owner of Facebook and Instagram is the same, they apply the same policy for both and are similar to Facebook; users cannot check their profile visiting Instagram.

There is a concrete reason behind this decision: preserving and respecting users’ policies.

Since they want to base their business on something other than nothing, they examine each feature from different perspectives before introducing it to promote users’ engagement on the platform.

As mentioned earlier, many users on Instagram, without posting something on their account, join to check others’ profiles on Instagram.

Instagram should release their information, including the daily profiles they visit; they may lose interest in using Instagram, which leads to a drop in Instagram’s users.

The probability of stopping the Instagram app has become high, and as a result, it would hurt the popularity of Instagram.

However, they do not directly participate in Instagram’s activity process; they are only counted as audiences as part of Instagram ads.

Because of this, if Instagram reveals its identity, it will cease to use the platform.

Using Third-Party Apps to See Who checked Your Instagram Profile

If you still insist on knowing who visited your profile on Instagram, you can use other apps that claim that you can see who viewed your profile via their apps.

Various apps are available in the Play store or App store, claiming to help people with their concerns about checking profile visits on Instagram.

How honest are they with their claims? There is no truth to this claim. It is just a vain attempt to earn more downloaders.

Instagram’s policy prohibits apps from knowing who visited your profile on Instagram, so the apps cannot divulge this information to you.

Instagram shares only users’ names, bios, profile pictures, and email addresses with third parties by its data policy.

Apart from that, Instagram’s new API graph is far more restricted than its old one, and third-party apps cannot access API without Instagram’s approval.

Then “how to check profile visit on the Instagram” now that third-party apps aren’t an option?

Please note that no app can tell you who visited your Instagram profile, so please do not believe fake claims and don’t pay for people to gain access to this information.

There are alternative ways to examine who visits your profile:

+2 common alternatives to check profile visits on the Instagram

1# Using Instagram Stories/Highlights to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

how to see profile visits on instagram

However, Instagram does not allow users to check who visited their profile Instagram; users can see who viewed their Stories or Highlights. Through this feature, you can know who checked your profile recently.

All you need to do is put a story on your page; then, after moments open your story, in the bottom-left corner of your Instagram, you can see visitors to your story without following in case your account is public.

Since Instagram stories are temporary and remain only for a day, you must check the list before disappearing. At the same time, highlights stay visible for 24 hours.

If you want to access a long list of people visiting your profile, you can transform your story into Highlights, indicating the list of users visiting your profile.

Wondering how to monitor your activity on Instagram? Dive into Howdiscover’s detailed guide on checking activity on Instagram to gain insights into your engagement, interactions, and overall performance on the platform.

2# Using Instagram Business Accounts to know Who Checks Your Instagram

how to see profile visits on instagram

A business account lets users access essential information about those who have been checking their profiles.

Using a business account gives you valuable insights into the number of daily views, your followers’ location, age range, and gender. Still, it does not reveal any information about their identity, such as their name.

If this information grabs your attention, you can convert your account to a business account.

To do this:

  • ·Open the setting of Instagram
  • Tap the ‘Switch to Business Profile option
  • Then connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page.
  • Then Instagram will ask you if you want to pull any information from your Facebook account to your business account since you need at least one contact info for having a business account.

Interested in leveraging Instagram for your business? Explore effective strategies and tips on how to harness the full potential of Instagram for business growth by visiting HowDiscover’s comprehensive guide on using Instagram for business.

Last Word

As mentioned above, the “how to check profile visit on Instagram?” Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media in today’s world, used for photo sharing and videos.

Through Instagram, people upload and share many photos and videos daily.

Whether they use this app for personal or business purposes, they are eager to know who visited their Instagram profile.

There is no straightforward way to know if you want to discover how to check a profile visit on Instagram.

Given Instagram’s tight policy, any third-party app cannot access this data to inform who checks your profile.

They pretend that they can tell you who visited your Instagram profile. So using third-party apps wastes your time and money.

Through the story and Highlights, you can know who sees them and become aware of your Instagram profile visitors.

You can convert your account to a business account if you want information about who visited your Instagram profile other than their name.

This article will clear enough that there is no straightforward way till now to know who check profile visit on Instagram.

Let us know in a comment if you have any questions in this field.

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