How to View Someone’s Story Without Them Knowing? + [+Method 2023]

Is it possible to see a story on Instagram without taking a picture? Many people have a question, is it possible to see a personal story but not be in the list of story visitors?

People’s curiosity to see the Instagram story without eating has reached the point where websites and programs have been provided for this!

In the continuation of this article from howdiscover, we will check if it is possible to see a story without being seen on Instagram or not? Then we provide solutions for this case.

1. The trick of using Airplane Mode

How to view someone's story without them knowing

The most direct way to do this is to use the Airplane mode of the phone. It doesn’t matter if you use an Android phone or an iPhone, both of these phones have airplane mode in them.

The procedure is very simple. You just have to open your Instagram and log in to your account.

Wait a few seconds until all the stories on your phone are downloaded. Then turn on airplane mode and go to Instagram again to see stories.

Since all the stories are already downloaded on your phone, you can now view them without the need for the Internet.

 In addition, since Airplane mode is on, your profile will not be visible to the person who posted the story, and they will not be able to know that you have seen their story.

If you want to increase the security level of this work and make sure that you have not left a trace of yourself, after seeing the stories, close the Instagram program completely and do not let it run even in the background.

2. Online sites to secretly view Instagram stories

How to view someone's story without them knowing

If you don’t want to activate the airplane mode of your phone, you can use online tools to view any type of story you want secretly.

There are many online methods for this, which are both free and do not require you to log in to your account to view the stories.

Instagram Stories Viewer is one of these things that allows you to view the stories of different people without being seen. You can even download Instagram stories using this site.

It doesn’t matter if these stories are photos or videos; This way you can download all of them.

All you have to do is enter the desired username of the person whose stories you want to see in the search box of this tool. In this way, you can immediately see all the stories of this user published in the last 24 hours.

3. Using a web Browser Extension (no account required)

How to view someone's story without them knowing

IG stories for Instagram is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to view any type of Instagram story without the need for an account.

After installing this plugin on your browser, you can easily view Instagram stories on your computer screen, and most importantly, your profile will not be shown as a visitor to that person’s story.

If your browser is Firefox, you can use StoriesWatcher. This plugin allows you to view Instagram stories without logging in and most importantly without being seen.

In this way, even if you have seen all the stories, your name will not be shown among the visitors of the story for the other party.

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4. Another browser plugin for viewing Instagram Stories

In this method, you should only use the desktop and try browser add-ons to view the story without scrolling. These add-ons also download Instagram stories for viewing at any time.

In this way, you must enter your Instagram account on your computer and install the Hiddengram plugin on your browser.

Then, as long as this add-on is active, you can view the stories without it getting blocked. Be careful, in this method you have to check the stories through the add-on.

5. Having multiple accounts on Instagram

This is different depending on whether the Instagram page is personal or not. The first and easiest solution that comes to people’s minds to see Instagram stories without being hacked is to create another page.

Well, if someone’s thread is not personal or private, you can easily view a personal story by creating another page, and your name will not be included in the list of story visitors.

6. StorySaver application for Android and iPhone

How to view someone's story without them knowing

If you want to view Instagram stories secretly, it is worth using special applications for this purpose.

For Android users, there is a free application called StorySaver that they can download and install and follow the steps below to secretly view other people’s stories with this application.

When you enter this application, you must enter information about your Instagram account. After logging in, you will be shown a list of all the users you follow and currently have an active story.

All you have to do is click on the name of the person you want to see their stories. In addition, you can enter the name of the person you want in the search box and see his stories.

If your phone’s operating system is iOS, you can use another similar application to secretly view other people’s stories.

This program is called Story Reposter, which not only allows you to see other people’s stories secretly, but you can repost or repost them on your Instagram feed page or save the stories on your phone.

7. See the story and block!

The last method (the best method) to see the Instagram story without knowing the desired person is to see the story and block them. If you want to see a person’s story anonymously, you can see their story and immediately block them until their story expires.

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Is there a way to see other people’s web stories without them knowing?

 Yes, Mystalk web app allows to see Instagram story secretly! Open your mobile browser, enter, in the search section of this page, enter your desired username and see the story of your desired account.


We hope you are now aware of how to secretly view Instagram stories.

There are a few different approaches you can take to viewing stories without telling the poster who you are, but each will be more or less successful.

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